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MS Word for Writers Rock Star Techniques to Make Your Writing and Formatting Sparkle
6 minutes
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Now that you've learned a little bit about applying styles, it is time to really turn up Microsoft words magic. Let's imagine now you have your document open in front of you, and you're ready to add a table of contents. Here is a feature I hope you'll really love. We're going to add in a blank page at the beginning of our document that we'll put it on. So if you remember from our page breaks section, we're going to find that feature on the Layout tab, under breaks. And I'm going to use a section break next page break just because I won't want to apply page numbers in my table of contents at the bottom of the table of contents pages.

I want those to begin on page one in the prologue or chapter one. So up at the very top, you'll notice right off the bat on my page, it did apply a page one here so I'm going to click into that footer and let me just show you the secret tool I just used because we Notice before, when we were doing headers and footers, we were going to go to the Insert tab, and insert our header or footer, but my shortcut method for getting there is to have that section of the page visible, and move your mouse over top of it and double click, that instantly opens up either the header or the footer, depending on where you clicked. Now, this is here in our section one. Remember that we just applied a section break next page break. And the thing that we'll need to do before we delete the page number from our blank table of contents page, is we need to go ahead to the next footer and unlink it to the previous Do you see in the center of our toolbar here how link to previous is lit up?

We're going to unlink that so that when we go back to the previous one, and delete it up Gone. Now when we go to the beginning of the next page, that page number is still there, it was on affected. So that's really important. If you're going to be changing headers and footers in different sections to make sure you turn off the links to previous before you make any changes. Otherwise, you're going to be inserting and replacing and deleting all over top of yourself and there'll be a little bit frustrated. Okay, so now here we are in our opening page, and I'm going to zoom out on the screen a little bit so that we can see the whole sheet all at a glance and I'm using that lower right hand corner of my screen button to zoom out a little bit so we can see more of the page at a glance, as I said, Good.

So here on our fret blank page that we've newly inserted, we're going to pop over onto the references tab. And this is where a lot of cool things live that we're going to use in this next section of our videos. But for now, we're focused on tables of contents here on the left hand corner, click that drop down menu and you'll see right off the bat, you have several automated choices you can choose. So depending on the formatting styles that you most prefer, you may select one from the list there. And based on the settings that you have applied your, your heading one settings, it's going to grab every heading one title, and its page number. And it automatically set our tab for us with those nice leader dots, and right aligned the page numbers and built an absolutely very easy to use and one click wonder table of contents for us, including other elements at the back matter of the book that we included like an about the author and other books by this author, included there and I think for a reason In that we have a blank page here is that that table of contents extended one line too far.

So you should be able to simply backspace a line there and clean that up, or forward Delete to bring your first chapter forward. Either way, if you decide though, that there is too much spacing between your table of contents, the automated version, you can always choose to highlight the items that are in there and affect them kind of old school methods by changing the paragraph and line spacing on the Home tab. Or you could dive deeper into your table of contents choices and customize your table of contents. And that opens up a beautiful dialog box where you're allowed to make decisions about the kind of leader dots you might have there if you want that tab leader. Whether you want your page numbers right aligned or in line with the text or whether you don't want them shown at all. So in the case of an E book, okay, page numbers are kind of irrelevant in that point.

So you, in that case wouldn't need to show page numbers. You can also have it choose how many levels of headers to display. And in the case of most fiction, we'll only be displaying header one, which is our chapter names. But if you write nonfiction, you may want to explore having those subheads visible to your readers along with the page numbers. Now, in order to modify some of those headings, you would just click on the Modify. Then select that level that you want to choose and select the font, the size, the styles, and the formatting elements same as you would in our regular style section.

But now you're applying it to your tables of contents, formatting, Also in the options box, you can allow different advanced kinds of Table of Contents availability from choosing things from your footers, or from subjects and comments or balloon text that might appear if you're tracking changes. All those are available to just a brief overview today to get you started with tables of contents.

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