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In this video, I show you how I use a site called Thumbtack to have leads sent to me without any work. They do come at a cost but well worth it if you can close a client!


Hey everyone. So in this video, I'm going to talk about a website called thumbtack. I had actually never heard of them until earlier this year. But, you know, you can pretty much find anything on thumbtack. And an example might be, you know, let's say I needed to, this is a real example. In fact, I had a door in my house I needed to replace and I needed a carpenter to basically build a custom door for me.

So I went out on thumbtack, and I essentially created you know, a proposal saying, you know, if you land on thumbtack, they'll have you fill out this really, really brief kind of survey like, you know, as much information as I can possibly put in about a particular job. So in this example with this door, I would have had to basically tell them hey, you know, I need the store, it's gonna be this size. You know, whatever information they're going to need about that particular project. The the system kind of tears it, I guess, towards whatever the Project is, and then what's going to happen is once it goes out into the system, all these professionals are going to see that someone is looking for this kind of work. You know, like, let's say there's 10, carpenters in my area, all those carpenters are going to see it.

And they have to essentially pay some money. To put a proposal out there. I got two proposals. Funny thing was one of the guys that I went to high school with, actually put a proposal out there and I haven't talked to the guy literally since high school, I happen to have them on my Facebook. So I went out and you know, started talking with him. And he actually came out to my house and was able to quote me for the door and it worked out pretty well.

Like, you know, if I had gone and you know, just started searching for carpenters, I'd have to call all these people separately, and it would have just taking so much more time. Instead, I've got all the professionals coming to me, and they're paying money, I didn't have to pay anything. So it's a really pretty interesting system, especially for a buyer in terms of selling your own service. You know, if you want to become a pro on here, you do have to pay a little bit of money, I'm going to kind of walk you through the system and show you how it would work. This is the homepage, the center of the screen a little bit here. You know, basically they're saying, you know, what service Do you need and where do you need it.

This is if you're a buyer, you know, they kind of walk you through what happens which is what I just explained, you get introduced to pros and their quotes, you can compare each person like what you know their reviews and things like that, what the prices are, you can do it with your mobile phone. And then they have all these examples and yada yada. So anyways, if you want to be a pro in the system, it's free to sign up. me go over here's my profile. I basically have branded myself this is kind of like my, my my agency here my SEO front, frozen weight media. And you know, I have logos and everything and I set up my profile.

Put in my number and everything like this. services that I offer my website. And, you know, basically got myself verified on here fill out everything pretty much to the max as much as I could. So my profile was all complete. So I would recommend doing the same as well as you can put in like some pictures I actually put in. If I go to Edit here, I don't know if I can open it.

But basically, I uploaded some photos of like some rankings that I've achieved for a client that I've worked with. So that's kind of like social proof, I guess or just work proof, people can see that I'm actually doing what I say I can do. So all that stuff's really good. You know, even here, I didn't even fill out a bio. So I've tried to fill this out as much as possible to make it look like I'm a legitimate person. And I'm not just some bogus, like business in some foreign country or something.

So pretty much what will happen is once you're signed up, you'll randomly just get emails or you can even set it up to get a text message. So someone's looking for work. I actually just got one. This guy, Michael M said he needs web design. So I brought this up to show you guys basically what happens. So this is what he filled out.

He said, You know, this is what he needs. He needs web design, what type of website is it gonna be? You know, it could be business ecommerce, nonprofit personal. He's not sure. He wants someone to fix his website. And he additionally wants SEO and social media integration as soon as possible.

And he's in a town not too far from me. And then he notes travel preferences, like whether or not people could go to his address, or if he'll travel to us what his phone number is, things like that. I can go in here, and essentially the system uses credits. And it also shows me who, who's submitted quotes. So two people already have basically bid on this project other professionals so I would have a little bit of competition here. And of course, this was literally submitted.

He submitted this an hour in like 10 minutes ago. So I mean, he's already got two quotes and hasn't even been couple hours. So they will come in quick. And that's probably because a lot of people have this setup to get notified. So in terms of the credit system, they pretty much it very so SEO, strict SEO will, I think be six credits and web design quotes are nine credits. So if I wanted to buy one, usually for price, I can never really quote someone with this, you know, fixed website.

I mean, that could be a total nightmare, or it could be a five minute thing. There's no way to know. So I usually send people a message and I don't quote prices right off the bat. I know sometimes that might not be the best thing, but I can't really quote someone based on the short information you usually get from this site. I just put it in one here as a placeholder. If I hit submit, I don't have enough credits at the moment.

It's going to show you kind of the pricing structure and I wanted to show you that show that to you guys. Obviously, the more you buy, you get a bulk discount, but six credits for 10 bucks 12 for 1835 for 24 and 85 for 60. So, if I think I bought at one point I bought like 12. And then another time I bought the 35 I've kind of had hit or miss results with this, I guess to being totally upfront. I think it can work, you know, maybe with some more volume. I wanted to show you some quotes that I have done I think I've only done about four or five.

So a few people you know, I talked with and nothing really amounted to anything they're, you know, they're saying, Oh, yeah, I need work and then they just stop replying. Now this fellow john, I'm actually talking with as of a week ago, we've got an appointment set up, and I've already quoted him about $500 to do some search engine work. And I have agreed to meet up with him in person because he's actually very local here in boxford. He's not very far from me. And I'm going to be able to meet up with him and hopefully close close the sale It almost sounds like a done deal because he's, you know, he's already interested, he's willing to meet up with me, you know, I've already basically quoted him the cost and he still wants to meet up and chat and get some, like personal one on one help.

So, you know, obviously for me to go pay 35 bucks and get a $500 a month client. Even though you know, I had to go through a few stragglers, it was definitely worth it. You know, even this guy, I did a quote with five days ago. Just to give me an example of like something I would say. You know, I said, Hi, Adam. I'd be happy to discuss your project in more detail, feel free to send me over your website URL.

I'll take a look so I can provide an accurate proposal that also attached some ranking results for local Insurance Agency here in Andover. And then I listed some sites that I've worked on and built and stuff and I do SEO on. So um, you know, this guy, it's kind of the same thing. You know, he's just saying I want to improve my organic listings and His budgets $5,000 may or may not be the case. So I really don't have much to go on and it'll actually tell you when they view your quote, and it doesn't appear that he he didn't respond. So this is definitely a straggler.

You know, he also could have gotten multiple other quotes and maybe something more solid or, you know, someone showed him something he liked better. It's really kind of iffy with this site. But like I said, I did get this other fellow who it sounds like things are going pretty well so far. And I definitely think it's worth checking out if you have a little bit of money you're willing to spend on trying to acquire some leads. So that's thumbtack. Thanks

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