Personality Type Five: The Investigator--Overview and Influence

Increase your Influence: Decode Human Personality The Nine Personality Types: How to Decode, Persuade, and Influence Each One
10 minutes
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Welcome to personality type five, the investigator, personality type five tends to be the one that is perhaps the most intellectual of the nine personality types on the enneagram scale. So we'll go through the personality type of a five, the same as we did with 123. And four going through the traits, strengths, weaknesses, values, and secret fears, what makes them tick, identifying them, how they interact with others, what they look like, what they say, and how to influence them. And I do want to reiterate that keep in mind that even within a personality type, there can be many diverse traits. Not everyone is going to have every trait if there are five that is included here, and they may have traits that are not included here as well. So human nature is complex, people don't really fit in a box.

The enneagram is just a skill to understand human nature a little bit better, but there's a lot more to human nature than just what you see here. But this is a good indicator to help you to figure out Human Nature enough that you can help people impact people and understand yourself and others a lot better. personality traits strengths and weaknesses of a five fives tend to be into independent intellectuals who love ideas, knowledge and wisdom. They don't tend to communicate through their emotions, they tend to communicate more through ideas and through left brain logic, and so they're observant, curious and knowledgeable on a variety of topics. This is the most likely personality type for scientists. Of course, there are many scientists that are other personality types and many fives that are not scientists.

So they often like concepts more than actions and can isolate themselves. In some cases, scientists if they do a lot of laboratory work that suits their nature very well. Fast tend to relate to the world more through ideas and feelings being highly insightful and innovative. So they're like fours in the sentence. They have a high sense of intuition. But it's more with logical things than with emotions and transcendence and spirituality and things like that.

So the levels of development for a five, in the highest sense of a fully developed five have personally realized five, they tend to be a pioneering visionary, maybe a, an Einstein, or a Marie Curie or somebody like that. And then at their lowest or the least of all five, they tend to be delusional, paranoid, an isolationist, maybe a fatalist to a degree. But the average five which would probably be the majority, tend to be analytical, very much a theorist and very logical in that sense. So personality traits, strengths and weaknesses, the weaknesses of an unhealthy five, fives when they're at their lowest when they're having a bad day or a bad year, a less evolved five all the time, they can become ice. When not at their best, not taking care of their needs or connecting with others. And so sometimes they can go days or weeks without properly taking care of themselves in terms of food, exercise, wrist, social interaction, recreation, and so on.

They do not easily build emotional connections with others. That's not to say that they can't, but it's just something they tend to build more intellectual relationships with others. Sometimes they can become too caught up in concepts and not in touch with reality. And they don't respond well to those who criticize their ideas and can attach themselves to radical ideas. In some cases, that's not all fives, at their worst fives can become paranoid. So what are the strengths and traits of a healthy five?

A healthy five can be creative innovator, a creative innovator who is capable of brilliant ideas. They're very creative, but in a more analytical and logical sense than an artistic sense. However, some fives that lean more towards being for like can be our artists, but They may express that in a more analytical way instead of an emotive way. They are also independent and objective thinkers, they can look at a situation, for example, and see it objectively and look at it with an unbiased sense of creative and critical thinking. They're good critical thinkers. So they make great scholars and great intellects, they tend to.

So they might be not just in science, but in literature or another field that requires an analytical perspective. fives are amazing conversationalist, they can talk about anything and everything. And they're usually knowledgeable on a variety of subjects. They have an amazing power of perception, observation and curiosity. Thus, great traits for being a scientist along with looking at a situation analytically and objectively. And they often discover new ideas and create ways, new ways of doing things.

So the person that people laugh at that they're inventing something that has never been done before, a lot of those people tend to be fives. They come up with new ways of doing things. So inventing is another field that they tend to thrive in. So what makes a five tick? What are the deepest fears and desires of a five, five steepest fears and desires include that they want to remain capable, confident and able, being incapacitated is one of their deepest fears. They don't want to be useless.

They always want to make sure that they're useful for something and that they can do something. So they want to be known for their strong intellect, perception and innovative qualities, and they like being appreciated and acknowledged for those things. What's your finding with a lot of these personality types is that whatever their defining traits are, they want to be recognized and appreciated for those particular traits through action and through words of affirmation that are sincere and authentic. So fives value their autonomy and independence, and they also enjoy working solo. That doesn't mean they can't work well with other people, but they especially thrive and enjoy working on their own. So doing an office job that maybe requires a certain level of creativity, or doing some kind of a lab job or something like that, they can do that very well.

They may also tend to be in professions like a librarian or something that requires working on their own for long periods of time. So how can you identify a five fives don't speak a lot, but when they do, their stories can be a bit long. So they like to tell intellectual stories and anecdotes. They also tend to speak about facts with a certain level of detachment, but you won't see them discuss emotions often. So if you want to identify if a family member or a friend or a colleague that might be a five, they do tend to be intellectual and they do tend to be less emotional, or at least they don't show their emotions as much they don't tend to show emotion because they tend to talk more in logic and in analytical terms, fives app perceptive mentally alert and curious. So they take have a lot of knowledge about a wide range of subjects due to their curiosity, they read a lot.

And so that makes them very intelligent. And you can tell based on their interactions, that's another way you can identify a fire. They tend to be intellectual and very smart. Sometimes fives can be a bit centric, not all but some of them may act a little odd or different than an average person. That's not to be negative because they have their own gifts and weaknesses just like anybody else, but sometimes they can be a little eccentric. So how they look and act fives enjoy a good conversation and are good conversationalist, and they tend to enjoy that.

But like I said, the conversations do tend to speak in analytical term fives enjoy and appreciate knowledge and learning. And they usually don't care about the latest styles or their appearance, but they do tend to have a twinkle in their eyes. So that's not to say that no five dresses with the latest fashion are dresses sharply but usually they don't dress with the latest style. That's not something that they really found. As much as certain other personality types, sometimes they may have a weak chin. Not always, but if they're a male, they may cover that up with a beard.

But that is one characteristic that can often be associated with a five. And they tend to have a quiet intellectual presence. And so they can be a bit retiring, maybe a bit shy in some situations, maybe an introvert, not always, but they tend to be quiet and intellectual. In most cases, they won't be the boat rocker or the life of the party, in most cases, how to influence fives. So if you have someone you love, that's a five a family member, or a colleague or a dear friend, how do you how do you relate to them? How do you build relationships with them and impact them?

How can you help them they like to be respected for their innovation and for their intellect. So if there's an authentic and realistic way to show them appreciation for both of those things, do it. Always, always, always, if you get a chance to compliment someone in an authentic way, do it If it's an appropriate time, fives like to share knowledge and have intellectual conversations, so if you want to know something or learn something, ask a five about their knowledge on something. For example, if they're good at computer stuff, ask them how to fix something or get an idea on how to do something, ask a five questions that require knowledge of facts and engage with them in conversation, intellectual conversations, not so much on a personal or emotional level, but more in terms of theories and logic and analytical things, maybe literature science or something like that.

Fives also want to be capable and able, so if you have a chance to show them that they are this will build relationships with fives as well. Ask for a five wisdom on various philosophical topics. They may not want to talk about emotions, but they will talk about philosophical topics. If you can help a five B or have his or her independence, they will feel appreciated. So if maybe you have an elderly family member or a family A member who has certain disabilities, if they tend to be a five, if you can help them to have some independence, to do things for themselves, to be able to spend time on their own, not to neglect them or overlook them. But if you can help them have a sense of independence, they'll be appreciative of that don't do things for fives that they would prefer to do themselves.

That doesn't mean that if they need help, you should leave them alone. Of course not. But if they prefer to do something themselves, and if they're able to allow them to do that, that gives them a sense of dignity and independence, and they can be very stubborn about their independence, which can be a good thing. And a bad thing depending on what the situation is. But fives do tend to be very independent. So that concludes the lecture on how to influence fives.

We are moving right along to six in the next lecture. I'll see you there.

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