Synonyms (in English AND Translation!)

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3 minutes
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There are two quick tools you can use in your drafting process or as you're revising later synonyms and translate features. So let's say that I have a character here who has brown eyes and I might want to find another way to say that by highlighting the word and then clicking my right arrow right clicking it, I get a drop down. list and you may be familiar with using this for cut and copy or paste options, but look a little lower in there and notice synonyms. It pops up a list, instead of brown could be chocolate coffee, tan, Russet, brunette, or thesaurus could open up the whole thesaurus for me. If I like some of these options, I might just choose chocolate, and if I click on it, it will replace the text that I highlighted before with that new choice. Or if I want to go to the thesaurus, I just clicked down to the bottom of the list.

Into the source and it will open up the thesaurus panel typically on the right hand portion of your screen, and then you can dive more deeply and see the longer list of synonyms that might be perfect for you. Another option that is available on this same area by right clicking a word, you'll notice just below the synonyms synonyms choice is translate. When we click translate the very first time, you will be asked to turn on what's called intelligence services. And this will let office fetch some translations for your document. There's a feature new that's new to Microsoft Word this year that integrates this translator service. So we're just going to turn it on the first time around, here we go.

Okay, you'll see the translator toolbar open now on the right hand side of our screen. I'm just going to go ahead and close that the Thoris for the moment so we have more space with our document, and you'll notice some areas where you can quickly Determine what language you want to translate from and to. I am working in English right now. But some of my family and indeed my main protagonist here, my main heroine is Greek. And so I'm going to see what if I wanted to use or integrate a word from a foreign language. So coolatta would be the Greek word for chocolate.

She might have chocolate eyes, but in Greek, she would have Soca Lata motya. And so I could play around with that, but of course, I wouldn't want to use the Greek alphabet characters in my English language novel. So if I did want to do something like this, I would use the translator to inform me but then I would English eyes, the characters and I would put them in a tallix to show that their foreign language or soco let the eye gaze now it's In reality, I probably wouldn't make this choice. But I want to open up the possibility that you could easily incorporate foreign language words within your text very quickly and easily and then I strongly suggest you follow up with a native language speaker to make sure that translator has offered up to you the best possible word choice and solution for your document.

It's very important to have that human element in there and to make sure that your word choice fits the situation.

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