Personality Type Eight: The Leader--Overview and Influence

Increase your Influence: Decode Human Personality The Nine Personality Types: How to Decode, Persuade, and Influence Each One
12 minutes
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Welcome to personality type eight, the challenger. personality type eight tends to be the natural born leader of the group, they tend to be the ones that have strong personalities and challenge authority and stand up for the weak and the disenfranchised more than any other group. personality traits and strengths and weaknesses. We'll go over that first, then we'll go over values and secret fears. In other words, what makes an eight tick, and then we'll go over identifying them, how they interact with others, and how they act and look and also how to influence them. So what are the traits of an eight, eight are assertive, self confident, willful leaders who take charge in many situations, so they tend to have very strong personalities, they tend to be outspoken, they tend to stand up for things.

They are self sufficient. They don't like weakness, and they don't generally feel comfortable with displays of emotion. In some cases, though, not always, they can see displays of emotion as a sign of weakness. And so that very independent, rugged, male image that a lot of people have in the West, and in the United States, eight tend to be that ideal image for a masculine personality. Now, obviously not everybody values that and there's a lot more personality traits in males in the West that are valued, but that does tend to be a cliche of that rugged, independent person who stands up for themselves and doesn't need anybody's help. They can be strong and confrontational and will often stand up for the rights of others.

So they tend to be people that can fight. If you need somebody that has to go to battle over an issue, whether it's literally or figuratively, eights tend to be the people that can get the job done. They have a toughness that few others have and so they're pretty fearless. So what is the hi evolved eight like the most evolved eight tends to be a magnanimous hero. They tend to be generous, they tend to help people, they tend to stand up for the weak. While I don't believe Captain America is an eight, somebody like Captain America is a good personification of the highest eight that there is somebody who's self confident somebody who's constructive, a natural born leader, who can lead people through terrible times in difficult situations.

That's what a good eight can be. Now, an eight edits. Weakness can be one of the most can be one of the most dangerous personality types. At the absolute worst, they can be a violent destroyer, and they can be very ego maniacal and ruthless in terms of being a tyrant. And so, in politics or in the military, if you see a dictator, there's a good chance that they're an eight but also if you see a great leader or a great hero That's also a leader. They can also be an eight, but the average eight, which is probably the most common kind, they tend to be a dominating power broker, maybe a confrontational adversary and an enterprising adventurer.

So they tend to be one that will stand up for people, but they also enjoy power and they understand the dynamics of power. So what are the weaknesses of an unhealthy eight, at their weakest eights can become heartless and ruthless when they feel betrayed or threatened. So if you are in a relationship with an eight, you do, do want to be careful about betraying and eight because that can create a very volatile situation in some cases, eights need to feel in power or control. That doesn't necessarily mean that they're going to try to control you, but they need to feel empowered or in control of their situation. So they will do almost anything to maintain those and they include not allowing others to control them. They can also be intolerant of weakness that can be downside of eight people that are not able to hold out to do certain things, people that tend to be emotional.

That's not saying that those are true weaknesses, but that for an eight would be considered a weakness. And sometimes they tend to be intolerant of extreme emotional situations and displays of emotion. They must be the kind of person that won't cry at a funeral. They won't let anybody see them cry. That's not always the case. But it can be the case for a lot of eights.

So what are the strengths and traits of a healthy eight evolved eights don't necessarily hate emotions or displays of emotion, they can actually feel comfortable with it if they're evolved. And if they're well integrated at their best, they're self confident, practical and reliable. They work hard and hardly ever give out they are strong and they will go and go and go. They have strong willpower. And that can be an amazing quality when you need certain jobs done or when you need to stand up for certain things. Eight also understand how power works and where power lies.

And when it comes to the rise and fall of empires, governments democracies in power structures, like businesses, having an eight at the helm, that can be a very good thing because when they're well integrated, they make the best leader along with a three in a different kind of way that you can have. They are honest, straightforward, and Frank. And so what you see is what you get, very rarely Will you have an eight who deceives you or who lies to you, they don't like dishonesty. So they tend to be pretty much what you get, because they don't care what other people think of them at all. And that can be a good thing too. But in some ways that can also be considered heartless depending on the situation, but they are capable of strong and long term loyalty.

And so if you have an eight friend and they respect you, they can make a strong ally in your side of an issue. So what makes an eight tick, while they'll deny it, eights do have certain fears and eights do have some And things that they desire. Most of all, just like any other personality type, they desire to protect themselves and their independence. And so they tend to be protective of themselves, their independence and their loved ones. They may be patriotic, they may be conservative, but not always. And they often see life in terms of black and white, sometimes they won't acknowledge the complexities and the gray areas in life.

In some cases, that can be a good thing. And in other cases, it can be a bad thing. They often like to be the leader of the pack, and they're often proud and will do what it takes to win. So they also have a strong sense of pride. So one thing you want to do with an eight is just be careful not to undermine that if they're your friend or your family member try to be sensitive to helping them to sort of say face so to speak, as when a champion justice and order and are often defenders of the weak. So they make great people in the military, that they they take action, they don't just talk about things They like order and they defend the weak.

And so if they see somebody that is being bullied, they may stand up for that person and do so in a very confrontational and open way. They want people to be open and honest with them as well. So that's one thing to remember with an eight. If you are frank with an eight, if you stand up to an eight, and if you respect an eight, they'll do the same for you. So how do they interact with others? So ways that you can identify eight is that they will often be the individualists who are outspoken and opinionated and stand up for themselves and others.

If you're in a situation and they're not afraid to be controversial and speak up, and they're very strong minded, there's a good chance that person isn't eight. They're not afraid to speak their mind and be open and honest, they may use strong language while not all lights swear if they swear a lot and have those other qualities there's a good chance they're an eight. Sometimes others may find as arrogant as well that can be a downside is that they tend to be very confident And in some cases, maybe even arrogant. eights are natural leaders that will often naturally take a leading role in a situation. And when that's needed, and they're a good person, that can be a good thing. And so how do eights look and act, they tend to have very distinct characteristics.

So they're very easy to pick out. If you have a family member, a colleague, a friend, or an acquaintance that is an eight. They're not image oriented and they don't care what you think of them. They may speak very frankly, and will not be too worried about offending others. So not only will they not be worried about offending others, but they may actually be one of those people that tends to not care if someone does tend to be offended. So they can sometimes be be built in a stocky or Husky way.

They may be athletic, they may not be but they're rarely small and petite they can be but not always. And then they sometimes wear big jewelry pieces or tattoos. Those Not always, and not everybody that has big jewelry or tattoos is an eight, an eight also have a strong personal presence. It's just something you pick up on. So how do you influence eights? How do you build trust and relationships and loyalty with eight, eight to appreciate people who shoot straight.

So if there's a personality type besides the four, with whom you want to be honest and authentic, it's an eight. And they're open and honest, and they speak their minds. So if you communicate with them in the same way, they will respect you and you'll be able to communicate well with that person. Also, they will respect you, if you stand up for yourself, either against other people, or even themselves. They may not like you if you stand up to them, but they will respect you. And in some cases, they may build a relationship of care and trust as well.

And so just keep in mind that they like somebody who's strong willed and somebody who stands up for themselves and other people. If you see something going on, That's not right. That's Indian. Almost, and you don't do anything about it, they will not respect you, if you do something about it, not just talk about it, that's the respect, you'll get from an eight, when possible, allow eights to take on a leadership role in a group because they can get things done. So if you're the kind of person that wants to be a leader, and they're also a leader, you might clash with an eight. So that's something to keep in mind is maybe find a way to co lead or figure out a way for them to lead in one area and you to lead in another or you might have a personality clash on your hands.

But please keep in mind that an eight basic fear is losing control. So try not to control an eight now, but also at the same time, don't let them control you. That's another thing to look out for. And if you stand up to them, pretty directly they'll respect you back most of the time. That doesn't mean you have to get like ugly confrontational, but just speak direct and clear and honest with an eight. So other ways you can influence an eight and build relationships is get eight to involved in championing causes that defend the weak.

If you're uninvolved in these causes, and you put your money where your mouth is, they'll respect you. And he also don't like to talk about feelings or to witness displays of emotion. So be yourself. But if you can orient yourself more towards talking about doing things and getting things done and using Frank language, that is how you communicate with an eight. Don't let a strong eight intimidate you showing that you are able to hold your own builds respect with eights, I'm very close to one person in my family who's an eight. And I found that when I stand up to him, and I tell him, for example, if he says something that's insensitive, and I just tell him that straight up, he respects me, and because I'm standing up for myself, and so that's something that will either build respect or a relationship with eight in the right circumstances.

So that concludes personality type eight. We're moving along to our last personality type, which is nine

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