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How to Get SEO Clients for Your Digital Marketing Agency Really Useful Tools for Lead Generation
3 minutes
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Alright guys, in this video, I wanted to talk about another another tool called mobile Renegade. being upfront and honest, I've actually personally never use this tool. But I've heard a lot of good things about it. There's a fella by the name of Nathan, that as of recently launched a course over on the Warrior Forum. And basically he kind of praises this and talks a lot about his course, forgetting offline clients. It's a little older, I think he actually came out I want to say like four or five years ago, I think the original idea was that it was intended so it could find leads that have mobile optimized websites or not.

And you know, that's a great selling point, you know, you could immediately approach businesses and say, Hey, your website's not mobile optimized and, you know, kind of pitch people on why it's important and why they should be mobile optimized and yada yada. So this tool will actually go out and I believe it's going to scrape some of the major sources like it does Yellow Pages Manta No, it does. I think there's I don't actually I don't think it does Facebook, but there's some stuff that can do, you know, essentially you can see here in the screenshot, you know, it's a little older, you type in, you know, example dentist, you could type in restaurant and then location. And then it's gonna pull a list for you basically in a CSV format similar to like what some of these other tools do like the maps, mentor or blacklist, then you could bring it into your CRM and then contact those leads.

So you've got tons and tons of opportunity here. Sounds like a really good tool. I haven't picked it up. I ended up honestly picking up that tool, black maps because it's just so much more robust. It's been updated very frequently. I just sort of follow it a little bit.

And I know I can get plenty of data from like Google, that would be really helpful for me, so I decided to go with that. I guess one big thing about this is that if you want to get into leads, I know Yellow Pages is can be a really good source. I'm going to talk about that. Well, actually, you'll see that and where you should have already seen it in one of the other videos, where I talked about Yellow Pages and why that's a good lead source. So this might be a good tool if you're looking to kind of scrape leads from yellow pages and use that more effectively where some of these other tools don't do that. I think this one, I'm just gonna skip through this massively long sales page.

I guess normally, it's 154 bucks. I can give you guys a link. If you go to the website mobile Renegade. It's 154. I don't know if they admit it could be that they increased it but there was an email from someone that I literally got just the other day it was like 47. I don't know if it was a special sale, but it's very possible it's a case off to check on that.

If not, I mean, you're you know, really, if you're getting selling to generate new leads, you know, if you get one client for 500 bucks, I mean, it really shouldn't be that big a deal to you, too. Put some extra cash into getting a tool like this. Alright, thanks a lot.

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