Personality Type Six: The Loyalist--Overview and Influence

Increase your Influence: Decode Human Personality The Nine Personality Types: How to Decode, Persuade, and Influence Each One
11 minutes
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Welcome to personality type six, the loyalist. So for this personality type, we will go through the personality traits, including strengths and weaknesses, the values and secret fears of a six, what makes a six tick, identifying them, for example, how they interact with others, what they look like and what they may talk about, and how to influence sixes. Keep in mind that each personality type is a little bit different. In other words, each person within a personality type will have their own unique traits, and they may not necessarily have all the characteristics of the six. And they may also have characteristics that are outside of a six as well, but they will have the primary traits of a six if they fit into this category. And also keep in mind that all sixes are unique human beings and they are all slightly and in some ways, wildly different from one another as well.

So traits of a six six is seek community security support stability, as well. Have approval from others. And so being part of the group, and having security is a survival instinct for sixes, they're very attuned to that. They seek out circumstances and social structures that provide these things. It could be through community, home, family, work, church, hobbies, it can be in different ways, but they seek out social structures where they can find security. They are loyal and seek structures where rules and procedures are clearly defined.

They like to know things, they like to be certain things. And so having a structured environment, and tending towards having people that are loyal to them and being loyal to other people. That's what really makes a six tick sixes are steadfast, earnest and enduring of all the personality types, they are one of the most durable in the sense that they can just go and that they have that strength to persevere, so to speak, but they're also hard working problems. solvers, that's where some of the personality trait of a five comes in, is that they tend to be analytical, but they do so in a way that's more action oriented. They're problem solvers. And they like to troubleshoot things, so they can concentrate for long periods of time.

So in the levels of development for a six, the most highly evolved sixes and the sixes that tend to be the most self realized, are the ones that are self affirming. They are engaging, and they tend to be part of a community and they tend to be very loyal friends, family members and members of a group. In terms of the ones that might be the least evolved, or sixes that are at their absolute lowest. They can even become self defeating masochists and they can have over reactions to things and they may tend to project their own weaknesses on to other people and say other people are guilty of the same thing that they might be engaging in themselves. And so the average and most common six though, tends to be a triple Analysts, they tend to be loyal, they tend to, for example, you might see a lot of sixes in the military, that's definitely a social structure where they would feel very committed and comfortable, you know, in groups like that, where loyalty and insurance are admired.

So what are the strengths and weaknesses of a six, six is some of their unhealthy traits, they tend to avoid their fears and seek family community in groups to find security, and so often emotionally or in a literal sense, they may tend to try to avoid their fears rather than face them. And so people that love them that are close to them, and that they have a sense of trust with you have to be careful, but it's good to help them to find the courage to face their fears, and realize that it's safe to face their fears. So when mentally unhealthy sixes can become self sabotaging and self destructive, and when insecure sixes also tend to lash out at others. act irrationally and fill others are out to get them. And so sometimes they may accuse you of things that you aren't necessarily doing when they're at their worst.

And in those situations, if they're a close person that you care about, the best thing to do is to keep them in touch with reality and just very gently stand up for yourself and keep the truth out there. And they can also become intolerant of the behavior of emotional people or those with different opinions. In some cases, that's not all sixes, but that's a six that's at their worst, or a six that tends to have more problems psychologically. So what are the strengths and traits of a healthy six sixes are loyal to a fault, they can stick with you, even when you've done bad things, because they built strong bonds of trust in relationships. And so in a marriage, for example, they tend to stick with their partners in most cases, because that is a strength that they have. They see things through to the end.

They can be responsible, reliable and trustworthy. And so when that says They tend to make good partners and good friends, they are able to concentrate for long periods of time. And they are good at planning and strategizing. And so if you tend to be a person that can give out easily because some personality types and some people need more time to restore than others, and that's okay, that's just part of our strengths and our weaknesses. The six in a group can be the one that helps complete a project. And they're also good at planning and strategizing projects.

Sixes can also be adventurous and rebellious. So kind of like that thing I was talking about before, where if someone has a strength and a weakness, they tend to have sort of a fixation in their personality on a particular characteristic. If they're very conventional, and they follow the rules and they're very loyal to a group, when sometimes the other part is is manifested. They can also be rebels, but sometimes in a good way, they can challenge others sometimes challenge oppressive situations with an opposing point of view, and So when there's a situation where you've got some kind of op some kind of oppression in the government or in other organizations, they might be the one that stands up to that oppression in opposition. So what makes a six tick? What are their deepest fears and their deepest desires, sixes want to have security and support.

That is their evolutionary trait that is ingrained in them. As far as it can go in terms of all the personality types, they form bonds, alliances and trust. And those are very important things for sixes sixes will test others to see if they are loyal or competent. And they can be contradictory in some ways. They want their independence, but they want to be part of a group they want to be trusted and to trust that contest that trust. And so there tends to be like I said, that sort of play of opposites that a lot of personalities have with a particular issue or a particular trait and with this particular personality type, it happens To be trust and being part of a group.

So sixes can be rebels and part of a group at the same time or separately depending on the circumstances. So how do you identify a six in terms of how they interact with others, if you have a family member or a friend who is a six, or a colleague, that's a six, sometimes they may tend to be in groups like the military or other tended tendencies of groups where certain traits and characteristics are appreciated. sixes are hard working, practical, analytical and cautious. They are often able to see dangers and troubleshoot problems better than others. And so sometimes they're really good at things like it, customer service, police officer work and detective investigative detectives and things like that. sixes will argue with others about analytical issues and subjects, and they may caution and warn others about potential dangers and challenges.

Six is also may challenge your ideas or opinions on some cases and will resist having you make a decision. For them, they will not let you make a decision for them. And they can be fiercely loyal and reliable, which is a great strength of a six. And so sixes may tend to be patriotic or religious in the sense of being loyal to whatever they believe. So how do you identify six based on how they look and act keep in mind that sixes can be as diverse in how they look and act as any other personality type and all personality types, but they do tend to dress for comfort rather than for looks or the latest style. They often have a nervous demeanor or energy though not always.

Maybe they have a nervous tic or they shake their leg a lot. You know how some people that have excessive energy will sort of jitter their leg they make fidget though not always. Sometimes they can have shabby fingernails that may often that they may often bite. I know some people that keep their nails bitten so low, you can never see the white part of their fingernails. While that doesn't guarantee that you have a six on your hands. It's a good indicator that you might if they have other qualities of a six sixes can be suspicious, but they are also very trustworthy and they often take on underdog causes, they do tend to be dependable.

So how do you influence a six, like with all personality types, they see through Bs, they don't like phoniness. And so it's very important to be authentic and real with a six. If you're going to try any of these things, make sure that you have a genuine sense of wanting to help that person and build a connection with them as you increase your influence. So it can be very helpful to reiterate your loyalty and affection to a six if it's there, based on the basis of your relationship with the six, acknowledging your own flaws and shortcomings in a sincere way can build genuine connections and trust with sixes. Also let them know that their loyalty creativity and intelligence are appreciated, citing specific examples of how this can move a six and so don't just say I appreciate your loyalty to me, maybe give an example of it.

You know how you stayed up with me. The other night talking about this issue really meant a lot to me and I appreciate it, you're a really loyal friend. That's the kind of thing that can really build a strong relationship with a six when you're sincere. Show six is that they have your loyalty and support. And so if there's a conflict, I'm not saying necessarily take sides on the situation. But if you can show your six friends that you have their best interests at heart and that you support them, that's very helpful for six thanks, sixes for their dependability and trustworthiness.

Don't just appreciate them for particular acts of dependability, but also thank them for those qualities in general, and Chef six is that you are also dependable, trustworthy and accomplished in areas where you are, and that they can trust you and rely on you if that's something that they can do. This is best done through action. So if you can do something for six that follows through and shows your dependability, your trustworthiness, then that will go a long way in building a relationship and building trust with a sticks the key With a six is trust, you want to build trust, it can never hurt to let a six know that they are sexy and if you are being truthful about it, and that the situation if the situation is appropriate. Obviously, if your mother's a six, that wouldn't work, obviously, but if it's maybe a friend, and it's not one of those situations where it would make it awkward or if it's your significant other or somebody you would like to date, and it's not something that would make them uncomfortable, you want to be careful about that.

Obviously, you don't want to make somebody feel uncomfortable or harass them. But if it's appropriate, letting them know they're sexy is actually something sixes enjoy and appreciate very much, just make sure that they don't think you want to date them if you don't, but sixes have a lot of great characteristics and a lot of strengths and weaknesses that make them unique from other personality types. And so we're moving on to a seven so I'll see you in the next slideshow.

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