Categories, Tendencies, and Triads: An Overview of the Enneagram Model

Increase your Influence: Decode Human Personality The Nine Personality Types: How to Decode, Persuade, and Influence Each One
6 minutes
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Welcome to the next lecture categories, tendencies and triads, an overview of the inia gram model. So we've talked about what the inia gram is why use the inia gram and how to use it to increase your influence. In this lecture, we'll go a little more in detail about what the enneagram is, how it's broken down how it works, and why it's broken down the way it is. So we'll go over the nine categories how the enneagram works, wings, which is tendencies of different personality types, and triads. The three triads that make up the inia gram straight into how the inia gram works, the inia gram is a non sighted star with each personality type represented by one point in the star. You can see the visual here created by someone named fissile, and the stars start with one at about one o'clock if it were a clock.

2345678 And nine at the top, and each one connects to others in some significant way as well. The placement in position of each star is significant in how the enneagram functions, and in how all the personality types overlap, interact and interrelate. The enneagram also isn't woowoo it isn't just some weird New Age kind of thing, but it's a time tested and integrated system decoding human personality, motivations, fears and relationships. Also, the enneagram is backed by years of science, studies of psychological development and interaction and anecdotal evidence and so this is a time tested and time honored system that is proven to be workable, inaccurate. So wings tendencies of different personality types. So what are wings and how are they significant?

Terms of how you decode human personality and increase your influence. First people are unique and incredibly complex. Everybody knows that, like a fingerprint, no two of us are exactly alike, even among personality types. Within a personality type, there is a great diversity. And there might be similarities between people in different personality types that people within one type don't always share as well. So for example, there might be a one who's an introvert, and a three who's an introvert.

But then another three might be an extrovert, so you can't 100% always tail, even then there might be basic similarities. Number two, no one is completely one personality type. Most people are a combination of their personality type, and some of the traits of the adjacent personality type. And so in the previous picture here, you might, for example, have a four and they would have their characteristics but Some fours might have more traits of a five, they might be more analytical like fives, and that they're still emotional and individualistic and artistic, in most cases creative. But then some fours might be more image oriented, like threes are success oriented. And so it might depend on the fore as to where they lean one way or the other.

Also, keep in mind that the bordering personality type where you tend to have more traits is your wink. So that's what a wing is. And so what I just explained with the demonstration shows you what a four with a three wing or a four with a five wing might be like. In another example, if you're a seven who has more traits of a six than an eight, your wing would be a six. So try it. What are triads and how do they help you to decode human personality further, the three triads that make up the enneagram the nine enneagram includes three triads, also known as centers.

Each triad has three of the personality types within it. Each of the triads represents three tendencies in the enneagram. These are the instinctive thinking and feeling triads. Each triad represents different sets of weaknesses, strengths and tendencies. The three triads are the emotion heart triad, and that includes twos, threes and fours. The reason head triad fives, sixes and sevens, and the instinct body triad, eights, nines, and ones.

And so keep in mind that if you combine the wing and the triad, you'll get even more possible combinations within one personality type. For example, you might have a two with a one wing, and two of those might operate slightly differently, but you might have Also get a two with a one wing and another two with a three wing. And one might operate more instinctively. And the other might operate more emotionally because of whatever try it they border based on their wings. Okay, wings, tendencies of different personality types. And so a little bit more about the wings of each personality type.

So here is a visual that was created by Rob pixel and most of the images were created by him. So I wanted to thank Mr. Fitz oak for his great images. This gives you a physical representation of the different centers or try it and how they're broken down into sub categories. I don't want to get into all of that here, because it does get rather involved and detailed, but I just wanted you to see what it looks like and how wings and triads can influence the sub characteristics of each personality type. If you want to study this and learn about it more Please consult the resources I've shared as well as resources you can find all over the internet reputable stuff that can help you to understand the subtypes, wings and triads better. But that does it for this lecture.

So I'll see you in the next one.

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