Know Yourself Better: Determining Your Type

Increase your Influence: Decode Human Personality Introduction--Increase Your Influence: Decode Human Personality
8 minutes
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Know yourself better determining your type. So how do you know what personality type you are? One of the things that will help you to increase your influence with other people and know how to actually apply the unique gifts that you have not just to apply the persuasive techniques that are most effective on a particular type is to know who you are, know what your strengths are, and play up to those in building interpersonal relationships. utilizing your gifts to help other people is also another way to build influence, and also knowing your weaknesses and implementing personal growth strategies to help you to improve in the areas where you can use more improvement. So here's the visual of the different personality types and the subtypes as well. I used to know yourself better taking the test.

First, there are two ways to determine your type self knowledge and take The test self knowledge is to read about each personality type, study it, see which one resonates with your motives, goals, fears, interests, and being honest and objective with yourself in figuring out what your personality type is. The downside of this is that sometimes we'll try to look at ourselves as we wish we were, instead of as we actually are. We all have strengths. We all have weaknesses. Sometimes looking at our weaknesses isn't fun. And sometimes we have blind spots in our own personalities in terms of what our weaknesses are.

So I recommend number three, taking the test. This is the more effective and accurate method for determining your type. You take a personality test from a reputable enneagram book or site, one that I recommended before was enneagram enneagram And that's a great place to take a test and also take multiple tests to corroborate or To make sure that you get the same result two times. So where can you get the test? There are any number of reputable books and sites for taking the test like enneagram

Most enneagram sites will have a free test you can take some will give you a more extended report for a small fee. Don't feel obligated to take those tests with the reports. You don't have to get the extended report for self knowledge, but it can be useful. So that's up to you. Some sites will give you the choice between a short and a long test. If the long test is free.

Consider that one for a more accurate response. You get more questions and so it gets more in depth in analyzing your personality type so that you can increase your chances of getting an accurate response. So once you take the test or take a couple of tests, and you get the result, what do you do with that? How do I use the test results? When you take the test, it's important to be as honest as possible when answering the questions, answer the questions as you are not as you want them to be. If you answer them as you want them to be, then you won't get an accurate result.

The only way you can grow as a person, the only way you can increase your influence and the only way to know who you really are, is to be as honest with yourself as possible. So you do yourself a disservice if you try to flatter yourself. Try to be honest. For example, if you say if it says I'm a grumpy person, if you're a grumpy person, then saying yes, that's okay. Just be honest, there's no good or bad, right or wrong. Everybody's unique.

Everybody has unique traits, and everybody has gifts and weaknesses. So just be honest. Being honest with yourself will help you get the most accurate response possible. This is the key to knowing yourself. And that's the key to growth and it's also the key to increasing your influence. You cannot increase your influence with others unless you're honest with yourself.

Number three, consider taking the test. More than one test from different books or sites ensure they are different if both tests corroborate. In other words, if the results are the same, the results are probably accurate. If they come out different, you may want to try taking more tests, and really reflecting on if you're being honest in your answers. So how do I use the results for self knowledge? Once again, don't allow the results to pigeonhole you.

In other words, just put you in a category and say this is what I am. In other words, remember that everyone even within a type is incredibly complex and unique and that includes yourself. Knowing your particular strengths and weaknesses can allow you to play up to your strengths and work on personal growth in areas of opportunity. So target resources and actions that will allow you to grow in an area of weakness. For example, if you're not good at, say conveying a good image, work on ways that you can do that, but in ways that put your best foot forward in honest ways, find books, courses, and resources that will help you to play up to that particular weakness. It'll help you to strengthen it and to get better at it.

So how do you use your type to increase your influence? Most of the course talks about how to know someone else's type. Know the persuasive techniques that influence that type and know how to apply those in genuine and ethical ways. But how do you use your own type to increase your influence? self knowledge helps you to know how to increase your influence based on who you are and how other people can build relationships with you from their point of view, to persuade and to influence you in positive ways. So first, take your particular strengths and use those to increase your influence in positive ways.

Both in relationships and in the workplace. Where do you shine Play up to those strengths. For example, if you're really good at doing presentations take every opportunity you can to use that to contribute to other people into the workplace and to show them what you can do. Number two, use your particular desires and strengths to be of service in areas where you have unique gifts. Have a genuine desire to help other people to be of service at work to be of service in relationships to be at service in your community, you'll be able to accomplish the most if you do. Number three, in personal relationships, helping those you love to understand your unique needs helps them help them to understand your desires that can improve your relationships, as well as knowing your loved ones needs and desires.

So keep in mind that while you want to fulfill the needs of those you love, and to help them and to contribute to them in ways that are unique to them, helping the people that you love in appropriate ways to understand what it is you need and want and what helps you You can also build strong relationships because they're able to do those things for you. And that can only make your relationship better. Keep in mind, all good relationships are based on give and take, not just one or the other. If you're in a relationship where someone takes all the time, and never gives you anything, that is not a good thing, you either need to communicate that problem with that person and set some boundaries or you need to end that relationship. If you're in a relationship where all you do is take and you never give, you need to think about inside of yourself.

What are my motives in this relationship, do have good motives and think about ways that you can contribute to that relationship. If you're with that person or in a relationship, or friendship or a work relationship, just to get something out of that person. It might be healthier, just to move on. So that's it for how to increase your influence in terms of knowing yourself better and determining your type. I'll see you In the next lecture

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