Maps Prospector - Added 2016

How to Get SEO Clients for Your Digital Marketing Agency Really Useful Tools for Lead Generation
7 minutes
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Hey, what's up guys. So in the following videos, I'm going to be walking you through a whole bunch of different tools that you're basically going to be able to use when it comes to prospecting. Now, originally, I recorded this entire course in the year 2015. But I'm actually adding this particular module. This video alone into it is currently 2016. It's actually February.

And I've decided to add this because this tool came out just a few months back, and I was completely blown away by it. Basically, what this tool will do is it goes out there and actually searches Google for unclaimed Google My Business listings. It is an awesome, awesome prospecting tool, instead of just scraping random businesses, which basically is what a lot of the other tools are going to do for you. This will actually go out and find people that have a very specific problem people that have not claimed their business listings. Now something to keep in mind is there's a good possibility. There's a lot of companies out there that will have unclaimed listings that are just duplicates, but that's still Something that you could use to kind of show people that have issues out there because Google does not like when a company has a bunch of duplicate pages.

Granted, you may have to do a little bit of research. But one of the biggest things this tool does is it also pulls an email address for some of the businesses. So I'm going to actually go in and show you how this works. If you type in the niche, and then the actual location, I'm going to use local area here to me, I'm going to hit Search and I will leave the default of set interval five. Another thing to keep in mind this tool is not free. I will leave a link in the next video and actually, well won't be a next video Sorry, I'm going to leave a link that will allow you to go out there and actually purchase this product through my link and if you decide to do that, I will earn a commission.

It's only about 27 bucks. I think last time I looked and it's really good value. I mean, you know 30 bucks to go out there. You could probably make that back easily with just one client So anyway, this looks like it was having some trouble with the area I pick, maybe we can try a more broader area. Let's just try Boston. In fact, I'm just gonna reset the whole thing just to make sure we can contractor Boston.

So, like I said, I'll keep it at the set interval five seconds. And I believe this is just doing kind of a nifty background Google search. But the cool thing is, if there is an email available or website, it's going to tell you everything. So this is now going out there and it's finding business locations I get direct links to their pages. So here I already got a ton of emails, mail it roof consulting services, like this almost looks like an owner's name. They're got a bunch of emails here.

So if I click on one of these, I'm basically being taken to a page. And the way that you're going to be able to tell if this is an unclaimed listing is, first off, you'll see in the profile image usually there's a little checkbox that shows, you know, you highlight over, it'll say, verified. And then the other easier way to determine that is you can see here is this your business and it will say manage this page. This means that no one has ownership of this page. I could even come in here right now and take ownership of it. But the page will essentially be worthless until someone does the full verification process with Google to go out there and get a postcard.

So let's go back to the tool here. You can see it's still cranking away. So I mean, I'm gonna stop it at this point. In fact, it looks like it finished. This is a great one here to go after it. Let's take a look at this Duffy roofing.

This is not verified. They're in Dorchester, so it's like outside of Boston, completely not filled out at all, but clearly they're getting reviews here. Let's Take a look at their website. Man, this is an awful website. So I mean, this is like a perfect candidate to go after. You know if I called this guy up and was like, Hey, I could do a website for you.

I can help you get some more business on Google. I mean, this is like such a perfect candidate to go after right now. This is not mobile optimized. I mean, the site looks like it was built in the 90s It's awful. It's really bad. This is a great candidate to go after and even better, I have this guy's email I have a bunch of emails in fact I don't know.

It does look like the tool can be a little limiting when it comes to getting data Oh, you know what I can export it so my bad so if I export that don't mind my messy desktop. So yeah, here we go. Now I got their emails. I got a few guys I could send it to all these guys. Who do we have in this list? Apparently, because of the way I formatted this apparently cut it off.

I would imagine I'd probably want to try these two guys, john, or I guess this is male. So maybe I'd have better luck with john, I could try sending it to both. Who knows if it actually will go through. But this is the way I would approach this, this is what I would do, I would actually come up with a template email of some kind where you could send them an email and basically say, Hey, you know, I, you know, just want to let you know, I found your business was unverified on Google, I was looking around, you know, I'd be willing to do a free consultation with you. And you could even send them to a video maybe a landing page or something that was generic explaining, like, why this is important. And then offer to get on the phone with them and basically help them out.

You know, I would even do this for something like 20 bucks, just help them get the profile verified, explain it to them, spend a half hour on the phone with them. And you know, give them some value. People are gonna love that. I can tell you right now, I did a call today with somebody who's already existing client that was working through a company I'm helping out and basically, you know what end up happening was I told him I was going to hook him up. I was like, you know what I'm gonna give you like $1,000 worth of service even though I know he's only paying about $300 worth of service. I said I'm gonna give you the thousand dollar value value out I'm gonna get you more calls I'm gonna get you more business and because of the fact that I'm willing to do that, he's gonna turn around and basically agree to pay more in the future and that's something I've just found, you know, overall works really well.

Here's another one let's take a look at this you know, cuz this looks like a little bit more legitimate email, Bradley more law, this might not even be a roofer. It's kind of a weird. I don't know where the emails actually get identified through this tool. But I mean, this guy's got a website, what's going on with this? Oh, maybe he's out of business. So this might legitimately be out of business.

So you really have to do a little bit of research, but you get the idea. I mean, obviously there's a lot of potential here we You can go out there and start looking and you could also try to get emails and then email them. And that would be the best way to go. That's exactly what I would do. Pick different niches, you know, fine, maybe four or five emails maybe more and just do some blasts and like let people know one on one like what's going on. So hope this helps and I will leave a link so you can check out maps prospector on the actual course.

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