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MS Word for Writers Rock Star Techniques to Make Your Writing and Formatting Sparkle
11 minutes
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Here's a technique, you've probably been waiting for this whole series about using styles that I think can make your managing your document at all processes all levels and stages of the draft more manageable, including while you're writing as well as while you're getting ready for editing and publication. So, on the Home tab area, notice the styles section that appears here in the top right hand portion. Notice we have such things as normal, this may be the only time in your entire life when you can define normal in a very specific way. You have something called no spacing, which is normal, but without all of the line and spacing element formats that were assigned to normal and one or two here that are going to be very useful for you heading one and heading two. And we'll restrict it to just these three styles for the moment and especially in this particular document well, only Need normal and heading one.

So here's what we're going to do. Every time you find a chapter name in your document, we're going to highlight that name or indeed, you can just have your cursor anywhere on that line and select normal one from the heading or heading one, excuse me, and select heading one from the toolbar. And you'll notice that that heading automatically changes its features in a few different ways. Now, if you did not want your heading to be blue and left aligned and in this certain manner, let me show you quickly how you can affect changes that will allow you to one click wonder change all of the heading one items throughout your document. And once we've labeled all of our chapter 1234 with this heading one, this one click wonder will be amazing for you. So I'd like you to point to heading one with your mouse and right click.

This opens a drop down menu. We're going to choose Modify. So we're modifying what defines heading one. Now first off, you probably don't want blue because I'm sure you don't want to pay to print your book in color. So let's set it back to automatic color text which is black on the case of when text is embedded on top of white. But in an E book, if the text is embedded, and someone is viewing using night mode, it will automatically change the text to white on a dark background because it would be easier for the viewer to read that in night mode.

So we'll use the automatic color which is black, and then you can decide what font you want your header your chapter headers to be. So it will open choice here of all the available fonts that you have on your installed on your computer. I do enjoy Georgia font more than times new roman, it's just a little more spacious, not quite so cramped together. So I've gone ahead and pre selected Georgia font I might make my chapter headers could be 14 1618 really depends on the genre that I'm working with and some of the reader expectations in those genres. But I like anywhere in the 14 or 16 neighborhood. Generally speaking, you may choose to make your header Be bold.

In your preview box, you'll see a little bit about what's going on here. You may instead choose to have your header instead of left align, maybe you want it centered. This is a choice and it's totally up to you. If you want to affect some of the line spacing, I'd encourage you to look for it in a different place than then here because with heading ones, we're typically only looking at something that's one line long. So come down with me to the lower left hand corner of this dialog box and click on format. First, let's look at formatting the font.

This allows you to select all All the same elements that we were just looking at plus a few more. My most common favorite here is to either make the chapter titles be all caps, or more favorite for me is small caps. I just like the nice little professional touch that this one choice gives to me. So I'll turn on small caps. And you'll see noted here in the list all of the style settings that I'm choosing about my header one heading one style here. I'm going to head back to format encourage you to also look at formatting the paragraph.

And here is where you can play around with having a drop down header on the beginning of your chapter pages. So 60 point drop down is not going to appear it may seem like a large number, but it's not going to appear like a very large drop down from the top. So let's play around with something more like 104 perhaps We'll see what that looks like. And then we'll click OK here. And oh, I just want to double check as well, because in our normal heading, we're using first line indent. So I'm going to take us back to that paragraph tab and just check to make sure that in heading one, we indeed have no special indent here going on because our heading, if we're going to center it, we want it to be truly centered.

And if we're going to have it left aligned, we want it truly left aligned out at the margin, not partway in the middle. So make the choices that you want to make. One other consideration you might enjoy would perhaps be the option of adding a border at the bottom. I've seen this done successfully I would try to do just enough to be elegant, understated, not not too much glitz and glam but she might try a quick little borderline there. And let's see what we get. Alright, so we have That hundred some point dropped down from the top.

We have our centered text. It is not in Georgia font though what happened to that? Let me just highlight the text and click heading one again. I think I must have at some point yeah, some point I did myself in here. Let me reset that back to Georgia and click OK. There we go that looks like the font I know and love and with a borderline underneath.

Now, the problem with using the borderline here where there's no space between it and the beginning of text is that you might be tempted to add in some hard returns, drop that down, but let me show you an easier way. We'll go back to heading one. We'll right click Modify. And in that format, tab area or format area at the bottom. In the paragraph feature, we can add simply 18 or 24 points of space After that borderline, that would then allow us to not have to add extra hard returns within our document. Make sense?

All right. Now here's a simple cool trick that will work throughout your document. If you haven't been lucky enough for your main text to be in the normal style setting right off the bat, you see the gray box area around this set text so anywhere I'm where my cursor is inside the text, and normal is lit up. That's the style setting that's turned on. Whereas if I click up here in the prologue now we see it's heading one that's assigned to that area. Anywhere that is assigned normal.

You can also one click wonder set up all the changes throughout your document anywhere the normal text style is applied. If you would like to change it right now it's Georgia font 11 point font, if you would like to have it fit on fewer pages, but you're, and you're pretty sure all of your readers are young enough to be able to read 10 point font, you might reset normal, and just scale that down. And all the same choices we just saw in heading one are all available here, all still available. So I'm just making one small tweak. But you'll notice how that one small tweak, applied it throughout my document, not just on the page where I was located, we're still here, Georgia 10, but not on the page where I was at the beginning, we can be anywhere that the normal style setting has been applied, and that will work.

So here's a quick way to begin integrating some of the skills that you've learned in this class so far. If you would like to format your entire document. And let's let's let's take the hard road. Let's say that none of your main body If your text is in this normal piece, my recommendations would be to select all, select your entire document, you can do that. From here on the Home tab, select and select all, or you could Ctrl or Command A, or you could triple click in the margin to select all. And then I would recommend set everything to normal.

This will be your, your quickest final fix. Then if you know you have a prologue or introduction, go through remove the space at the beginning then add your heading in. And here's your super trick. If you have Remember to label the beginning of all your chapters with the word chapter. Let's on the Home tab out here. Let's click Find which opens up the navigation window.

And we'll type the word chapter in and that will quickly using the up and down arrows here in the navigation area. Allow us to move through the chapters of the book. Click heading one to assign the headings. And then I'll click down one more to chapter two, park my cursor in front or highlight it, whatever you choose to assign that to be heading one as well. Go down through your document, click in front, assign this heading one. Do you see how this makes it so much faster, you no longer have to scroll page by page by page, you can simply assign your style setting once and if you change your mind later or if you want to experiment, the choices are up to you.

It's a one click wonder at that point, you do not have to change the text in Oh, let's say 50 some chapters individually, you can do it all at once throughout your document. I'll teach you some more tips and tricks about using style settings when we're in The End section of formatting for print. Hope you've enjoyed

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