Craigslist SEO Lead Generation

7 minutes
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Alright guys, in this video I'm going to talk a little bit about Craigslist and kind of show you some things that you might be able to do here. If you're looking for some SEO work. I have not been completely honest, I have not spent a ton of time on Craigslist. But I'm going to show you a few things and a tool that I use that could help speed up the process significantly. If you're really looking to utilize Craigslist, I mean, there are people that do posts in like the gig section, or other places that you might be able to potentially find some SEO work. From what I've heard, I talked, I was actually talking to someone that I do some work with, and they said, it just completely overwhelmed.

You know, if you were to actually put up your own job looking for work like a website, or SEO work, you're gonna get like hundreds of emails. So um, it probably comes down to really standing out and doing something that's gonna allow you to really kind of come out of the crowd and that's kind of the same if you look at any of these other things like working on the freelance sites. Applying jobs on thumbtack. You know, there's all kinds of people trying to basically offer the same services. So you got to stand out somehow I guess the most basic way you could probably find some, some SEO work would be to go to the gig section here on Craigslist over in the Boston gig section. If I type in SEO you know, some of these might be junk like this person's looking for product writers or you know, things that really aren't 100% relevant to what I would be looking for.

Here's some that I already looked at you know, web designer for small project let's take a look at that, you know, real estate company looking for a new site buyers, you know, also require you know, they probably just threw in all these random things like they're looking for growth hackers must be done on site, you know, that's kind of not really quite what I'd be looking for, to be honest with you. But yeah, you can keep kind of surfing through these and seeing looks like you know, anyone that refers us, nuclear You don't need to selling just give us a meeting, we'll take care of everything else we do all the selling, you sit back and collect. So this person actually will, you know, they're trying to get people to sign contracts for 20 $500 a month and, you know, you earn commissions. So it's kind of, you know, almost like this person's offering services like, like what I would be trying to do and I would much rather make the bulk of the money and outsource it somewhere else and not give all the leads to someone, you know, when I kind of understand the work.

So that might be something you'd want to kind of look past and you just got to really dig through and see what's what. The tough thing about this is it takes a lot of time to kind of manually go through Craigslist like this. What I want to show you is I've actually interviewed the creator of the software. It's a piece of software called arbitrage underdog and I have what's called a Black Label edition, it's like on the highest end one. Now, not only can you search Craigslist with this, but you can also search Elance oDesk and a site called Gumtree, which I know I didn't mention, but I believe that's a similar freelance type site. So let me give you an idea of what this would do.

So I can do all categories. And let's just say I'll choose Michigan. And I've already got SEO up here, and I'll search all cities, I can hit search. And this thing is literally going to go out to Craigslist. And it's going to pull all this data in a column format, which makes things really, really easy. I can, you can't see it, but at the very bottom of the screen, I can save the results and like export them.

And what this actually will do is, you know, let's say, this guy wants a marketing manager. And this actually happens to be this pulls from all the different categories. So it's pulling from computer gigs, marketing advertising, here's one for about web, creative gigs. So like this stuff is all over the place because people really don't know where to put it. So I'm getting everything you know, let's let's see what this marketing manager is. So it's going to open inside arbitrage 100 It's gonna give me the actual, um, you know, thing, this looks like it's a legitimate job posting, you know, they're looking for someone to be a marketing manager.

So, you know, this might be something, you know, I might not really go for this because they probably want an in house person. It depends. But it's definitely good to look through here. This tool makes it really, really easy. And if you wanted to get more involved, I mean, the whole reason this is called arbitrage underdog is let's say, you know, I don't necessarily recommend this because fiber is a little bit uh, I don't know, it's kind of iffy when it comes to doing SEO, really, you get what you pay for. On the other side of this.

We move this over, there's a fiber section, you can search fiber, and it will actually sort things so if I do, keyword must be in title. Let's do search. This is going to give me all these Fiverr gigs. And it's gonna call them you know, put them in this column. Based on keyword, which is really, really awesome, I mean, super, super useful. This is probably even a better tool if you're going to do like logo or graphic design arbitrage.

Because then you could search for things like logos. You can also see the ratings and see what people have going on, you know, like a lot of it's like article writing and things like that. So I know here, you know, if I click on this, it's gonna basically open this, this person that will write an SEO optimized article for five bucks, and they'll do it in 24 hours and all this stuff, but I can basically pull all the data and it's a lot easier than me manually going through and looking at, you know, trying to figure out, okay, you know, I'm gonna type in writing and then like, you know, dig through all this stuff, I can instantly get, you know, who's got the highest ratings? You know, I can see exactly what you know what the title is, which is the same data I get while browsing.

And it's just so much more efficient, so much faster than doing it natively. So I'm going to cancel that search. It's still going it's pulled 800 results for SEO in the title. But yeah, you can even get creative. I mean, if you decide you want to get a tool like this, it's definitely worth it. I think right now it's somewhere in like the 50 to $60 range.

I know the owner, I actually interviewed him, he's a really cool guy. And they put a lot of work into the software. It's definitely one of the coolest tools I've used and it could really, really help you out. It also even has, I want to mention this too. It might not have it anymore. Actually, I haven't checked in a while.

They used to have this ability where I thought you could do like a templated email. You can even limit the amount of days it shows which is cool because like I don't want to see stuff that's like three weeks old, as well as remove spam and dupes. You can remove like duplicate stuff because sometimes people cross posts in like different areas of Craigslist. So that's definitely you know, it's huge. You Like I said, here, I can see stuff back in like January. It's definitely interesting to, to look at this kind of stuff.

Oh, looking for experienced e commerce, SEO full site audits, you know, home based you know, so this might be something good to go for. Beyond that, I think that's kind of it for Craigslist. That's kind of how I use it. I probably if you're going to be emailing people, which mostly he would be, I would just try to be unique, like I mentioned in my last video, try to be unique with your proposals and make sure you're providing value and giving people some relevant examples of work you've done or anything like that. All right, thanks. Bye.

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