Best Practices for Success in the Course

Increase your Influence: Decode Human Personality Introduction--Increase Your Influence: Decode Human Personality
5 minutes
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So what are the best practices for success in the course? Let's just go right into them. Note that no one assesses others perfectly 100% of the time, I do believe there are certain people that are gifted at this they have strong logic and or strong intuition that allows them to read people, and they can pick up on what personality type someone is. studying human nature, however, in gentle persuasion are art forms that must be practiced. Anybody can learn, anybody can get better at it, and anybody can use the techniques in this course, to help them increase their impact and their influence in personal relationships and in their work life. So the more you practice decoding human personality, just like the more you practice anything like playing the violin or playing basketball, the more successful you'll become at applying the knowledge in this course.

If you work on building relationships and trust with a person, please do so with sincerity as I stated before, the methods won't work if they're approached as a means of payment. troll or manipulation, only use the persuasion strategies with others if you're genuinely interested in other people in helping and building connections with others, or they won't work, because most people are really good at seeing through ulterior motives plus, honestly, it's not ethical or fair to yourself or the other person. strong relationships take time to build, they take patience, and they take genuine motives. People also are not guinea pigs. So please don't just use people to test the information in the course in ways that could play with their emotions. Do it in ways that are genuine and sincere.

Also, not all strategies for each personality type are guaranteed to work. For example, in a one, you can talk about their strong work ethic and that might work on a lot of ones but maybe on some ones, it wouldn't work. And so it's important to make sure that you understand that it's not guaranteed to work in every situation because people's moods motives, their day to day. interactions with other people can be very complex and very different depending on the person. So the guidelines in this course are guidelines, not formulas, people are unique and unpredictable. So, I do put a disclaimer that results are not guaranteed.

This course increases the likelihood that you'll increase your impact, but it doesn't guarantee that you'll increase your impact in every single situation. So what are pitfalls to avoid in terms of decoding human personality? When learning about different personality types and reading people pay attention to the details. Some types can be easily confused. So pay attention to the small details of the person's motives. Look at all the details taken together as a whole.

To help you get a big picture of the type this person might be. As stated above, please keep in mind that all people are unique. And so even in one category, people can be vastly different depending on their level of functionality, their mental health their background, their experience their interests, their other sub personality types that can make them very different. Their basic motives will be similar in many cases, but they won't be identical. Also, this course isn't intended for those that wish to manipulate and control others. As I stated before, gentle persuasion and positive impact is different than manipulation and control.

Please respect the free will of all human beings. If you would like more information on genuine influence and the strategies there, there's a lot of great courses on Udemy and on other sites where you can get those and I also recommend Dale Carnegie, how to win friends and influence people. That's one great place to start if you want general feedback on how to increase your influence in the workplace and in personal relationships. Aside from personality type, also, while this system is effective for increasing your impact, please keep in mind no system is perfect and completely foolproof. So what tools will you need for the course? Some prior knowledge about personality type systems like Myers Briggs can be helpful, but it is not required.

And Myers Briggs is simply another vetted personality type system that has 16 personality types. And if you're interested, you can google Myers Briggs and there's a lot of great resources out there. an open mind curiosity about human nature, desire to improve business and personal relationships, and desire for personal growth are also tools you'll need in the course. Lastly, the inia Graham system is not an absolute system to pigeonhole complex individuals, but a system that will help you understand yourself and others better. So that is something to keep in mind. Lastly, a quick breakdown of the course.

First, we're going over the introduction to the course right now. And then we go into what is the enneagram and how does it work? Why use the enneagram What is the purpose of it? Why was it created? How does the enneagram increase your Knowledge of human nature and increase your influence. Then we'll go into the actual nine personality types with a structured lecture on each one.

And each one parallels all the others in the format that we use so that it's easy to find the information that you need and how to decode, persuade and influence others based on each type. Also will have closing thoughts and resources, a bibliography of sources consulted and recommended readings and sites, and a bonus lecture with freebies, goodies and resources. So that's the end of the intro, the breakdown of the course what you can expect of the course and the purpose of the course. So let's go ahead and jump in and get into the first lecture.

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