Footnotes and Endnotes

MS Word for Writers Rock Star Techniques to Make Your Writing and Formatting Sparkle
6 minutes
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If you're doing writing that requires footnotes or endnotes, you're going to love the simple new ways to use this in Microsoft Word. So head on over to the references tab if you don't already have that open, and we're going to be looking in the second area on the left here, the footnotes area. Here is my one recommendation to you, that can save you a lot of time and energy. If you're not sure whether you're going to be using footnotes, that is notes within a chapter that appear at the bottom of each page on the same page as the numbered note within the text versus endnotes which appear either at the end of a chapter or at the very end of a document. If you're not sure which one you're going to be using. Begin with footnotes for two reasons.

First, it will keep that note close by on a page so as you're editing you'll be able to refer back and forth more easily Second, because it is possible to convert your footnotes to endnotes later. So have a look at. Have a thought about that before you begin. So here's a quick example. In this particular text, I would like to point out in a footnote to my readers a little bit more about the word trolls. So I'm going to park my cursor where I want the footnote to appear.

And on the reference tab, I'm going to click Insert footnote. This will move me down to the page to the bottom of the page, and here's where I will type my note. While some may think of trolls as small, friendly creatures in ancient times they were large, hairy buggers. Okay, a footnote can be that simple. And then you'll be able to see how the text matches up on the exact same page as your footnote. just scrolling down at the bottom of a page, we noticed one of the things you may have noticed is that earlier, these two lines finishing the paragraph were part of the previous page.

But because we added the note, there was not enough room from Microsoft Word to avoid having orphans and widows were a single line was abandoned at the top or bottom of a page and include the note on the same page. And it is often a requirement that the note at least the beginning of the footnote appear on the same page as the note itself. So that's why it added a new page in here for us to add this note in. Now, a cool thing that Microsoft Word will do. Let's say you've gone through your doctor And you have added in footnotes everywhere that's appropriate. Maybe chapter one, chapter two, chapter three, Chapter Four.

But now, on a next read through, you discover another spot in chapter one that needs an extra footnote. I can't even begin to imagine how shaky it makes me feel to think about going back and adding more notes back in the days when I grew up with a typewriter, we would have to retype the entire document in order to make this work in, or at least, that chapter and then we could use whiteout to overwrite the numbers and renumber all of the footnotes in the rest of the book, but it would be just a long and arduous and but numbing process for sure. These days, you can simply go to the spot where you have another word that you want to footnote, and I'm gonna scroll up on the previous page here. I'm going to make it be earlier in the dock. Then the word that I just footnoted on pay, I think is page 112.

I'm going to this time footnote footnote the word Yazoo. So now it comes earlier than footnote one does. So it will renumber automatically all your footnotes throughout the document. So that here, the note that we were going to write about the zoo becomes footnote one, but if we scroll down to the spot of the next note, notice how it automatically re noted our note for trolls to footnote to and again at the bottom of the page automatically updated. Hope you enjoy that. Okay, now the same feature is going to work if you want to use end notes instead, park your cursor where you'd like the note to appear.

Click the Insert end note button on your footnotes, footnotes and now you'll notice it takes you all the way to the end of the document and your footnotes or endnotes are going to be honest medically numbered in lowercase Roman numerals to help distinguish from footnotes and endnotes, so endnotes in lowercase Roman numerals, and you could type your EndNote text here. And okay, all of your endnotes would appear at the end of the document. But say for example you decided partway through, you didn't want them to appear at the end of the document, you wanted them to appear at the end of each chapter. If you've used your page break section breaks, you'll be able to switch this and notes to now appear at the end of each section which equates to each chapter and you can convert those. You also see some additional footnote layout and formatting options.

So if you would like to have your whichever one you've selected here and notes or footnotes, be labeled in a certain format with upper or lowercase letters or numerals You can choose that from the drop down box, you can use a custom Mark instead or assign it a symbol. And you can have the notes start or have continuous numbering throughout the document. So either it will begin at one or lowercase Roman numeral one in each section, or you can have that number run continuously. So if the end notes in section one ended at number 10, then they could continuous pick up at number 11 at the end of the next section break make sense. I hope you enjoy this technique makes your life so much easier.

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