Closing Thoughts and Resources

7 minutes
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Congratulations, you completed the course. So we're going to go over the conclusion by recapping a lot of the major things in the course going back over best practices, going back over different aspects of the course, explaining how to apply best practices and apply strategies in the course for maximized results in increasing your influence. And I also wanted to make a quick note that immediately after the conclusion, there is a bibliography of sources consulted and sites and recommended books. And there's also a bonus lecture that has freebies, discounts, and more information about services and products that I provide. So if you're interested in free stuff, free courses, deep discounts on courses, please consult the bonus lecture after the bibliography directly after the conclusion of the course. So let's recap the goals that we covered in the course, so that you can continue to apply and practice the strategies in this course, and achieve maximum results in increasing your influence.

We learned to decode human personality through the enneagram system, to increase your influence on others in the workplace and in personal relationships, and to know your own personality type and how to utilize that to your advantage. So closing thoughts on the course, you made it through the course. Thank you so much for going on this journey with me, I hope that you've learned to identify all nine personality types and how to use gentle persuasion to increase your influence with all nine types. So I am so grateful that you took the time to go through this course with me and I hope that this course will help you to achieve your goals in ethically increasing your influence and impact in relationships, on the job, in your business, in the community and in other places. We're increasing influence will help you to improve the world and improve your place in it.

So I wanted to reiterate best practices really quickly so that you can maximize your success. For the best results. Keep in mind that everybody's a little bit different as you go through the best practices here so that you can achieve the best results possible. Note that no one assesses others perfectly 100% of the time. So studying human nature and gentle persuasion are art forms that must be practiced. They're not formulas, they're art forms and their art forms that you can practice.

And you can improve that. The more you practice decoding human personality, the more successful you'll become at applying the knowledge in this course, you'll learn to use your intuition and your logic to assess a situation to assess individuals and to say what is the best way of responding to this particular person or situation based on the information I have available to me now You'll also be able to look at things more objectively and learn from mistakes so that you get better as you go on. If you work on building relationships and trust with a person, please do so with sincerity. These methods won't work if they're approached as a means of control or manipulation, as you probably know, only use the persuasion strategies with others if you're genuinely interested in helping and building connections with others, or they won't work. So just be sincere, be genuine and have good motives.

Of course, you want to increase your influence. But if you come at it in a genuine way, then you'll get the best results. People are not guinea pigs. So please be sure not to use people just to test the information in the course people have feelings. So just be careful in terms of what you do and how you do it. Not all strategies for each personality type are guaranteed to work just because there's a persuasive technique that works on threes doesn't mean it'll work on every three in every situation.

So the good guidelines in the course of guidelines, not formulas assess the individual strategies and circumstances of the situation to tailor a response that will work best in that case. And with that person, people are unique and unpredictable. So what was covered in the course, the course intentionally breaks down each of the nine personality types in detail so you understand the various aspects of each personality type, specific detail and examples are necessary to help you grasp each type in order to decode human personality effectively, which is the root of your impact. Understanding each type effectively is why it's broken down into each area that it is each personality type had the following areas of focus, overview and traits, strengths and weaknesses, what makes each type tick and how they function, how to identify each type, how to influence each type. So now In terms of the bonus lecture, how do you get free stuff?

Who doesn't want free stuff? Everybody does. So go check it out bonus lecture in posting to the discussion. Do you want free stuff and deep discounts on other courses, check out the bonus lecture. And it's right after the closing for freebies resources and discounts. Also, check out the bibliography of sources consulted and recommended readings and sites after the lecture and learn more about services that provide as well, one another free free source, you can get a free resource if you posted the discussion see information given in the conclusion.

And so this is the conclusion. So what do you do? So if you want a free resource, it's a surprise. I won't tell you what it is. But if you do if you post to the discussion, either somehow that you've applied the strategies in this course, or your personality type based on the test and your reflection on there, one of those two things either how you've applied this strategies in this course using specific methods of persuasion on a specific personality type. Or if you post your personality type and reflect on that based on taking a test and learning about yourself, either one of those, I will send you a free resource, just let me know, write me, and I'll send you the resource.

And that's about it. It has been a privilege working with you. It's been a privilege and so much fun. building this course for you and helping you to find specific strategies to understand those you care about and work with better, and to be able to increase your influence by understanding human nature, figuring out how to decode it, human nature, I just find all this stuff fascinating and fun. So don't be surprised if you find courses in the future in this area. And so I look forward to working with you in the future.

And thank you so much for going on this adventure with me and I wish you the best in the future.

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