Personality Type Seven: The Enthusiast--Overview and Influence

Increase your Influence: Decode Human Personality The Nine Personality Types: How to Decode, Persuade, and Influence Each One
13 minutes
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Welcome to personality type seven, the enthusiast. We've been through six personality types so far. So we're headed into the last third of the different personality types on the inia gram. So, just like with all the other personality types, we'll go through the traits strengths, weaknesses, values and secret fears. What makes for example a seven tick, identify them, how they interact with others, what do they look like what how they may speak, and how to influence them. So let's get started.

So what are the traits of a seven the neutral traits of a seven, the enthusiast sevens of all the personality types tend to orient towards fun, fun is one of the things that really defines a seven. They're high spirited, they enjoy life experiences. They like variety. They tend to be involved in multiple projects and interest. So they're also spontaneous, multitalented, joyful and easily invigorated by experience. So if you see someone that's experience oriented, enthusiastic, and they enjoy just the experience of the senses, that tends to be a seven.

And in some cases, they can also tend to be a bit of a hedonist. And so they enjoy those kinds of experiences. sevens can get out of touch with their real emotions, in some cases, and they prefer the stimuli of the outside world. Instead of going within in that way. They're the opposite of force. They can lose focus, they fear the loss of their freedom and autonomy.

Those are things that they fear, kind of like a five, except for them. It's not just autonomy, its freedom. The key word is freedom. They want to be able to do what they want to do go where they want to go and say what they want to say. And if somebody tries to take that away from them, that can be a real problem for sevens. So in terms of levels of development from the fits of website the least evolved seven, that may be the lowest person in terms of self development or a person at their weakest as a seven can be a panic.

Panic stricken hysteric. They may tend to be manic and compulsive, and an escapist, but in a way that it's not so much about self pity, even though it is a form of self pity, but it's more about indulging in sensory pleasures to a level that is unhealthy. And so when they're at their best sevens tend to be an ecstatic appreciator. They're happy enthusiast. They just enjoy life. They're full of life.

That's a good way to describe a seven at their best they're accomplished and they enjoy a wide range of experiences and things and they fully embrace life. And the average seven which is probably the majority tends to be an experience sophisticate they tend to be a bit hyperactive. Usually an extrovert may be a bit materialistic. Okay, so what are some of the weaknesses of a seven? What are some of the traits of an unhealthy seven. So sevens can have several projects going on at once, and they like to plan things.

And so, a lot of times they'll start on a project, but not always follow through. So they can have several unfinished projects and then abandon some of them. That's not to say that all sevens do that. But quite often, they'll have several projects going at once. They're the kind of people that you see that they're interested in a lot of different things, but they don't usually follow through, you'll hear that they have a plan and then the next week, there'll be doing something else and you'll say, Well, what happened to that plan, and then they'll start talking about their new plan that is a weakness that sevens tend to have. So when difficulties arrived, sevens tend to be resentful out of touch with their emotions, and they tend to, quote, act out their frustrations, and they do that with sensory pleasure.

Ledgers that might not be bad in moderation, but they can take them to extremes things like drugs, alcohol, sex, food and other stimulations. Maybe, in other cases, it could be television, excitement, emotions, or anything along those lines. And so, in religion, it might be considered the carnal or the desires of the flesh, so to speak, things that like I said, in moderation may not be bad, but in excess are unhealthy and in some people's eyes sinful. so frustrated, sevens can become rude and demanding, in some cases, at their worst escaping the real world with fantasies instead of taking action to improve so they can get caught up in a fantasy world kind of like fours, but they do so more in a way that's through the external instead of in their own head. So what are the strengths of a healthy seven? sevens tend to be outgoing, they are easy to get along with and they're fun to be around.

If you're around somebody who's high spirited, easygoing, fun to get along with They have multiple interests, there's a good chance that's a seven. They can have discerning tastes in fashion, food, art in other hobbies with force they tend to create. And with sevens, they tend to have good taste. They may create those things artistically, but they do tend to have a good sense of taste with those things. They may enjoy wine, food, cheese's, fashion art go to a lot of art galleries, that's part of their free spirit, spontaneous, experiential lifestyle. And so if they do a lot of things like that, there's a possibility there seven.

Also they tend to be adventurous. And so sevens may be the people that you see their Facebook pages, they're standing at the top of a mountain, they mountain repel or they go skiing or skydiving, that's not all sevens, but that does tend to be the kinds of things that they might enjoy doing. So they can be curious, quick witted and multitalented being a jack or Jane of all trades, and that just means that they mean Even though they may abandon a lot of projects, they may also see them through. So they may be really good and have multiple careers going and be good at all of them at the same time. So what makes a seven take what are their deepest fears their deepest desires? sevens don't like routine and prefer occupations that involve planning and ideas.

And so something that requires a level of creativity may be designing something like an architect, a curriculum designer, an artist, if they have an affinity for that not all sevens do, but things that allow them to try different things, maybe a job that requires a lot of travel. Those are the kinds of things that seven enjoys. And so if you have a family member, a friend or a colleague, and you need to be able to identify them, look at that trait and look at the following ones as well. sevens like to dream. They like to talk about their dreams in that sense, and they seek satisfaction and fulfillment through the outside world. So their dreams aren't internalized as much as they are.

About what they're going to do, what they're going to accomplish their tastes, the things they're going to experience. And so they seek to maintain their happiness and freedom. And they don't like to be trapped in pain or fear. They're very much pleasure seeking. And so pain and fear are things that they are not. They don't like experiencing so they may tend to suppress or repress pain or fear.

And so if you're in a close relationship with a seven, very gently helping them to be able to open up and process that fear in a safe environment can be very good and very helpful for a seven, but only in the right circumstances. sevens like to express joy and happiness, but get bored with daily routines. So like working in a factory or something like that would not suit a seven very well. And so how do sevens interact with others? You can figure that out by looking at how they talk to other people, how they listen what they value, what they focus on, they tend to share ideas rather than feelings in most cases. They may talk about feelings more than a five.

But they don't tend to share their feelings a whole lot. They talk about dreams and ideas. They don't like it when people try to make them do things that aren't fun. So if you want to enjoy a sevens company and influence them and build a relationship with them, try to do activities with them that are fun. You might go bowling, play, putt, putt, go to a football game, or whatever your common hobbies might be. sevens also tend to be social, outgoing, pleasant and high spirited.

They also tend to discuss plans and abstract ideas versus discussing personal feelings with you. The way they're different than fives is that fives tend to be a little more shy, retiring and sevens will tend to be the wife of a party and talk about ideas. With that personality type. That's how you can tell the difference between those two. sevens can also be good storytellers in the narrative tradition, either consciously or unconsciously. And so in some sevens, make good writers, good narratives.

Good songwriters and good musicians, because that's a strong tradition where narrative is a big part of the concept of storytelling. And so how do sevens look? How can you identify them by how they look and they often know a lot about food, art, movies, books, wine, fashion, things like that. And so they're very good conversationalist about things like that. And they enjoy talking about them, partaking in them and sampling them and experiencing them. So that's one way you can identify seven.

There are of course, many people that enjoy those things that aren't sevens as well. sevens are usually approachable and tend to smile a lot. And so they tend to have a warm presence, and they tend to usually be a bit high spirited. They can be easily mixed up with threes in some cases, but threes tend to be more goal oriented and they tend to be more image oriented sevens are more about their experience. So sevens usually dress well and enjoy gourmet food and they have selective tastes in these areas. So if you go out with a Seven, they may enjoy going to a burger joint just as much as going to a nice restaurant, but it does pay to find out what they want to where they want to go.

Because that can make a big difference with sevens especially if you have a colleague or a boss that you want to make an impression on. If you show that you have good taste, and you take them to a good restaurant with quality wine and quality food, they'll respect you. sevens will get restless and bored in situations where there's a lot of routine and waiting. So if you can get on with things and do things that are adventurous and fun with sevens, that's definitely a good thing in terms of interacting with them. sevens are also rarely overweight because they're adventurous and they move around a lot. They tend to be hyperactive, though they don't aren't always thin either.

There's never a personality type where there's always a specific physical trait. There just tends to be patterns. But that doesn't mean everybody in that category has those characteristics. So how do you influence sevens? I've already mentioned a few ways based on personality traits. But sevens enjoy a good intellectual conversation.

They like to talk about dreams and projects planning. They enjoy brainstorming. And so if they can have a career or a project that allows them to be creative, to brainstorm, to plan and to dream with you, they really appreciate that let them be the conceptual lizer on a project. And so those conversations are appreciated. If you have a family member or a friend or a colleague that wants to run ideas by you and brainstorm and troubleshoot, give them your ear and have those conversations with them and help them work out their ideas. They'll appreciate you and it'll build trust.

Sevens also enjoy experiencing all the world has to offer with you. They like to go to events from any type of thing that you can think of musical, sporting, artistic, whatever the case may be, they like to seek you. Also if you seek their opinion about food, wind fashion, for example, if you're going to go out or have a job interview seeking their opinion about what you should wear and how you should wear it is another way that you can build trust with a seven. Enjoying adventurous activities is important to a seven. So sevens feel most comfortable not discussing their emotions. So communicating more in terms of thoughts versus feelings is most productive.

So if you start talking to a seven about their fears and their emotions, it's probably not going to go very far. It's better to communicate in terms of their dreams and their ideas and what they enjoy in terms of their activities. So, if you have a seven that's close in your life, and you have a strong sense of trust, and the situation is appropriate, helping close sevens to be in the current moment, and to connect with their inner guidance, whatever that might be, can help them to make progress, even helping them to figure out what their inner guidance may be, can be helpful to a seven, get sevens to tell you personal stories and narratives to build a connection with them as well. That's another thing that sevens enjoy doing. They're very good at it. So you will probably enjoy having a conversation like that with a seven.

So that concludes personality type seven. We'll be moving on to the next slideshow which is personality type eight.

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