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How to Get SEO Clients for Your Digital Marketing Agency Really Useful Tools for Lead Generation
7 minutes
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Hey guys. So in this video, I wanted to show you another tool you might be able to use to generate some additional SEO leads. I kind of did some preliminary research and I looked into, there's a bunch of different tools that will help you with this kind of stuff. You know, when it comes to doing like site audits. A lot of them just sort of give like generic information, you know, they'll tell you about like, tags, and you can usually put in like a keyword and they'll go through your site. I guess some of the kind of honorable mentions, I would say are good ones, or even tools you might want to download.

Regardless, they're not going to necessarily help you as much with the lead aspects. But for site analysis, you can look up Screaming Frog, there's one called my WebSite Auditor by a company called SEO power suite. Woo rank. I'll put links next to the video for all these so you can check them out. But I actually stumbled across a post Someone was kind of talking about like their top five and I was reading some someone asked a question on a message board and they're all kind of throwing out different tools and comparing them and this one really caught my eye and I think it'd be better in terms of actual lead generation with you know, for people that are going to be coming to your website if you have a website set up, I've actually got let me show you mine This is my kind of like front for my business, I'll send you this frozen wave media.

I built this with Thrive Themes. And it's really simple you know, I built this in honestly like a week. I've got like some, you know, different things like what I offer some testimonials from people I know. You know, and I mentioned here like, you know, I'll do a free website analysis and the contact us, but it's not really that simple. Like, someone has to basically send an email and then I would have to manually go do it and then send it back. It's not really very intuitive beyond that I just have a little about us and then, you know, contact us and then some stuff on the footer like social media, contact info, yada, yada.

Anyways, really simple site. That's what I put together for kind of my friend for my business. This tool, my site auditor kind of really stood out to me because not only can you do white labeled reports with them, you know, site audits, you can also set up a lead generation form and embed that on your site. And you can also customize it and brand it I think they're kind of showing like examples of how it might show up you know, the slim form a slide in you know, you could have it pop up like that's definitely good for conversions this large form which this might be something that would be pretty awesome for the way I have my site set up, small form. So they've got a free WordPress plugin, and I actually just signed up for the trial and I'm pretty impressed with it. So far.

Let me show you an example report that I was able to pull. So let's see, I just ran one. What did I do with it? Did Okay, I had to pause there for a minute because I lost a page that I thought I had open. So anyway, basically, you can set up different projects. So like I wanted to audit so my own sites, I can put them into my sites.

And then I made another one for client sites. So in this course, earlier, I mentioned like an insurance client that I work with, so I just ran an audit against them. I already set up all the branding all open that to show you what it looks like. All I did was upload a logo, I told them what color I use, which is just the background, the logo, my company name, number, email, and then they automatically prefilled in this little blurb. I'm going to delete that and that was supposed to be my Twitter handle. Save that.

So really, really simple. You know, basically He says, Hey, contact us, here's your info. If I go back, I can actually see if I can open this. I click audit shows me the audit on the page here for this, this client and kind of shows, you know, okay, the page should load quicker, you know, I just threw in a random keyword. I don't think the page itself is actually optimized for that keyword. But yeah, like they're giving you information on tags.

So like, this might be interesting. Like maybe if it was us on a specific URL or like, article, I was trying to rank for a particular thing. But honestly, most clients probably are just gonna be completely like, you know, what is this? You know, it's really basic, like this is on page stuff like should be 2000 words should only use the keywords this many times. And then code analysis. I mean, that's just kind of, you know, not really ever gonna worry too much about that if it's building WordPress.

You know, they're mentioning, you know, at a Twitter button added an apple icon, I guess for mobile stuff. You know, they're mentioning we're getting some links, you know, our outbound follow links needs to be reduced. I guess we need more root, unique domains, maybe get a directory link from de mas. Otherwise, you know, they're saying like, some of these things are really good, like the indexing the domain is really old. All these different things and then it gives you a list of the things that you could tackle for this page. And as you can see, as you go through, it's completely branded to me, you know, prepared by me.

Everything's very, you know, it looks very standard and you can download. If I go to the top, I can hit download PDF. Maybe I want to call it like, do their name audit. Open this guy. And it's the exact same thing. I'll shrink it down so you can see.

Same exact thing. So I could email this to the client. Now what I would honestly do with this, the reason I really like this tool is you could create these audits and then combine it with the tactic I showed you with the email, cold email tactics where you kind of do like a site review. So not only could you make a small video, but I mean, honestly, it takes like two seconds like this report generated in less than a minute. You could generate this report, download a PDF, send them a video, send them this, this PDF. And you know, you're kind of like golden, you're giving them all this free information like a full site analysis.

The only thing I'm not too keen on from what I'm kind of testing of this tool is that it is a little bit more specific, like they want a keyword. And that's just how they're basing a lot of information. I guess that's kind of a given. But I'd rather have a generic site audit. I'm actually running one as we speak. This is a pretty robust tool.

Another one I just mentioned was the Seo power suite tool, I have a personal copy of this, I sadly don't have, I think it's like an extra like $500 to be able to do branded reports. And I wasn't willing to pay that. But this tool really goes out and finds all this data. So I'm doing like this in depth analysis. It's been running for over 30 minutes. And it's actually only 20% done like scanning one of my personal sites.

So this is another option, I'll put a link like I said, if you want to check that out. But in terms of lead generation, obviously with this, you can you know, like I showed you here, you can set up this embedded form. So if people are visiting your agency website, you could basically have them immediately run a scan and then get that same branded report right back. So that would definitely help you to generate leads if you've got some traffic hitting your site. Alright, that's it for now. Thanks a lot.

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