Citations and Bibliographies

MS Word for Writers Rock Star Techniques to Make Your Writing and Formatting Sparkle
4 minutes
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If you or someone you know has to deal with citations and bibliographies this tool is an absolute Game Changer must to learn, head on over to the references tab and First we'll look at inserting citations. So there are a couple of details to select. Depending on what style menu style manual your research paper or document book has to follow. You can select MLA perhaps, or Chicago Manual of Style, or APA or Kate turabian. Just select that from the drop down list here to get you started. Let's say we're in the Chicago Manual of Style for this example.

And we want to add a citation. Those things that often appear in parentheses at the end of one of your books, sentences, but you want to be able to cite the source more deeply, but you don't know how to do it or what's required to go inside of that piece. Oh, so easy peasy. Now, you're going to park your cursor at the end of that sentence where you want the citation to appear. You're going to like insert citations and add a new source. First thing you're going to want to do is select the type of source that it is that will help the computer understand what format the item should be in.

If it's article you found in a periodical, or in a journal, if it's a book, or if it's a section of a book, that's a separate choice here, you might have found something information on a website, or other electronic source could be from a sound recording performance film interview, or miscellaneous. In this case, I'm going to be citing a book whose author's name is Anne hood, whose title is creating character emotions. The year of publication is 1998 in Cincinnati, and by story, press, okay, so I filled in the basic bibliographic data here, and I click OK. and beautiful. According to the Chicago Manual style, that citation should be in parentheses with no commas separating it. However, if we were to do APA manual style notice, notice how it automatically adds that comma that would be required, or to Arabian style without the comma. So it will automatically help you understand how your citations should be placed within the document.

You will however have to know whether the punctuation for your sentence should appear before or after that citation. In many cases, it should appear after so just double check on that but all the rest of it is made much simpler. Now, I added a couple of sources into My listing here so far, I added three books, one by dh Abra might and hood and one by Angela Ackerman and Beckett puglisi. This one has a little bit of formatting error there in the last name of the piece. But just as a quick way to add additional items to this source list, you can click Manage sources and add new. Again, just as we saw earlier, choose the type of source, fill out the boxes that are available from that and click OK. And then when you're ready to add your bibliography at the end, go to a blank page, come to bibliography and select a basic format that you enjoy.

Maybe you like the Works Cited, and here it comes already alphabetized and ready for you If you discover later on that you need to change the style setting, you can toggle that back and forth and the setup for all of those entries will vary. Notice how APA puts the year right after the author's name such as last name, comma, and initials rather than the full first names or middle names. So as easy as the click of a button, almost too easy. I hope you seriously enjoy this one and get a lot of traction out of it and a ton of time savings.

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