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All right, in this video, I'm really going to talk about a principle of something that you could do, I'm not really going to teach you guys how to do it. Because honestly, this whole thing could be a course in itself. What I'm going to do is give you some resources, and some recommendations of mine that kind of talk about doing this and ways that you can approach it, if you choose to do so. I can also possibly include some docs I use to sort of set up this type of business model. And if you want to tackle it, that's entirely up to you. Basically, what I'm going to be talking about here is what's called rank and rent.

The basic idea of it is that, let's say, you know, I've got a bunch of painters I know are in my local town. I could go out and build a website and get it ranking structure in the way I know it's actually going to rank and get this thing ranking online. Why What I could do then is that I could start calling all these painters, and literally telling them like, Hey, I have this website, it's ranking for all these terms in and over. And, you know, are you interested in basically renting this site out, you know, I could do something, or maybe even, there's some plugins out there, some of them are kind of, depending on what you get, you could get like a plugin that will like, you know, if they, if someone goes to their website, it'll actually display your website, and kind of like, hide over this overlay.

So someone could basically like borrow your site under their domain. You know, they could redirect people their existing domain, and you could rent out the site and make you know, thousands of dollars doing this. In principle, it is really cool. I've heard some people having some some success with it. I guess the biggest thing that I find to be challenging is that when it comes to local rankings, you need a Google business page. And that's a little tough when you're trying to kind of fake If I could show you I pulled up this article is something random I just found on Google five reasons why ranking and renting websites is taking over SEO.

So here's a website that I did. We never actually took off. We were trying to do a really competitive niche we're going to do locksmith in Los Angeles I was working on this with an SEO friend of mine we had someone like basically build a site for us you know, it's not great but it's not bad. I'm sure there's other locksmith sites that look way worse than this. I had five articles written that were very like keyword focused you know like car locksmith Los Angeles need a lot you know, this is a generic one locksmith Los Angeles locksmith services in Los Angeles. So the idea with this was we build a site we get this thing ranking.

And you know, it looks like legit It's even got like all these icons for like the local like towns and sports teams and stuff. Very, very legit looking, but I couldn't get you know, I can't Go and register an actual business. So that makes it tough. There is a possibility that with easier niches, you could definitely rank within like easy competition, organic results, and potentially get people a lot of traffic. And then you could essentially rent this entire site out to someone else. Which is pretty cool.

You know, if you could pull this off, I mean, this is a super lucrative niche. I know, on AdWords, people are going to be paying upwards of like 15 to $20. I think maybe maybe it's a little less like $10 like per click for some of these terms, especially in LA area, Los Angeles, California. But we never got the site to rank. I mean, it's a ton of work. I could go and spend like hundreds of dollars on SEO and still be kind of like falling behind all these other locksmith businesses that have probably been around for years.

Obviously, this is a competitive niche, but it would have been worth it. You know, if it does rank. It's just a ton of work involved. I kind of fell off On the whole idea of it, I really wasn't a huge fan. I mean, there's kind of a lot of complications involved. I mean, some people probably wouldn't even want to give up their own site.

You know, who knows? There's just a lot that goes into it. But I wanted to show you the site to give you an example of kind of what this really would look like. If you were to build this out. I don't, I'm not telling you to not do it. I just think, you know, I've been sort of up in the air with it.

Another thing I'm going to talk about in the next video is actually how to do this with YouTube and why that might be a better direction for you. Talk to you later.

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