Personality Type Three: The Motivator--Overview and Influence

Increase your Influence: Decode Human Personality The Nine Personality Types: How to Decode, Persuade, and Influence Each One
14 minutes
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Welcome to personality type three, the achiever. So personality type three is the one that is driven, success oriented, image oriented, they tend to be the person that you see on Wall Street, or the person that you see that's the CEO of a business are the person that might be the most popular kid in school, and also has the highest grades in this class president. That's sort of the focus of a three or the personality type of the three they tend to be very successful. So their personality traits, strengths and weaknesses, values and secret fears, identifying them, how they interact with others, and what they look like and what they say, and how to influence them. We'll go through all of those characteristics in this particular lecture. So let's move along.

The traits of a three threes are competitive and they fit in well with the group and they care about their appearance. They tend to be competitive, but they also fit in well with others. They tend to be the kind of people that can fit into different crowds effectively, and they're very socially adept. They're usually successful at what they undertake. And they're goal oriented. So they tend to be able to set clear goals and follow through on those goals.

And they can be very relentless in moving forward towards success. They have a high level of energy, and they don't wear out in the sense that they will work towards their goals until they achieve them. So that's a strength of threes, but sometimes they can also get so driven that they forget about their needs, and about their weaknesses and about slowing down. So that can be a downside of threes as well. threes are usually cheerful, upbeat and positive. So they tend to be the kind of person that stands out in a crowd a little bit.

They're the kind of person that gets along well with others and they also tend to be enthusiastic and have good spirited fun in a crowd threes are also articulate and love to work hard. They tend to be well spoken. But they can also be out of touch with their own emotions and those of others. So if you have a relationship with a three, and they're very success oriented, but when you start talking about emotions, they may be a bit oblivious to what's going on underneath what's going on inside. threes don't tend to be very self reflective, unless it involves working towards goals, but when it comes to their own emotional needs, they may tend to shy away from that or not want to talk about that. So levels of development for a three, a three, as their most high self can be an authentic person that is success oriented, but in a very sincere way.

So the highest three is an authentic person, they're self assured, and they can also stand out in a crowd in the lowest form of a three when they're at their worst or a very uninvolved three. They contend to be malicious in some cases, maybe even vindictive, but the average tends to be competitive tends to be competitive, image oriented, self promoting, but also very success oriented. They're great to have on a group project. They're great to have as a colleague, as long as they're supportive, and they're great to have as a boss because they can help their team to stand out. So personality traits, strengths and weaknesses, threes, like all of us have weaknesses. Here's some traits of an unhealthy three, they don't deal well with failure, perception of failure or criticism of their work if it doesn't meet expectations.

So they don't do well with criticism in the workplace, because they work really hard. They're very goal oriented, and they very much focused on the quality of their work. So they don't deal with criticism very well. In some of those cases, at their weakest. They can act opportunistic to get ahead and envious of others if they don't have their success. So sometimes they can do whatever it takes to get ahead, sometimes even hurting other people at their worst.

Not always Do that. But some threes contend towards that if they're at their weakest, and they can tend towards envy of other people who have success that they don't have, because it's very difficult for them and for their image, if they're not success, successful in a particular area of their lives. And if they're not, they tend to try to project success. Either way, they try to show their best side and that can be a good thing. Because nobody wants to, you know, be around somebody who is always just obsessed with things and complaining. But the downside of that is that they're not always projecting an image that is realistic or sincere.

So in some cases, they can be narcissistic and obsessed with their image and how others perceive them. All of us, to some degree, possess all of these characteristics and all of us to some degree, whether we want to admit it or not, do care about how others perceive us. It's part of our evolution is to be part of the pack part of the group and if we are not perceived in a good way We feel like we're not part of the group. And that's a survival instinct. And so, threes tend to have that a little bit more than other personality types in a lot of cases. They can also misrepresent themselves to appear successful.

As I stated earlier, sometimes they can get to the point of trying to project an image of success that isn't real to the point that it's false. threes are hardworking goal achieving competent and successful individuals, they tend to be able to work towards a goal, even if it's long term, and they can be very relentless and very strong minded in moving towards that goal, and they tend to be the personality type that achieves their goals more than any other. That's why you'll see them at the top of the ladder, so to speak, in any business in any field because they have a lot of drive. They have a strong instinct on how to present themselves and so they also know how to convey an image of success in a way so that they do well in areas like business law, and sports and acting so that they show themselves in the best light.

They're upbeat. They're optimistic, and they're energetic. And so one way that you might be able to pick out a three is they tend to be the kind of person sort of like the captain of the football team personality type, they tend to be very popular and the leader of a social group, they know how to motivate others as a result. So that's a good quality they have they're good at being a leader and good at motivating people in a group. They also interact successfully in various social settings, they can definitely work well with different groups of people. They may have friends that are considered outcasts and work out well with those people and then be more with the conventional group of people and also feel comfortable with them as well.

And so they work very well as social chameleons in the sense that they can interact with various types of people. So they may make good diplomats between different groups that don't get along in some cases. So what makes a three tick what are their deepest fears and desires threes, one To be recognized by others, that's probably their primary trait. They want to be recognized for their success for their upbeat personality and for their leadership skills. they desire success and influence. influence is a key word with threes as well.

And so it might be possible that you're taking my course because influence is an important trait for you. And that's part of what motivates a three. And it can be a good thing in many cases, because you can help other people you can be a good leader and you can make a difference in the world and in the community by knowing how to influence others. So threes want to get attention to distinguish themselves and to be valued and admired for their success. They fear failure and shame. The worst thing that they can deal with is public humiliation, public failure and public shame.

They do not deal well with those experiences. They also look to others for validation, to do so in a more emotional way in threes do so more for their success. They want people to see them as driven, successful, goal oriented and A good leader. And they also want to feel valuable and to be admired. They want to be admired for their traits, just like all of us in their own way. So identifying the three, how do they interact with others.

So if you're in a crowd, if you're interacting with family members, if you have a friend who is a three, here's some ways that you can be able to pick out if someone's a three, threes are very likely to be one of the most popular and influential people in the crowd. They tend most of the time, though, not always to be extroverts, which means they get along well with people, they feel comfortable with people, they can walk right up to somebody, they don't meet a stranger. And that tends to be a three personality, three, select to motivate people so they can give you a pep talk. If you're feeling down. Maybe if you're experiencing trouble at work or with your family and you're talking about that in a group or one on one with them. They'll try to get you to see the positive side of it and motivate you and give you particular action steps you can take to improve the situation instead of talking about the emotions behind it.

They'll tell How you can take action to make it better. They might try to sell you on something, they may try to sell you on an idea. It might be something that they believe in or something you're going through, but they'll try to get you into what they're doing. In a sense, they don't always try to like convert people, but that might be a characteristic that you'll see with them. threes also like to talk about the great things going on in their lives. They tend to be positive, upbeat, and they want to show you the their best side and put their best foot forward.

And they're also very articulate and excellent communicators. So they're the person that will get up at a party or at an event and speak with articulation, confidence and without inhibition. All all people that speak like that are not threes, but most threes can do that in a crowd. So how do they look and act? How do you identify one if you're interacting with them? So as I stated previously, they can be articulate and excellent communicators.

That's one way you can tell a three from a crowd. Three is also tend to speak optimistically and be positive and display an image of success. And so if you see somebody that sharply dressed, they seem upbeat, optimistic, they seem really good at what they do. And they convey themselves in a very successful way, there's a good chance that person is a three. They also tend to be physically attractive. threes tend to be models, actors, athletes, not all of them are, but a lot of them are.

And so they often look younger than they are and they dress for success. They're very much image oriented. So you'll see them look polished and nice, they take care of themselves, they tend to work out they tend to wear makeup, they tend to be polished, and so their dresses usually appropriate and stylish without being overly trendy. So they don't necessarily dress with flair, but they always dress in a way that is with the fashion. And so they may not dress with the latest style, but they're always in fashion in the sense that they won't wear something that others might consider strange or unusual. So they're seldom overweight and even if they have to work with Keep the pounds off, you will rarely see one that isn't trim.

So threes tend to be very hard workers. And since they're image oriented, that is something that they will work extra hard at is making sure that they stay slim and trim. So how do you influence threes, just like with any other personality types, knowing what they value, knowing how you can help them. Knowing what you can do to make a difference and build a relationship needs to be sincere. So just keep in mind that you want your motivations to be sincere and authentic, and see what you can do to help that person and build a genuine connection with them. So help priests feel valuable and worthwhile.

That's something all of us want. But you can do this by affirming them and the quality of their work. That's one way you can do it. Also, give them your undivided attention at appropriate times. If you admire them or their accomplishments, let them know Speak up, tell them that especially if they're a family member or a friend and you're proud of them tell them that that is the biggest compliment that you can give a three is that I respect you. I believe in you.

I admire you for your accomplishments and your goal driven. Just how you really work hard and achieve your goals you follow through on things. And that is an admirable trait, acknowledge of threes, achievements, appearance and strengths. And sometimes those deeper personality traits can also get forgotten about. So it doesn't hurt to mention those as well when it's an authentic compliment. reward them for their achievements and let them know their hard work is recognized.

That's another thing that you can do if you have threes working for you. Or if you have colleagues that are threes, try to reward them for their achievements and let them know that their hard work is recognized, recognize them in front of others. That's also a great way to build relationships and trust with a three give three's a chance to shine in the spotlight. So if there's a chance to let them get credit for a project that you're both working on And you know, you, of course, take some credit, but make sure that they get credit for the hard work that they've put in as well. If there's a chance to let them shine, then give them an opportunity to do that. They'll really appreciate you for that.

Threes can also lose touch with their authentic selves in pursuit of success, if appropriate. When you've built trust with a three, gently remind them to stay focused on who they really are being true to who they are, to their principles, to their integrity, and to what they really want. Sometimes they forget about what's really in their heart, what they really what is really going on inside their soul. And they'll get so focused on success and successful images that they'll lose touch with who they really are. So gently pulling them back to that can really help them to find alignment and peace. So remind threes that they are loved for who they are not just what they do, since all humans should be valued innately.

That's another thing that you can do to help with three if you have a close friend, a family member or something When you've built a trusting relationship with and so that's the end of the three. We'll be moving on to the for next and so I'll see you in the next slideshow.

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