How I found my first high paying client through a normal "Job"

5 minutes
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Hey everyone. So in this video, I'm going to talk about how you can use job boards such as, to potentially apply to jobs and maybe turn this into more of a consulting role. I guess really what I wanted to share was my very first big client. In fact, it was my first real client that was paying me monthly for search engine optimization work I found on indeed, calm. actually spent a few minutes. I was trying to see if I could find the job posting, but it looks like it expired.

And I don't think I can view it anymore. I couldn't find anything anywhere else on the web. So that's all right. But I'll give you kind of a little bit of a brief example of what they were looking for. I mean, it was a company that was an insurance agency, you know, a small insurance agency that was here in Massachusetts. They literally are in the town over for me.

And they were looking for someone you know, to come in like 20 hours a week in here I am you know, I'm still in my 40 hour per week. job and I happen to have some little like leeway with this job. I could go in real early like 7am and leave at three. So what I did was I left around three o'clock and I went and actually dressed up in a suit I changed in my bathroom at work, to be honest with you. And I went to this job interview around like 334 o'clock. And I ended up sitting down with like, all the owners of the company and a bunch of their other like, assistants, you know, it's a small company, there's probably about 15 people, but they have me sit with like five people to talk about this stuff, and they're just completely clueless.

You know, they really want to get out there and start marketing. And I basically asked them, I said, well, let's do a consulting thing. And I actually originally asked for 1500 dollars i and i base that on 20 hours a week at like 25 bucks an hour, which is honestly for an hourly rate for SEO that's probably a little low, but that's still you know, 1500 dollars a month is quite a bit for SEO. So they came back with a counteroffer and asked for 1000 and of course, I'm thinking of my myself like that's a ton of money to be doing this stuff, knowing that I could outsource it or you know, potentially have a lot of the work done that's needed for a very cheap price. So I went ahead and said yes. And I've been doing SEO for them since November.

And it's now February. So what's that, like four or five months now, give or take. Basically, I've been doing work for them. And what I do is I meet them every originally it started out as every two weeks, I would go in there for like 45 minutes. And I eventually convinced them to do three weeks and as of this last meeting, I convinced them to do every month. So at the time, I'm recording this, it's like February 18.

And I'm going to be meeting with them on like, you know, like beginning of March, and then hopefully again at the beginning of April. I'm also now starting to get results for them because what I ended up doing was I found a company to white label some of the services which I know I haven't mentioned a lot in the other videos, but that's something that Huge as you know, basically, I found this other company to do the work for a fraction of the cost. And I literally get a branded report to my brands every month and I just walk into this guy, you know, this company's office and I share that share this information with them. And everything is very straightforward. I don't have to do a ton of the work, although I do understand everything that's going on. And I'm the main contact with this client.

You know, they're very happy with everything. They actually emailed me last this past week and told me they just had a new customer sign up because they found them on Google. So it's working and it's awesome because everyone's happy. Beyond that, I guess obviously, I've kind of gone on like a little bit of a tangent here. I did want to talk more about what you can do with indeed. So what I did is if you go to indeed calm you could type in what you're looking for, you know what type of keywords title if I literally just put in SEO and this is my hometown with doing tons of jobs come up, digital marketing specialist, so CME SEO specialist, digital marketing Associate Director of Marketing, SEO, marketing Senior Specialist, these are great opportunities because a lot of these I could turn it into consulting gigs.

Some of them maybe not. I mean, like, this one's here, like I saw this, they were looking for someone to help their SEO team, you know, like a junior person, like why on earth would I want to apply for that I'd much rather keep all the clients for myself and make all the money for myself, I'm not going to go help everyone else. But some of these others, you know, like Senior Specialist, like maybe I could apply to this and, you know, I already did, in fact, I applied, maybe I can apply and, you know, turn this into a consulting gig. Obviously, you need to have a great resume with some experience to be able to do this and good interview skills because it will, you know, they'll obviously want you to come in and sit down with them face to face. The other thing you can do is search keywords like you know, if I type in SEO remote, and I'll just take off the wire in this little search like everywhere.

Some of them you might be able to find, like, here's a great one SEO contract. This is a remote work from home position. Perfect. You know, this is like exactly what I, you know, be looking for if it was something I was going to apply, apply to, I might have even already applied to that. But um, that's the kind of stuff you probably want to look for. I've even done interviews, I know through Elance, I had someone you know, they were essentially looking to fill a job position and put it out on Elance.

It was like a project management position. And I would have been happy to be working from home doing the same kind of stuff I'm interested in and maybe work on my own stuff on the side. So yeah, that's, that's kind of the overview of using job boards. I wouldn't necessarily stick to just indeed, but indeed seems to really work very well. I know it's kind of one of the bigger ones at this point and just an awesome platform. So I would check this out and don't dismiss it.


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