The 'Real' Yellowpages Online - Added 2016

6 minutes
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Hey guys, this is another video I wanted to really throw in here. I'm currently recording this in February of 2016. So I've actually added this in as a bonus to the course, and ended up discovering this in actually a PDF, someone had put together an info product type PDF, and thought this would be really cool to share just as another way to go out there and find some businesses that are just not, you know, potentially not even on the internet whatsoever. So it'd be a really good opportunity for you guys. And this site is called the real pages, I'll send you a link but basically, it's the Yellow Pages, you know, the actual real book, but you can view it on the internet. So let's do an example here.

I'm just going to pick doesn't really matter I'm going to pick a random city and state. Just do I actually am familiar with this. I have a client that doesn't work in this area. So we'll say in this directory, and then we'll just do something like electrician and this is actually going to Open a physical copy of the yellow pages inside my browser. It's really slick. So here now I'm actually browsing the Yellow Pages.

And here you can see all the ads. So now that you can see I've searched electrician. So I basically got ads that are getting highlighted electricians in the yellow pages of this particular section in Florida, unreal. So what I can do is, you know, this isn't really giving me a whole lot here. But generally what you'd want to look for is, you know, ads let's try something else. Let's try and let's see, what's another niche I could do?

Well just try contractor maybe see if we can get anything out of that. Asphalt contractors building. Let's try building contractors. Now we got some ads showing up here. And basically I could start going through some of these pages. And the idea here is that I would want to look for businesses that are essentially you know, advertising here.

They're paying money to be in the book here. Not really getting a whole lot of great stuff. I haven't spent a ton of time in here. I just definitely I tried it out. Let's try roofing. Get more specific here roofing contractors, sorry.

So here's a great one. All American roofing. They're running all American roof calm. So this is what I'm gonna do. I'm actually gonna go live to their site right now. All American roof calm.

All American. All American roof. And we're gonna do Florida. Looks like they got a couple here this this looks like the one here Fort Lauderdale so they have quite a nice site I mean it seems like they got some stuff going on looks like they're already kind of using the company but this is kind of the idea I mean you want to look around for this stuff and you know see if it's worth you know jumping into some of these see if we go back here roofing materials Roofing Contractors really what I'm looking for is people that are not running online specials gi roofers so I might be one try. For some reason when I record guys, I apologize. I can't type them because it actually it actually will do some selling edit.

It's an edit feature of my recording. software. So like this site's actually not, it's not terrible. But this might be someone that could use some work. So they're in, let's do this. I do Roofing Contractor in Boynton Beach, Florida.

So I can see that they're not showing up in the three pack here. In my opinion, this would be an awesome company to go after. And you know why they say that? I say that because I know they're spending money. They're spending money and they're trying to get results with yellow pages, and the yellow pages is not very effective. If I look here, there's a good chance either they're not even in the listings of Google here, or they're just not ranking well at all.

And honestly, right now I'm not even seeing them. It's very possible. They don't even have a Google Plus page. Let's go back to their website really quick. Maybe I can find it somewhere here. I see a Google Plus link here at the bottom.

So they do have some reviews, they are registered in Boynton Beach, they are registered as a Roofing roofing contractor. I mean, it looks like someone did put a little bit of work into this, but they're not ranking. You know. So in my opinion, you know, this would be a good company to go after, it does look like they had a company, you know, do some work for them. But the idea here is, you know, you really take the time to look around, you keep looking at other ads, you know, maybe you can find some stuff. So I just thought I'd show you guys this is really cool.

You might be able to find some companies that don't have websites. I mean, a lot of them that I'm particularly looking at right here in Florida, they apparently do. But all these companies are paying money. I mean, this is like, like these guys, I imagine they're paying big money to have like these huge ads and color showing up in the yellow pages. So this is a really good opportunity. I mean, you could hit up these companies and be like, Hey, I saw you were, you know, advertising in the Yellow Pages and you know, how's that working out for you?

And of course, a lot of times people are probably going to tell you that it's really not that great at all. So just wanted to show you guys this. I hope it helps

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