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In this video I explain what to expect out of this course. I will not be teaching you how to do SEO but specifically some great sources for finding clients for your existing business or your new business. There are tons of resources out there for learning SEO, you can start out with some basics over on the Moz blog:


Hey, thanks for taking the time to enroll in this course, essentially, what I'm gonna be doing is actually walking you through a lot of the different ways that I've gone out there and actually gotten SEO clients. So I walk you through different things such as using freelance sites, cold emailing, creating website audits, or even video audits where you can walk through a client site, different tools that I've used to actually find, you know, existing clients through lead gen based tools, you know, finding their email addresses, business information, anything along those lines. So, you know, go through the entire course, generally, you're gonna find there's gonna be a lot of different ways to do all these different things. But what I highly recommend is picking one method that you really find to enjoy, and just master that one method. My particular favorite method method is actually doing video audits because that actually works really well.

One trick which I'll mention right off the bat, is you can actually do something such as like a fake audit where you could Send someone an image of a video maybe like an overlay of their website and just put like a, an actual video play button over it and mention, you know, hey, this is going to be a video that I put together for you would you like to see it and get a response back before you actually take the time to go and create it. So if they come back and say yes, I would love to see it, then that means you could you could then take the time to actually create it and then, you know, pique their interest from there. So that's one thing I wanted to throw out right from the start. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out, I'd be happy to help you

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