Help! I've Lost My Toolbar and I Can't Get Up!

MS Word for Writers Intermediate Skills You Wish You'd Known Before You Started Writing Your Book
3 minutes
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Showing and hiding the toolbar is something you will never need right up until you do need it. And then you'll be hunting around to try and find the solution. How many of my author friends first discovered that they need to know how to show and hide the toolbar is because they've clicked on something that made it disappear. So if you imagine waking up and one day, all of the tools that you were so used to seeing at the top of your screen, were now gone. It might be very, very frustrating to try and find them again, you might notice that when the toolbar is hidden, if you come and click on one of the tabs, the toolbar reappears, but what happens is that as soon as you click back into your document, it disappears on you again. So I want to show you how to both open it up and close it in case you need.

So two of the ways that it gets hidden is by this arrow on the right hand side. If you scrolling up, and you happen to click just a little bit too high there and you're scrolling and your mouse slips and you click on this boom, there disappears, your toolbar at the top and there's no quick down arrow right above that to get it back. It's just not there. The way that you can easily retrieve it is point your mouse to any of these headings on your toolbar, and click twice a quick double click. And your toolbar will reappear at whatever tab you selected by double clicking on it. Okay, so again, you can double click that toolbar off and double click it back on, or you may have accidentally closed it by clicking that collapse the ribbon button, which is in the top of the scroll bar at the far right.

Notice if you hover above that, another way that it might accidentally have been closed is by control function key one or control f1. So if you hit those keys in combination, or if you're like me, and you have some four, four legged friends wandering around your house, who like to be around you while you're working, they may just reach up and tap something with the with the mouse or the keyboard that makes your toolbar disappear. So here's how to get it back. But one legitimate reason why you might think about collapsing the toolbar is when you're getting toward a later stage. And I'm going to use the zoom button here to zoom out a little bit, and you want to be able to see more of your document. Within this screen.

You could consider collapsing that toolbar in order to give you more height so that you can still see the document without losing too much of the text size, especially for my friends working with a lot of images pages that have images. This is nice to be able to see that full page at one time. Or you could also consider going on the View tab and looking at either multiple pages where it will set your screen up to show you two pages at a time, or to view the side to side version rather than vertical so that you can use your page down and page up keys to move forward through the document.

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