Drop Caps

MS Word for Writers Rock Star Techniques to Make Your Writing and Formatting Sparkle
3 minutes
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When you get close to the finishing line on your document, one of the stylistic adaptations you might like to add to your chapters are known as drop caps. To add this, we're going to venture again to the Insert tab of our toolbar. And drop caps are located toward the right in the text box area. So you'll see several small tools here. There's object, there's insert, date and time. There's add a signature line, Explorer, quick parts, insert Word Art, and then this finally the little one that has the capital A and the lines This is the add a drop cap button.

Okay, so to begin to think a little bit about how your Drop Cap would appear. This is typically found on the opening word, the opening letter of the opening word of a new chapter. And it is very common for that chapter. To begin with. With the opening paragraph, left aligned, so the Drop Cap can be more effective this way because it's not indented, it's not going to distort the page, but rather that drop capital, and in this case, it's going to be a capital T will appear here at the margin. So you want to remove any indent that you have from that line.

Have your cursor right in front of the first word, come to the Insert Drop Cap button. And then I'm going to encourage you, you can use the preset, but I find them to be overly large, and you don't have a lot of room to play there. So I'm going to encourage you to use the Drop Cap Options button. And my favorites are doing the dropped feature. You can select your font here, so if you've got a font in your headers that you want to maintain, go ahead and select that one. And I kind of prefer two lines to draw but but depending on the font you've chosen, that may change And influence you entirely as well.

And we'll start with this. So choosing your dropped, choosing the font, and selecting how many lines you want that cap to drop. There. I love this right off the bat No need to change. But in some cases, depending on the width of the letter, you may want a little extra space. Especially if you're beginning the paragraph with the word I or the word a where it's a standalone single letter, you may decide to come back to that Drop Cap options box and add a little distance from the text that follows to this make the Drop Cap feel more spacious.

And I would reserve this for a font that's very condensed, or again when you're beginning a paragraph with one of those single letter words. So under many normal instances, you can leave that distance from text at zero and it will look just delightful. So You want to apply this throughout your document and you want to do it efficiently. My recommendation if you've already applied your heading one style settings to each of your chapter beginnings. On the Home tab, open up find which will grab your navigation window, then open up headings, and you should be able now to click into the beginning of each chapter. Remove that space at the beginning of the paragraph I just clicked in and hit backspace.

And then on the Insert tab, choose Drop Cap options. Drop your capital, choose your font, the number of lines you want to draw, I'm gonna make that too. And there you go. And then you can move throughout your document in this manner, applying the same style settings as you go. Enjoy

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