Ranking YouTube videos to market to your SEO leads

9 minutes
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Alright, so in this video, I'm going to talk about something that's even better, in my opinion and rank and rent. It's essentially the same idea. But you're using YouTube to actually rank videos on Google organic results, which is going to be a lot easier, a lot less work and building out an entire website, and simply just easier rank overall. I'm going to kind of show you this and what I've done. Here's an example of one that is actually my video. This term, I don't believe it has a ton of keyword traction, to be honest with you, I'm actually going to go in, I'll tell you right now.

Because I don't know. While this loads, maybe we can all kind of explain things a little bit more. I just got to pull up the keyword tool. So all that loads, my browser doesn't die on me here. Pretty much as you can see, there's always people paying for AdWords. It's Aaron plumbing you know, drew something or other may Matthew I don't even know how to pronounce these names but these guys are all pulling up on our ads for like Water Heater Install and 300 bucks off installation and here I am I got a video ranking number one organic it's very targeted very specific but it would make sense i mean if I needed someone to install water heater in my house and I lived in North Andover that's what I'm going to type.

That's exactly what I would type. So it's very, very targeted, and something that you can't hundred percent believe and if I go to the keyword tool, if it ever loads, there we go. Sign In. I think this actually is gonna tell me there's no data on that keyword. Good volume. Just do And over water heater insulation get volume.

Yeah, so it's telling me keyword doesn't have any searches. But what this fails to mention, I'm gonna go I'm gonna do is pull up Google. So if I start typing in north and over water eater, see how it's filling in? filling in that I've already searched for this. By do that I'm actually signed in as my girlfriend right now, by the way on this other I'm in Chrome, the other browser was Firefox. There it is still showing up.

Then, of course, well, I guess onto this point. Basically, people have already typed that in. It's Google sort of like figuring it out. It makes sense to me. I mean, that that That's what I would type. So I just did something obvious.

I'm not gonna dig too much into the actual ranking process. I'll give you a really quick lowdown though of what I do I use a service called only wire. Basically this thing will go and share on like all these 50 social networks at once when you move the screen for you post content to 50 social networks at once I went on Fiverr and I paid someone five bucks. They went out and made like, you know, all these accounts for me They even made a new Facebook account all this stuff. I synced it all up in only wire. And then I can basically publish this and then what I did was I went on Fiverr and I paid for a gig that basically does like 2000 views on YouTube.

And then I did another one that puts like backlinks like social backlinks similar to the this type of stuff, like hundreds of them. Another good one that you can do is getting like embed videos posted all over web two sites, which are like, you know, Tumblr, blogger, things like that. Those all really help. Honestly, what I would recommend is there's two courses you go through really want to do that beginning of this course I recommended one called local client takeover. There's a huge YouTube module in there, and that goes over everything you could possibly do for ranking video. Now, this is really great.

I mean, if I got, you know, I already have that video ranking. And what I also did was I use a service called call fire. So that phone number is basically forwarded to whoever I want. So right now I haven't forwarded to a local plumber. This guy, this guy, Sean, Sean's plumbing and heating here that built this website. I showed it in another video, but I've got it forwarded to him.

I actually built that into the test. I did it for him for free. The video, you can get off Fiverr for five bucks or you could make one with something like Video Maker FX Pro. I'll put in some of the links to this stuff. I'm not going to go through Because honestly go to local client takeover go sign up for that it's free and then go through the YouTube module there and learn how to do this. Honestly, what you could do is go out and build like, you could build like five videos and then go approach a business so like let's say maybe I do like, hv AC maintenance North Andover and then I call up all the plumbers in North Andover and say, Hey, I have videos ranking on number one for all these keywords.

What would you pay me for this? In this video, I mean, it was so easy to rank and ranked in like, I think within Yeah, so I put it up on the 26th of December. And, you know, there isn't even that much going on with the description. You know, it's really generic video. It's like, you know, looking for a plumber, you know, blah, blah, blah, and it doesn't even have it's got these stock photo images, give us a call. It doesn't even have a phone number in the video.

This phone numbers my call fire number. That's going to To my plumber, and I can basically choose to, you know, charge him or not, this thing's even going up in views I only paid for like 20 to 2000 something views so this thing's had like a lot more views since I put it up here you can see other people doing it here water here installation in Las Vegas, you know, there's all kinds of stuff. So I mean, really, really lucrative if you get it going. This is actually something I want to dive into more myself as opposed to say rank and rent. Because, you know, I can approach these business owners instead of being like, hey, do you want my services, I could be like, hey, I've already got rankings for you in your niche. And all I have to do is for this number to you.

Another idea, which I learned from a course is you could for the leads to them, watch them get some calls, and then you could actually go and you know, call them afterwards and be like, Hey, what happened with that lead? I sent you the other day and then they're gonna be like, What you'd be like, yeah, I send you a lead, and then you show them and they're gonna be blown away, you know, like, oh my god I made, you know, $500 on that lead the one of the courses I used and then the guy talks about how he, you know, use like tree removal services as an example, which is pretty like random niche, but it's very expensive, you know, I have a tree removed, it's like four or 500 bucks, depending on the tree. And one thing I also wanted to keep in mind was I talked to an owner of like, a tree company, and I was telling him about this, like that I was thinking of doing this like that I would rank video and if he'd be interested in that, you know, like, you know, hey, if I get this video on the first page of Google, and he started talking about the video, like, Oh, I'd want my own photos in the video, and I don't know, like business owners don't really like understand the concept.

Like, who cares that it has this video, you know, the point is, is if someone types in North Andover Water Heater Installation, here, they have this thumbnail of the video and then it's like, call number, you know, it's right there. And otherwise, I mean, you're We're gonna pick this like, it's almost a no brainer. It's stands out like a sore thumb, especially with a video thumbnail. So this is a pretty interesting thing. I actually was talking to a good friend of mine who's an entrepreneur as well, he's kind of, you know, up and comer I guess you could say, listen to all my podcasts, I have a podcast. And we were thinking of teaming up on like doing these videos and like coming up with a game plan like, Hey, you know, you work on this, I'll work on this.

And we'll just crank these things out and then start selling them doing the rank. And then the other thing I recommend, which you'll see if you go through local client takeover is you want to create your own YouTube channel. I made this one in your mind. There's another one I recently did. I think it's it's on page two, but if I type in like doing snow plowing i think i think i was on page two last I checked, like I not Yeah, so here it is here. snow plowing with you and me.

I also found a guy in fiber to do some similar stuff. But I didn't send all the views of this one I also made a brand new. I made this video myself by the way, I use video maker fx. So I actually had some views 20 views. So I set this up that it forwards to a landscaper, here locally in Boston. And I basically set up the channel.

So it's like Merrimack Valley, which is this general area of New England. So I could basically load this thing up with all kinds of niches like I could be tree removal, all kinds of stuff and just load this thing up with all kinds of these like types of videos trying to rank them. Maybe send some views Adam and stuff. Yeah, I would go through local client takeover, learn about YouTube. And then if you want to approach this, this is a really good way I know it's not so much getting leads, but it's definitely a good approach to when you start cold calling, you know, you're kind of in the door first. Alright, thanks.

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