Wrapping Up

5 minutes
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Hey, everyone. So thanks for going through this course, I just wanted to make kind of a concluding video and talk a little bit about kind of where you should go from here. Honestly, what I suggest would be picking a few things that you're really interested in out of this entire list. I'm personally kind of, I guess, to give you an idea of the things that I'm spending most of my time on, when I do have the time to do it. I keep in mind, I still currently work a full time job. So I'm kind of working around that and still trying to manage, you know, spending time with my girlfriend and my my friends and you know, spending some leisure time for myself and not working, you know, 80 hours a week.

Basically, what I do is I'm signed up on thumbtack, that will send me leads to my you know, in both my email and through text message, so I have the choice of replying to those leads, if I'm willing to pay a little bit of money. I also spend a lot of time on Elance because that really is something I can do while like you know, maybe I'm at work on lunch or something. I could go And sort of flying as some, you know, Elance Freelancer type gigs, or fleet freelancing gigs. That's probably the places I've spent the most time. Obviously, I mentioned my very first client, I got through, indeed, comm by applying to a legitimate job and then turning that new consulting position. Beyond that, I also have gotten any of the other clients that I've gotten were like word of mouth.

You know, I've had people Now tell me, Hey, you know, there's a woman I used to work with. She has a hypnosis business. She had me build her hypnosis site for hypnotherapy business. And she didn't want to do any SEO, but I still made money from doing a website and she could end up referring me to someone else. She left me a great review on Google. Stuff like that.

It's just all going to build up over time. A couple other people I've worked with, you know, I've got I even was working out in the guy's gym for free. You know, I helped him out with some local SEO stuff. I sat down with him for like two hours and showed him a bunch of things completely for free. And he let me come to his gym and like he basically did personal training with me completely for free. So take advantage of those, you know, like, he's someone that I know he doesn't have a lot of money.

So I wasn't really looking to get a lot of money out of him. But free personal training. I mean, if you were to pay for personal training is very expensive. Like I've even mentioned, I just had a painter, he painted my kitchen in like two days, I had a plumber, fix a bunch of stuff on the house. I'm even talking to, you know, some landscapers about doing some work on a tree and it's definitely kind of all adding up. The more people you get in touch with in contact, it's all going to start to like, move forward, you just got to get those first few clients.

I think like I mentioned in one of the earlier videos, if you can offer some free services at the beginning, that's probably a great way to go. Another thing that I wanted to mention is I've had a little bit more time to play with it and I know I showed it in one of the videos is there's a CRM tool costs about 15 bucks a month. For customer management. It's called nutshell. And there's some integrations that you can actually integrate. Looking at it right now, there's an integration with a particular tool that allows you to send like quotes and proposals to your clients.

So that's another thing you could do. And last but not least, the other thing I would suggest would be find someone that can help you. Maybe take some of the workload off of off of your back, you know, if you want to find, go to oDesk, and maybe hire like a guy for a few bucks an hour to build citations for your local SEO clients. Or maybe you could find a company that can do most of the work for you. That's kind of what I've done. And I'm sort of aiming towards that right now.

Because I just don't have all the time with this current job until I can move away from that. I don't have the time to be doing a lot of the work myself, even though I know how. It's more I'm just trying to get some of the clientele And that's part of the reason I made this course was because I, I found there wasn't any courses out there that went this in depth into actually getting clients. So I took information that I got from all over the place, and I put it all together. The only last thing I'll mention is there's a video in this course, at the time I'm recording this, I have not added it. But if you enroll into the local client takeover course that I mentioned at the very beginning, there is a video in that course under their client acquisition tab.

It's by a guy by the name of Brian, he goes through and shows you another method with Facebook that you definitely want to check out. It's a really interesting way to kind of use maybe like paid traffic to get engagement and really, you know, focus on a niche You know, he uses like the lawyer niche, I think or attorney niche for building up a fan page and then basically bringing in leads and then trying to sell them on consultations and stuff like that. I think that's it. Hopefully you enjoyed this course if you have any suggestions or maybe even methods that have worked better for you if you want to add something to this course, feel free to message me on Udemy and I will gladly add any content you think would be useful. Thanks

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