Using Direct Mail for SEO

2 minutes
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Alright, so in this video I wanted to talk about using what I would like to call direct mail or doing mailing campaigns I guess however, whatever way you want to put it, some people may not be aware of this but I guess you know, if you think about it, you know, if I'm in the air if I'm in local, you know, I did, I bought a house probably about two years ago now. And right when I bought my home, I got tons of mail, like from restaurants and pizza places and all kinds of different things like, you know, trying to pitch me on stuff and I still get stuff all the time. You know, like, I get paperwork on you know, car insurance and credit cards and you know, I'm sure all of you have gotten all these kinds of things. And it is kind of like, you know, it's almost like you open it regardless, or maybe you throw it away like you can tell I've even gotten some like one of the car dealerships I used to have my work done that they would send this kind of letter that was just very like bland and you're kind of looking at it going in this kind of looks like very personal and you just to open it and you're intrigued to figure out what it's all about.

So, something I haven't actually tried this yet myself, but it makes sense to me because it is kind of, you know, when it comes to mail, I mean, you're, it's kind of a given, you're gonna get it out of your mailbox and you're gonna see what your mail is. So if you can do something a little unique, then you can really stand out when it comes to marketing yourself. Now, I wanted to show you this site, it's called three email results. And it's basically doing some things with unique objects in the center. This here you can see all the items that they have. You know, for example, I could send this trashcan mailer, let's open this.

So you can see the guy and that's our mailing. So basically, he's got like, a little, like, you know, it's kind of like screen in the photo. But, you know, could you imagine, you know, you get this thing in the mail and you're gonna be like, what is this you know, and you haven't I have like a little folded up letter or postcard or something that basically implies that, you know, your your marketing services. So this is a really, really great way to stand out. I mean, you can get all kinds of weird different stuff like there's a bottle here. And, you know, these little treasure chests, I mean, some of the stuff is really unique, a little corny, but I think it definitely could work.

You can tell a lot of it's kind of cheap, but it would definitely get the interest going. And that's kind of an idea. What I would honestly suggest doing is going over to Fiverr and maybe like having a card or some sort of promotional material made. That's what I did, and I haven't actually taken the plunge with doing a lot of mailing with it. I've been focusing on other some of these other avenues like the freelancing sites, but this is just another way that you might be able to get some clients if you decide you want to do actual mailing. Alright, talk to you later.

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