How to Apply the Information in This Course to Decode Human Personality

Increase your Influence: Decode Human Personality Introduction--Increase Your Influence: Decode Human Personality
15 minutes
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Welcome to How to Apply the information in the course. So here's what we'll go over in this lecture, and how to succeed. in applying the information in the course that will actually create actionable outcomes and the results you desire. We'll go over how to determine someone's personality type. How to Avoid confusing similar types, how to use gentle persuasion to increase your impact on specific personality types, how to determine your own personality type for stronger self awareness and interactions with others. How using these techniques can help your business on the job.

How using these techniques can improve personal relationships. So let's jump right in. How do you determine someone's personality type? Besides What is the enneagram? That might be one of the greatest questions that you'll have in the course? Besides How do I use this information to increase my impact?

So let's talk about it. First, memorize the main motive have each personality type that doesn't mean word for word, but just get a feeling and a sense for them. And then look for characteristics that match that type in a person. For example, if appropriate, you can always get the person to take the test. But in many cases that would be awkward or inappropriate. So memorizing or understanding might be a better word.

The main motivations of each personality type is one way to help you to determine someone's personality type. And so I use memorize to create an actionable outcome but understand is a better way of putting it once you memorize it, you get an understanding of it by applying it and by studying it, each personality types, characteristics and motivations that is, and so there are three triads in the enneagram. There's the instinctual triad that includes personalities, eight, nine and one, the feeling triad that includes personalities two, three and four, and the thinking triad that includes personalities, five six and seven. So those are the base functions of each of those personality types. For example, feeling is the base function or motivation of a three. Thinking or logic is the base emotion of a seven.

Instinct is the base emotion of an eight. That's what they act on. That doesn't mean that an eight doesn't have feelings and doesn't use logic, but that's the primary function from which they operate. That's one way you can differentiate and figure out what personality type someone is or at least narrow it down and then by looking at the other characteristics being that each of these personality types for example, in the feeling triad, two, three, and four, all have such unique and differentiated different characteristics. You should be able to figure out by figuring out what their triad is, what personality type they are. So note which of these seems to go with someone's primary nature and go From there, observe the mannerisms and style of the person, you can often determine what their personality type is by doing that, use all three of these strategies for best results.

So don't just try one. But try all three. If possible, you don't have to get somebody to take the test. Like I said, That's not always appropriate. But if it's a close friend, or maybe you're doing a team building exercise in a work environment, it might actually be something that you could do so just look and see if it's appropriate for the situation. So how do you avoid confusing similar types?

I've already given you a couple of strategies in the previous bullet point set, but in this one, here's some more ways that you can differentiate between ones that are similar. You can also study if you go to famous websites, for example, the enneagram Institute enneagram Institute calm and it actually shows you commonly confused personality types. So that's a great resource. And that's what I wanted to add to this list, but other ones that you can consider are go back to the primary motivations of the personality types. Some types will have similar characteristics, but their primary motives will be true to their type. So each personality is unique even within a certain type.

But a lot of the basic motives you'll find are actually very similar within a type. For example, there aren't a lot of ones that don't want to do the right thing and do an excellent job. There are a lot of nines that don't want to be peacemakers and prevent conflict, and that don't fear being confronted in conflicting ways. Number two, also look at the non basic fears in the inia gram and allow that to help you to distinguish between them, what are their fears, and you can see what triggers them. That doesn't mean we don't all have all none of these fears. But there's one that is primary that stands out above all the others.

Number three, another way to narrow between two types in some cases, is to determine if the person makes choices based on instinct, emotion or thinking, as I stated before, see previous slide for which types go with which on the triad. So for example, if someone likes to weigh options using logic, cause and effect relationships, facts, and what makes sense in a situation using evidence, they're more likely in the thinking triad. If somebody is artistic, emotional, and they put a lot of energy into personal relationships in terms of how they connect with other people on an emotional level, they're probably a feeling try it. If the person is sort of thinking based on basic human need, and thinking about things like that they might work more on instinct. So how do you use persuasion to increase your impact on specific types as you're going through the nine personality types, keep them Have these strategies in mind, first review the sections in the course on persuasion for a particular personality type, look at the situation, which strategies are appropriate with this particular person in the context of that situation.

So, once you know the person's personality type review the section of what kind of personality type they are, it does take some investment of time, it takes thought it takes effort. So be willing to do the work, look at the situation and see which persuasion strategies are appropriate for that particular person. Every strategy that works on that personality type will not work for every person that is that personality type in every situation. So it does take practice, it does take intuition, it does take logic. So just try and apply in genuine ways. Some of these strategies, don't try doing them all at once.

Whatever you do, be authentic when applying the persuasion strategies. So pick ones you feel most comfortable with and apply them in ways that feel authentic and natural to your motives don't force the situation. In other words, if doing a favor for somebody isn't something that you would normally do and it feels forced for you, then don't do that. If paying them a compliment is something that comes more naturally to you, then pay them a particular kind of compliment, that will make that person feel good in that situation for their personality type. If it's the other way around, doing an act of service makes you feel more comfortable, then do that instead, based on whatever act of service would complement that person's personality type. So don't let the inia Graham override your own logic and instincts.

Also, when interacting with others, you still need to look at the logic of the situation. So if it doesn't fit the information in the course the situation and your method of persuasion is effective. Go with it. You're not going to apply it 100% of the time use a little bit of common sense here as well. So how do you determine your own personality? Type.

That's one of the most important things that helps you to understand yourself in you need to understand and love yourself before you can build relationships with other people, whether it's in the workplace or at home or in the community or at church, or wherever you might be working to build honest relationships with other people and increase your influence so that you can make further contributions to your community. So the most obvious answer is to take the test, I would encourage you to look at the many reputable books in the bibliography I've provided. But there are many, many great books that are not in the bibliography. I just didn't want to spend all day building the bibliography. So I just provided a few resources there. You can also find a lot more enneagram bibliographies online.

You can also take a free test online at places like enneagram Institute, once again, that's enneagram Institute one enneagram Institute calm and that's probably the best site that I found in terms of learning about the inia gram in detail for free. They do have services and products that you can pay for if you want to go even more in depth. But there are a lot of great books out there that are cheap. And there's a lot of free websites out there, along with enneagram Institute's site. Number two to verify your type, it may be helpful to take a longer version of the test, or to take two or three different tests from different sources. So sometimes they'll have the short and the long version of the test.

I recommend taking the longer version because you get more accurate results if you answer more questions because you'll get several questions that sounds similar. That's done on purpose to make sure that you respond consistently to similar questions so they can get an accurate feel for your personality type. Number three, you may be able to further verify your type by reading about the motives, fears and descriptions of the different types and reflecting on your own motives. So this can be a tool for personal knowledge and growth. What are my motives? What are my fears?

What kind of personality type? Am I? What kind of careers? am I interested in? What are my goals in life? What are the things by which I operate?

Being completely honest with yourself can help you to figure out your personality type in conjunction with the other two strategies. Next, how do you use these techniques to help your business grow? So I wanted us to talk a little bit about not only personal relationships, but to work on either career motives, or growing your business, whether you're an entrepreneur, or you do more of a conventional brick and mortar business, or whatever the case may be you interact with colleagues, clients and potential clients every day. So here are some things you can do to take this strategy with people you interact with on a regular basis and increase your influence in those situations. So if appropriate, you can ask clients and colleagues to take the enneagram test as a team building Professional Development exercise, I wouldn't ask people you don't know well or don't haven't built some kind of rapport or trust with, because it might come across as strange.

But if you've got some kind of relationship built with that person already, this can hopefully make things better and also help you to understand that person better. If you determine their type by test or decoding their personality in decoding is in those situations where you can't, shouldn't, wouldn't or it's not appropriate to ask them to take a test because more times than not, it's obviously not appropriate. So if you decode their personality, think of ways you can bring the strategies of persuasion for their type into the workplace to help them thrive. What are things you can do to help them shine? What are things you can do to help them feel better about themselves? What are things you can do to build a stronger trust and relationship with them and show them that you're here for them and here to help them grow?

Also number three, use these minutes methods of persuasion to build genuine connections with clients to meet their needs, and to help produce services and products that are customers to their type. So depending on what kind of product or service you create, or whatever you do, are there ways that you can personalize that service, the style of the service in order to be customized to what meets their needs and the best way possible based on their personality type. Think about ways that you can do that. That might also be a great subject for a future course. And I'll think about building one on that. So how do you use these techniques to improve personal relationships?

Increasing your influence in personal relationships, I don't need to say is a very big deal for most people. And most people find it a mystery particularly with significant others on how to get through those walls that we all have with other people. And so here are some techniques. Once you've studied the different types and you identify a person's type on How you can get through to people and increase your influence in those places. In close relationships, you can probably more easily determine someone's type. Don't let biases and emotions however create confusion about motives, yours or theirs be as objective as possible.

Stand back from the situation, be honest, be objective and look at the situation from the big picture in order to get an accurate sense of what someone's type is, with friends, family and significant others use the methods of persuasion that feel the most natural in your relationship for their particular type. For example, if with your significant other, you do something that seems forced, they might be like, what is your deal, so try to find something that might throw them off in a good way and surprise them, but not in a way where it just doesn't mesh with their particular way of doing things. Not every persuasive strategy, like I said, will work for that particular personality type look at the ones that you think would work best with them. Have you tried things like that in the past and it's work? Have you seen other people use that on them and it's worth.

Think about things like that when you're building persuasive strategies and building these ways of building connections with other people based on their type. So number three, think about what the person in your relationship would want, not what you think they would want. I think that think about this in terms of giving people gifts, birthday gifts, christmas gifts. First, I would think about something that I like based on them, and then they wouldn't like the gift and I'm like, what, why didn't they like the gift and then I needed to put myself in their shoes and put aside whatever it is that I wanted, and whatever it is that I thought they wanted and think about what they themselves want. Sometimes the best way to do that is just to ask them directly. So put yourself in their shoes and look through their lens based on who they are not based on who you think they are.

This allows you to see how another person might respond to genuine persuasive techniques. So not only is it a persuasive technique in itself, but it also helps you to build connections and increase your influence by understanding which techniques would reach out to them and build connections and increase your influence with that person in genuine ways. And so that wraps it up for this lecture. Let's go ahead and move into the different personality types.

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