Personality Type Two: The Helper--Overview and Influence

Increase your Influence: Decode Human Personality The Nine Personality Types: How to Decode, Persuade, and Influence Each One
12 minutes
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Welcome to personality type to the helper will also go through the personality traits strengths, weaknesses, values, secret fears, how to identify them, how they interact with others, what they look like what they say, and how to influence them for this personality as well. So twos, the two is called the helper. So two's primary goal in life is to be a helper in order to help others in order to build connections with other people. They tend to be the people that care. And so twos do well at nurturing work and they enjoy building personal relationships with others. So traits a to twos care deeply about personal relationships.

They like to help others and they are supportive and nurturing friends. And so if you have a two you're probably a very lucky person because you have a very supportive friend who is willing to give in love in a very nurturing way to tend to be emotional and affectionate individuals. And so they also tend to be expressive. They tend to be emotive and they tend to talk about feelings and relationships a lot. They're very affectionate, they may hug a lot, they may talk about love a lot that's just in their nature. So they can be very unselfish and giving and often strongly seek the approval of others.

So that can be a weakness of theirs is that while they are sincere in their giving in, in their loving, they can also want approval and appreciation for their giving. And so of course, who doesn't want that but there can also be a weakness there that they get wiped out if they don't get the appreciation they deserve. So while twos motives are usually pure, they can give and help in order to receive approval from others. In some cases, that's not true always. They're usually very sincere, but that is a weakness that they can have the highest most evolved to is very giving, but in a way That they are not worried about what they're going to get in return. And the lowest form would be someone who becomes a psychosomatic victim.

They may manifest physical symptoms of sickness and be a victim in order to get attention or to get people to feel sorry for them at their worst. Now, most tools don't do that. It's only at their worst or a very, very uninvolved to, most twos tend to be a very affectionate friend. They can be a bit possessive and a bit intimate, and in some cases, maybe act like they're a saint, so to speak, but twos tend to be very giving and very nurturing and kind individuals. So personality traits, strengths and weaknesses. What are the weaknesses of the two?

This can either be individuals who are twos who are not very evolved, or it can be twos when they're having bad moments, bad days, bad weeks, like we all have. So to sit there weakness can act overbearing and manipulative is they feel ignored. unappreciated by others, so when they tend to feel overlooked, that's when they get maybe in your face a little bit and they can even act manipulative in some cases. Not all teams do that. But they can be that way. If they get depressed or if they fall into a funk, so to speak, if things are going badly for them, they may abuse through drugs and other comforts to medicate and numb their emotions.

That's where they tend to go at their worst. And so not all twos do this. Some of them may do it on a lower level, we all have addictions. And so they may have a certain weakness for certain things like this and some don't. But that's one of the things that can happen when they are in their weakest moments. So at their worst they can be self deceptive about their own motives and emotions.

They may not be very self reflective and honest with themselves about what they're really after and what they're really doing. They don't want to see sometimes that they want attention or they want affection in return. They they want to believe that their motives are always people And sometimes they are, but at their worst, sometimes they're not. So they'll try to deny that they have needs and they'll project those needs onto others. And that's when they'll try to help people. So twos at their best traits of a healthy two.

And most twos manifest these characteristics in some form or the other. So twos are encouraging and in tune with others emotions, they are very capable of responding to others with strong compassion and feeling. So if they see someone who is hurting or in need, or an animal who's hurting and in need, they tend to be very responsive to that they have a strong and natural sense of empathy. They're kind of like the Good Samaritan in the Bible. They're very much the person that would stop and take care of the person who's hurting when everybody else passes them by and that's a great gift. That's the ultimate command for people to love one another.

And so that is definitely something that they're very good at, and they're very attuned to. They like taking care of others and they're good at it and they are generous and supportive of others as well. They can be charming, outgoing, endearing and fun and tend to be well liked. In some cases, they can be very popular, because those are characteristics that most people enjoy. And there's something very sincere about too. So that's also something that people tend to pick up on.

And it does build strong, compassionate relationships with other people. twos are compassionate, caring, kind and sincere. So what makes it to tick what are their deepest fears and deepest desires? That's what I mean when I say what makes a particular type take to want to help others and they want to be of service and that is definitely their sincere desire. In most cases. They want the love of those they care about However, they do like to give to others, but it's important when twos do things for you, even though it's sincere to show appreciation and care in return.

They care deeply for those they love and they're nurturing friends. They're probably the person that you can call at three in the morning. If you're having crisis and emotional or personal crisis, they're the person that will drive you to the emergency room on Christmas Day, or during a particular holiday when nobody's around. They're the person that will be there for you. But they do want the approval and affection of others as well, which is not a bad thing. Because that's human nature.

We all want approval and affection from others, that they're very strongly attuned to that need to also want to be needed by others. If they're in a relationship, and they're with someone who's very independent, that can be difficult for them. They like someone who needs them. They also want validation from others, as we've stated before. So how do you identify it too? First, you have to figure out how they interact with others, so to select to talk about their lives and issues in the world.

And that's what a lot of us like to do. So what are some more distinct characteristics when you're interacting with twos and you want to identify it too, and see if a family member a friend or a colleague is a two and you can build a better relationship with them and increase your impact on them and thus the world. So they are more than willing to talk about your problems and can be patient listeners. So they tend to be good listeners. That's one way to identify it. Once again, not all twos are not all good listeners are twos, but a lot of them are.

They also hold eye contact when they talk. They're just very good at inner human interpersonal communication, and building personal connections with people. They're very good people, people. They are also very in tune with the emotions of others, and they tend to be emotional and laugh or cry easily. They're not afraid to show their emotions. So how are they looking at how do you identify them in a room or in a crowd or when you're talking with them, they have a warm, attractive smile.

Their smile is very genuine. And they also tend to hold eye contact. So if you see someone that has a warm smile and they hold eye contact, there's a very good chance they're They also tend to dress comfortably sometimes in loose clothing. Sometimes they may dress with the cutting edge of fashion but they tend more to dress for comfort. Their clothing is usually high quality, however, not always up to the latest style though, and they don't like to dress in a flashing manner. They tend to sort of blend in a lot of times, and some may have a weight problem but not all they don't tend to worry about their weight or to stay on top of their weight depending on the person, but not all of them are have that particular characteristic.

Some of them actually may be thin, so they may vary in body type. So how do you influence twos? If you are with a two in a relationship? If you have a close family member or friend who's a to a colleague, what do you do to build a strong relationship with them build persuasion and build influence. Keep in mind, like I said in the first personality type, most people see through empty flattery, any persuasion should be sincere and real. So think about what motivates twos and see how you can show them approval, affection and validation.

Make sure it's sincere. But if you show them those things for their affection for their good deeds and for their comfort, they will definitely feel appreciated. Also let them know you like or love them for who they are. One thing about tos is that they are always doing things for people and they want people to appreciate and respect them for that. But if you can get past that and just show them that you love them, regardless of what they do, or say that you just love them for who they are, that can really go far with a to show them that you need them and give them recognition and appreciation when they do something for you. Now, one warning here, don't use it too.

It can be very easy if you get in a relationship with someone to over extend, showing that you need them. So keep that imbalance. Show them that you need them. Let them do things for you and don't feel bad about that but give them right recognition and appreciation and don't abuse that because twos can allow themselves to be abused and used by people because of their good hearts because of their sincere and giving nature. So just be careful not to take advantage of that. And if you see other people doing that to someone you're close to, you need to try to intervene and help them to get out of that abusive situation.

So help twos to feel vindicated when something goes wrong or when they make claims about themselves. And always show two's warmth, love and appreciation As stated before. So while twos like to do things for others, also return the favor if they nurture you and give you things and do things for you. Try to do something that you're good at for them as well and try to do something for them without any thought of return. Do it out of a sincere heart to show appreciation. So words of appreciation are good, but so is action, showing appreciation as well do them a favor or cook them a meal or take gifts.

The day off so that they can take time to do something that's theirs, if they're a mother, babysit their kids, those are the kinds of things that they appreciate. So gently help to see the blind spots they miss in themselves. If the situation is trusting and appropriate, if you build a strong relationship with a two, there can be an appropriate timing when if they're not willing to nurture themselves, and to take care of themselves or they have ulterior motives, it can be helpful to point that out to them in very kind and gentle ways, in a non judgmental way in a safe environment. But you wouldn't do that to a to that you barely know or a stranger. So just keep in mind context. If you do that with someone and just maybe do it in a way where you're like, Look, I want you to make sure you're taking care of yourself in a way where you're valuing them and you want to make sure that they're happy and healthy, and that you care about them.

So that's it for personality type two, we're moving on to personality type three, and I'll see you in the next slideshow.

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