Black Maps Lead Scraper

How to Get SEO Clients for Your Digital Marketing Agency Really Useful Tools for Lead Generation
6 minutes
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Okay, so I wanted to talk about another tool. And this is probably the most powerful tool that I've ever found for regeneration. And in terms of what it can do, it's probably not 100% on, I guess you could say Google's you know, what they would sort of approve of it in terms of what it can really do is extremely powerful. I honestly have not spent a ton of time with it. I think I've even got it running right now, as I'm recording. I just said this tool for the first time yesterday.

And I'm sort of just playing with it and starting to learn in the documentation is 100 pages long, very, very robust piece of software. I'm going to kind of give you an idea of what what this can do. So we go in, you know, find Google Places we can say Okay, you know what state, I can choose an area so I'm just going to say let's see and over. It's gonna highlight that area on the map. You can see here, it's kind of putting A yellowish rectangle there, then what I can do is pick what type of place so it's already pre loaded all these niches for me. So let's say I'm interested in car rental, we don't have to do a keyword, and we can say, from within 10 miles of that area.

And then if I hit this little globe, it's actually gonna go run a search and it's already pulled all these listings. Let me do this to my screens a little funky here. So if you look down, the tools got so much going on it, it pull all this different data, you know, like longitude and latitude. And you know what the name is, you know, obviously, some of them might be duplicates and stuff depending on if I don't know if it's multiple locations can also basically go in here and you can see all the leads that it's pulled in. I think it might be a setting on my part, but it is supposed to pull up the website and Stuff similar to the other tool if you watch the video on maps mentor, you know, obviously that tool is very simple. This can do things like you know, you can set a filters like whether or not they have a Facebook page, if they don't have a website.

You can do some things with like columns, and you can set up different campaigns for your searches. They even have this thing I think they call it money node. And you can basically do what they call sort of like a business intelligence gathering and it'll go out, I think it's actually running it right now you can see runs this tool in the background and it'll find all this information about the businesses. So like, here it is, it's finding the Facebook page for this cook simple painting or like, you know, the Hertz info so it goes out. It's like programmed to find all this data. And I think I can even find out data like how many Facebook likes the company has or like, how many tweets it has all This stuff, it's really, really crazy.

They've got like a database, it'll, you know, it's telling me here like, how many of them have emails, how many of them have websites, you can do different things for like keyword searches. It's got all these advanced settings for like, you know, global stuff you can put in Google's API key. I think that might be potentially why I'm having some issues with it. I don't know if that quite work yet. I still have to test it. But this kind of the same idea of it was like maps mentor, you can use it to export and then put it into a CRM or you can even use a software to go out and, you know, essentially, kind of track things.

I think you can do a little bit of the tracking itself. In here. Again, the tool is called Black maps. I think right now, if you go through the signup link, it's like a two day trial for free. And then if you go beyond that, I think it's 3999 and then they give you basically, Lifetime support. It says five years But I mean, honestly, five years is really a long time to be using this.

And I think most people could, you know, if you use this properly, you can make your money back awfully quick. Also, on the left side here, they give you a little bit of a cold call calculator. So you can see, like, you know, if your average sale price is 300 bucks, and your revenue is going to be 200, then, you know, this is your desired then it's gonna take, you know, if one agent is, you know, this, it's gonna kind of give you like, a breakdown, like they do all these metrics of cold calling, I thought that was kind of cool. Like, maybe, you know, if you know, for a fact that, okay, I can only do 10 phone calls a day. And like, you know, this is a, you know, each each agent is going to 50 bucks a day based on that, you know, total sales while our agents would be, you know, 148 you know, blah, blah, blah.

So, it's definitely pretty interesting. If your conversion rate was higher, like let's say we converge at 20%. Now then now this money goes up, which I think you can't see the whole thing. We move this down. Sorry. Yeah, so these numbers will all change based on this data.

So I thought that was really cool. I also did want to show it shows all the businesses over here on the right, so I move this over. And there's a little counter over here about some of the lead data gathers and things like that. I really like how it has like the map built right into it as well. You can even like do pre highlighting. So like if I wanted to draw like a square rectangle or whatever.

I can do that right in the map and get it out. Like an actual map view of the the information I'm trying to gather from all these businesses. So um, yeah, I've been running this I did one yesterday for a painter just to try it out. And I'm kind of blown away with this. There's even some stuff you can do in here with email, I believe, for doing email campaigns. Let me see if email blacklist like I haven't really tried this out.

There's also proxy support. I think if You're hitting Google too much with like queries and stuff like that. But yeah, it's definitely worth looking at the software I picked it up because it just looked like a no brainer. And I really haven't had the time to kind of go through it but it's very robust and it kind of makes maps mentor look like nothing in comparison in terms of the feature set I can already see like the way everything's set up, and just how how really specific and you know, all the filters and just all the stuff you can do with it. So, in other words you want to check out talk to later

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