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MS Word for Writers Intermediate Skills You Wish You'd Known Before You Started Writing Your Book
18 minutes
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In this final intermediate video, we're going to cover inserting pictures, symbols, and icons, as well as hyperlinks into documents. So we'll cover why you might want to do each example. Alright, so here's a cute little article about being happy makes me fat. You may have similar experiences, but hopefully not. I would like to in this little blog, add an image at the top. I'm just not going to post it to the internet yet i'd but I want to remind myself for later What image I'm thinking about adding so all I'm doing is adding a blank space here at the top where I want to place my picture.

I have pre selected the image that I want to use. So if I were on the Home tab to begin with, I want you to click over to insert and note that in this just to the center left here area, insert pictures is one of your eyes. options. So we're going to click insert pictures. This will, by default drop you into the pictures folder of your computer. But if however, you've got the image saved somewhere else, note that you can still scroll and access all the content from flash drives or elsewhere, or your documents folder just by selecting those from the window there.

I'm going to choose this happy cupcake to put in as my picture though. All right. Now, notice as soon as I inserted this image, it has handles at the corners and side edges of the image. So there are a number of options I could do with this. I could make it smaller. And if you're going to do that there are a number of ways to do it.

But I would recommend if you're going to do it with a mouse, that you grab a corner so that it keeps the height and width proportion, the same as the original picture. If you grab it from us side or a center bar, note that it is going to make it like a carnival mirror here and stretch it out kind of funny. So I recommend that to only do your your resizing from a corner and any of those four corners will work. You could also resize your object by noticing that not now, when we're in the text, that toolbar disappeared, but when we click on the object, the Format tab becomes available to us. And in the top right hand corner, you can keeping size aspect ratios, change the width and height by clicking one it changes both or if you want to have them operate independently, grab that little more button in the corner size.

And you can unlock the aspect ratio and the relative to original picture size and then be able to affect change. To one without it changing the other. Again, that's probably not in your best interest unless you want to exaggerate the imagery there to make it look funny on purpose. So if you've done something wonky that you want to undo, remember, undo is in the top area of your Quick Access toolbar here, it could appear anywhere along there, but those choices are available for change by selecting the drop down arrow of that toolbar, and then clicking on any of the features that you want to enable. Okay, now, other tricks, you might want to use nice, easy formatting aspects for use with pictures, you may want to apply a style to your picture. And there's some easy presets.

So here in the center of the format toolbar. And again, you can only see the format toolbar when your image is selected. So if you're back here and your text and you're hunting around for that format toolbar, it's not going to be there. You can either single click and open the Format tab or you can double click and that tab will become highlighted on top. So here in the styles, you can select from sub different preset frames. And some of them also come with shadows and 3d kinds of effects, maybe even a reflection.

If you don't see the choice you want in that top group, you can scroll down all kinds of varieties here, I like that one with the soft edges. Or you can open up the whole barrel of choices here in that bottom most arrow. Some of these even skew it in 3d as we mentioned, pick the choice you like best I kind of like the plain white frame, but I might choose to rotate it just a bit for kicks and giggles. And that's going to be available on this circle tool at the top center of your photo. So if you want to rotate just a little bit You can click and drag there. If you'd like to rotate further, the Rotate objects tool is also here on the Format tab a little bit down into the right.

And it will allow you to rotate your object by 90 degrees, either 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise. You could flip the image on its head vertical, or flip it horizontal. Maybe I wanted my cupcake to smile in the opposite direction. Just be aware if you have text in your image that that text will flip as well. Or you could choose the more rotation options to get the full 360 degree of rotation possibility. As with other areas, I think we saw this in the text and type autography settings but we also have similar kinds of effects that we can add here with images.

So picture effects allows us to add certain presets, maybe drop shadow, maybe Inner Shadow Maybe perspective adds a little bit of reflection there off the back. Or you can select each of those shadow reflection glow, soft edges, 3d kinds of things independently. One of the features I like is soft edges when I'm trying to integrate text boxes overtop of other images. So I want to have it blur out and not appear as a static blob on top of other things. But, uh, you may find your own creative solutions for using images and text together. Just be aware, when you click away from that image, your Format tab goes away.

Okay, so that's an example of including images. What if you wanted to utilize a symbol like, foreign language word or something? I'm just going to add a word here to the middle of my text. Let's say for example, I would add a phrase like so I think I'll go to the cafe. And if I would like to have the word cafe have that accent in there, and my autocorrect feature didn't do it for me, but in this case it Did you see how I simply press period and it added the accent. There is another way to do that.

Or, more likely, you've typed in a word that the computer did not know to put an accent in. So here's how we find that. I'm going to highlight the letter that I want to change or I can just simply erase it and leave my cursor in the spot where I want the symbol or special letters to appear. Next, we're going to visit the insert toolbar, and this time we're looking out to the very far right, we're going to insert a symbol so all of those other alphabet characters are buried under this style choice. So Scroll down to the bottom unless you see your symbol right away, which here's ours. It's an E with the acute accent.

But I'm going to show you just the more symbols feature, so you get a gist of all that's available to you. Okay, this will open up the Symbol dialog box. And you may notice there's a scroll bar here, so you can scroll through the entire listing, but also notice there's a drop down menu. So you may be looking for something specific to the font that you're working in. So I believe we were in Times New Roman here to start with. So I'm just going to look at the special characters that are associated with the Times New Roman font, so that my special letter won't seem different than all the words around it.

And I'll simply scroll down until I see the capitalization and the letter that I'm looking for. So in this case, I'm looking for the E with the acute accent here and I can Insert that in my document by clicking insert. Perfect. So you see down below, cafe now has the E with the accent that we were looking for. And notice all the different kinds of symbol options that are available. I'm just going to scroll through so that you see some of the character sets here.

You might also notice that the subset is changing as we scroll. So if you knew what the subset was that you were looking for, you could jump right to Hebrew, for example, and come up with that character set. Or you could jump to, you know, the Latin extended additions or the mathematical additions, whatever you knew that you needed, or you can simply scroll line by line through these here. Or if you're not seeing what you need, it might be because it's a special character and there is another tab at the top of this dialog box that will open up to things that you specifically want to be aware of If you're writing things that include long dashes, so if you're using dash to separate phrases, rather than using a hyphen, that short little dash, we can use something called an M dash or an N dash.

And they get their name based on their length, and the width of the letter that the name of it is associated with, so the M dash with an M is wider than an N dash with the N, notice how the M is wider than the N. So these two dashes are possibilities of things you may want to use inside your document. And you may not know how to type that so finding it on the Insert symbol area is the way to get started. But if you find yourself using dashes frequently, I'll teach you real quick how to do those by typing. It is available only on keyboards that have a separate number pad. So The trick to getting this long wide dash is to type the following character set, I'm going to hold down the Ctrl, or the Command key depending on whether you have a PC or a Mac.

And then at that same time, you're going to press the Alt key. And then you're going to follow that with the minus key on your keypad. It can't be the minus key that's at the top of your alphabet letters, it has to be only the one that appears on that key pad out of the far right of your keyboard. And that brought us with the M dash. Notice the size there. So that keyboard control again is Ctrl or Command plus the Alt key and the minus key from your keypad.

So CTRL ALT minus, that's how we get the M dash. Or if you wanted to type the more narrow dash, the N dash. This typically appears when we're separating phrases. Looking for one Let's say I want to pair these two sentences together here, being happy means I don't work late, so I'm less physically active. If I wanted to rephrase this, and separate it with a dash between these two phrases, if I want to use the long dash, typically you'll use that with no space before and no space after that dash. However, if you want to use the shorter end dash, you'll often see that with one space before and one space after, and the keyboard combination for this is simply Ctrl minus.

So I'll put the, I'll type that up here for us Ctrl or Command key. And then we pair that with the minus key and it has to be the one that's on your keypad your number keypad out of the right. And again, when we use this more narrow dash, you'll notice Most commonly see that with one space before and one space after, and when you see the M dash, typically there'll be no space on either side. Okay? All right. This is some symbols that you may want to include so including special letters or character sets.

And then these two dashes that are most commonly used in writing. I also want to make you aware that one of the newer features is the ability to insert icons in your text. And so when you click that, from the toolbar of the insert toolbar, it will open up a dialog box that has lots of choices here. faces is probably one of our standard variations, but just know that you can either move down through the list or you can scroll through the list to this way, it is rather lengthy. Weather has been on my mind lately as it starts to get cold where I'm living. So maybe I want to comment about the snow.

I could insert an icon by choosing And then choosing the blue insert button, and it will add that image. And it responds very much like a picture, because you'll notice that while that image is selected that icon, the Format tab opens up again. But this is the graphics Tools Format tab rather than the pictures, tools, format tabs, so some of the choices are a little different. You'll notice you do still have the ability to affect the height and width, and quick little arrow key fashion. But you also still have the ability to resize it from the corners, which will keep your aspect ratio the same. Or if you want to go crazy, you can resize it from one of the center size and that's okay too.

And probably the biggest thing you want to know about using pictures inside areas that have text is about how to wrap the text around them. So right now, this icon is inserted in line with the text but might choose to have it to the text wrap square around it. So in that case, maybe I'll just slide it out here to the edge. And we'll see how the text just wraps right around that very easily read, I might choose to have it tight, which will just simply bring the text a little closer to the image itself. I could have the text run through, but that could be a little weird, right? We don't want to make it too hard to read.

Or I could have the text flow top and bottom or below, below and above my image and this might be the cleanest, neatest choice if you're going to be posting items online and copying and pasting them because you don't know what size screen someone is going to be using. So that's a possibility. In some instances, let's say you are trying to design something that is a layered image and you're going to add a text box on front of it which might be a more advanced technique. You may choose to have the image appear behind the text or in front of the text. These are options available to you. As you get a little deeper and happier with your Microsoft Word skills, we can explore those at a future date.

Finally, in this section, I want to show you how to add hyperlinks to your document in case it is relevant to you in either creating an ebook or in a blog where you'd like to be able to redirect someone to a source or a link where you obtained information going for. So the first thing you would do is highlight the text that you want to hyperlink. a hyperlink is when you see blue text, typically it's blue and underlined. That would allow a reader to click on it, and then visit a website. So these hyperlinks are exciting. Possible also on the Insert toolbar.

So each of our items today pictures, icons, symbols, and links are all available on insert. This one is in the center section, we're going to insert a link in our text. It's showing me that the text I want to display, his meals and snacks were forsaken. And then here in the address bar, I can type or I can paste in the address of the spot where I want to reference. And maybe I want to send this to my website, because perhaps I am posting this in my blog, so I can fill in the address. If someone wants to find out more, they can click this link.

You'll notice when you're editing in Microsoft Word and you've inserted a link, they want to protect us a little bit from ourselves. And when we hover over it, the instruction pops up, letting us know what the link is. That's the hyperlink that's embedded and that it If we want to follow that link, we're going to press Ctrl and click at the same time. So press the Ctrl or Command key and click your mouse to follow that link and then it will open the page that you hyperlinked to

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