Analyzing Client Sites & Sending Cold Emails

10 minutes
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Hey guys. So in this video, I wanted to talk a little bit about analyzing sites and kind of creating a report or video that you could send over to a potential client. This is actually something I did if you watch the video, depending on the order I put this in the Udemy course there's another video on indeed calm. And I mentioned that I got my first client through there and that's kind of what I was going to show you today is basically their site and kind of a little bit about what I did you know, there's another video you're gonna see below this, where I literally give you the actual kind of I think I made like a 12 minute video where I walked through and showed some of the things I saw with their site just as an analysis standpoint. So the reason I'm giving you guys this in the course is because you know if you're just gonna straight up cold call people I mean, you're gonna kind of be in a position where you're sort of just like all the other guys pitching SEO Services, you know, business Get these calls every day.

You know, how can you set yourself apart? And that's exactly what you're going to be able to do with this. It'll probably work really well. It's worked for me so far, I haven't honestly put a ton of time into it, but it just makes sense. I mean, for the clients, I've done it with, I mean, this client, I won them over by, you know, kind of providing a video to show them what's what. And the way you can sort of approach this would be, you know, maybe do like three or four of them a day, you know, if you do a five to 10 minute video, go over a client site and show them where they can improve.

You know, send out a few cold emails, make them personalized, you know, don't make them look spammy, send them this video and then call them in like two days and say, Hey, did you get the video? You know, and if they didn't then tell them to check their email and check that out and see if they'd be interested in chatting with me more, you know, like I'm providing value upfront without even getting paid for it and you know, they're getting a service without, without even essentially Paying for them giving them a free consultation in a way. So to dive into it, I guess a little bit about what I did was, you know, I'll kind of go in, I'll talk about the things I like. And the things I don't like this is a client that I work with here, locally and insurance client can kind of bring this over here.

But, you know, I'll mention things like, you know, they don't have like a lead opt in form on their page. You know, they have some social media sharing their addresses here at the bottom. Let me see if I can move this down. Kind of like the footer here. You know, they have all this sort of, like these credentials for insurance providers. So that's really good, sort of a social proof.

And then at the top, you know, their phone numbers here, you can get a quote. They have all the different categories, it's very easy to get in touch with them. I've made some changes to the site since I originally started working with them, but I kind of go over and just sort of talk about the things that I think could be improved. And a lot of it's kind of obvious, you know, like a lot of businesses they want leave So it makes sense for them to maybe have like a lead form on the homepage. That's something I haven't done with them. But we haven't really talked too much about that stuff yet, but it's good stuff to mention.

Beyond that we can then do is head over to or formerly majestic SEO, I'm actually going to switch to the root domain and you can kind of bring up like their SEO metrics without getting too complicated like this is basically going to check backlinks. You could go in and you know, talk about things like you know, you've got, you know, good anchor text, but we could be doing more here and maybe mentioned like, you know, where they're actually getting some of their links from and things like that. You know, I was able to do some press release stuff for them. In fact, there's one here like, you can see right here, this release wire. I don't know if the article is still up, but basically, you can kind of talk about these things. You know, like here's a guest post.

I landed for them on insurance, growth calm That kind of stuff will all help, you know if you could kind of talk about, like how these things are going to benefit them. And if you see anything that's sort of abnormal here, like maybe they have this crazy high like, anchor text ratio that just doesn't look very natural. You could maybe even pull up a competitor to them and show them like, Well, you know, hey, look, they have more backlinks. And this is why they're reading you and things like that. And you can do the same with Moz over there, open Site Explorer tool, and put in the URL. This is also freaking hip kind of get an idea of like their domain authority and page authority.

And it'll give you you know, similar things, there's tons of it's picking up all these news articles that I had, I had this press release, like blasted out to all these news sites. So that's passing some authority, sort of like natural. Nobody nofollow links to them. So this is good stuff to talk about. Obviously it's free to go use this. I think it's kind of limited per day.

But you can definitely get in here and learn some good stuff. There's also another tool I believe, I want to say you know this one I think it's woo rank. Sorry, my I was just running a lead scraper and yeah, this is another really good one you could use to your advantage. I believe it's free for like the first try. So if I put in you know what, I think there's already a report online for them. So I'm just gonna type in their name and see if I can pull like a cached.

Google hates me right now. I think this is a cached report maybe? Yep. So I ran this already for them. And it kind of you know, I haven't gone and corrected all this stuff. Obviously some of it's kind of miniscule, but they They suggest things like social media, like your title and all these different things like how your on page SEO is set up headings and keyword consistencies.

You know, they're flagging me for, like not having lots of index pages. This is something I actually thought I Oh, well, this is an old report so that I believe I corrected like Google Plus publisher. backlinks. You know, they're saying we need more more backlinks. PageRank not really relevant anymore. There is a blog on the site now.

And then they show you know, like how the same mobile's how the mobile rendering looks. So this is really cool. You can I think you can only use this like once or twice, and then some of the stuff but this really provides like tons and tons of data that that you could use is like in your proposal to maybe talk about this. I think if you were to pay for this. It's pretty expensive on 49 bucks a month, but you get unlimited website reviews. You know, maybe if you have enough clients that you're doing this with, it might be worth that, you know, if you can close a few clients, you know, they've even got this white labeling option.

Unlimited instant reviews, you know, geez, I'm thinking about this more, just as I'm looking this and thinking off 50 bucks, you know, it's not bad if I'm going to crank out these reports and go show people how they can improve, you know. Beyond that, there was one more source I thought I wanted to show you guys all the other thing that you might be able to do too, is show them like how they stand in the Google results. So let's go to Google here, trying to move my stuff around. I'm already on Google and typing in Google. If we do, you know, obviously, I know they're ranking for this now. But if we type in like insurance agents And over, that's their local town.

I believe when we first started, they were not here. And obviously right now they're doing great because they have reviews, they stand out like a sore thumb there. Number three. They told me they're starting to get calls. Now, you know, they weren't before, you could take a look at their Google Plus page, bring this up. And, you know, see if they have a profile photo, obviously, if you're using maps mentor, you could see if their business was verified, and that would be one of the first things you could look at.

Check to make sure they've got a category that's proper for the business name. I actually just did a website for a painter. And he had something like it wasn't even painting in his like business name. And he was literally that was like his main thing, but somehow he had it set to something else. So you know, a lot of people they haven't, you know, paid attention to this stuff. And, you know, we filled out this profile, we got them like, clean Google URL.

We uploaded more photos here on the right, you can see I put in a bunch of photos Really easy stuff. It's so simple. I mean, these are things that you could all point out. If you go quick, I mean, you can kind of talk about all these different things. I'd say that's the biggest part of it. I mean, beyond that, if you're looking at the actual rankings, you know, you could show them like, you know, hey, here are the people that are paying, you know, right now, this isn't showing any ads.

But if there were AdWords going on here, you'd see ads at the top and on the right sidebar here. And you could kind of show them that like, you know, hey, you can be in this listing here. I actually just got off the phone with someone who is paying yellow. They're paying yellow, yellow pages, I think, like $600 a month. And they're, I think, doing some ad spend with AdWords with them. And they're not getting good results.

The basically the guy said some, you know, I went and looked up his stuff and he doesn't even have a Google business page. He didn't even know what Google Plus business page is like guys just completely clueless. You know, it's not his business and it's a perfect opportunity. To like really show people how you can help them and provide some value up front. So that's kind of what I wanted to show you. Hopefully this helps.

Check out the next video and you'll see an example when I did for the Super even haul insurance. Thanks

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