Personality Type One: The Reformer--Overview and Influence

Increase your Influence: Decode Human Personality The Nine Personality Types: How to Decode, Persuade, and Influence Each One
13 minutes
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Hello, welcome to the first lecture of the nine personality types of the enneagram. In increase your influence decode human personality. For each of the personality types, there are a few things that I want you to no one, keep in mind that human nature is very complex, and you can't just put human beings in a box. That being said, this system is a way to understand human nature, but not to completely classify every individual human being into a box. With that said, some of these characteristics are still common among all the people that possess them, so that they can actually be considered a one, a two, a three, a four, and so on. And so with this type of system, take it with a grain of salt.

But also keep in mind that the system is very accurate. I've looked at it for years. I've studied it for years. I have observed human behavior for years. And people do actually fit these characteristics overall, keep in mind that there will be different manifestations of these different characteristics in people that are still in the same particular personality type. So keep in mind that human nature is complex, you can't put people in a box.

And even within one personality type, there will be wild variations of characteristics, experiences, beliefs, and actions for each individual. So for each personality type, we'll go through a slideshow, and we'll discuss their traits, strengths, weaknesses, values and secret fears. we'll identify them talk about how they interact with others, how they speak, how they look, in many cases, and how to influence them. Because knowing all the other characteristics is very vital in order to understand the nature of a particular personality type. And so that's why we spend a lot more time focused. On there's other characteristics.

And then we'll talk about very specific things you can do to influence someone of a particular personality type ones are the, probably the most morally attuned personality type. And they're also the one that is the most attuned to issues of justice and ethics. They tend to be more ethical, they tend to a lot of times either be very spiritual or religious, though not always. And so ones try to do the right thing. They have a strong sense of justice and ethics, and they contend towards perfectionism. They have a strong sense of higher purpose.

And so they really tend to be involved in causes and have goals that involve improving themselves as human beings improving the world around them, and and improving others around them as well. They usually have honorable intentions and can find fault in themselves and others. So, for better or worse, one of the strengths and weaknesses of this personality type is that they continue towards being a perfectionist. That means that they can be cleaned in neat to have high morals and standards and ideals. But it also means they can be hard on themselves in others and be very much a team to finding fault in things. And so that can cause problems.

But it can also be a good thing because they're very honest with themselves about being self reflective. So they often feel things are not good enough and so tend to work hard and try harder than most people. Here's the levels of development for personality type one at their wisest, they are a wise realist and at their least functional they are a punitive Avenger. The average one tends to be about order, perfectionism and idealism. So what are the traits of an unhealthy one, unhealthy ones can take perfectionism to an extreme, for example, at their weakest ones can see that the world is just black and white. They see things in absolutes.

They don't see the new nonces and the gray shades of issues and sometimes they can just see right and wrong and black and white. And that can be good in some cases, but in other cases, it can cause problems. And in those cases, they can become intolerant, though not all ones are intolerant and can become inflexible at their worst. And like I said, this is not all ones, but when they're unhealthy, or a one that is unhealthy can become severely judgmental about imperfections in themselves. They're very hard on themselves. They don't hold other people to standards, they don't hold to themselves.

And so in that way, they're not hypocritical that they can have that weakness of being perfectionistic. They can be hard on others and the world around them, and so they can be impatient with others flaws work when they see someone doing something that shows weakness, or if the work is sloppy, or they cut corners that can really annoy a one. They can become obsessive also about perfection and can act the opposite of their convictions. It's one of those ironic things in human nature. Where if somebody has a certain fixation or a certain propensity towards a certain characteristic, when they're at their weakness, they tend to actually act the opposite of it. And so sometimes they may actually act the opposite of their convictions and their standards become impossible to attain.

So they sort of sabotage themselves at their worst. So what are the strengths of a one, this isn't to judge any particular personality type, or to bash any personality type, we all have strengths, we all have weaknesses. And we all have gifts that make us stand out from the crowd in that particular area. And so once have those characteristics as well, at their best ones can have strong personal and moral values governed by logic, fairness and balance. And they have a strong sense of higher purpose and to do what is right regardless of the circumstances. What I've observed in people that I know is ones is that they can be tireless in working towards their causes, and in doing their duty towards whatever they feel like their responsibilities are.

They're extremely real. liable and they're extremely upright in their causes, they do tend to practice what they preach. They can also have a humane, wise insightful, inspiring and hopeful side to their nature and that's a very appealing trait promotes people in a friend in a family member in a lover in a significant other and so they can be very idealistic and they actually live up to their ideals through their actions. They may be involved in charitable causes religious organizations, something where it helps humanity or animals, but they're always involved in something that is about how your morals Okay, so what makes one tick, what are their deeper desires? What is their purpose, what are their fears, what are their the things that make them really want to move forward, so once want to work towards a higher purpose, they also want to be right that can be good or bad.

They also want to be ethical and fair minded and once want to improve themselves and others. They want to be reliable. And consistent and they want to be seen as moral and morally consistent and to avoid judgment from others. So they try to be consistent and practice what they preach in the sense that if they tell you something, they live by that, and they tend to be very good at, at following through on those kinds of things, identified identifying ones. So if you have family members or friends, co workers, and you want to be able to increase your impact on them, by understanding how they work, and how their mind works, and being able to have a better relationship with them, as well as increase your influence on them in positive and ethical ways, once like to be in control of themselves in their environments, so they may tell others what they should do for their own good.

That's one way you can identify a woman and be able to tell Hey, this is a one so I can understand a little bit more about this person, but also understand that they're an individual at the same time. They also tend to be neat and have high standards. Not only People are ones but most ones are neat. They don't like to be seen as angry or out of control. And the reason they don't like to be seen as angry or out of control is because control is a very big issue for them control of themselves to some degree control of their environment. They can often express anger about what is wrong with the world or about low moral standards.

So if you hear somebody who talks about morality a lot, they may say this country's going to hell in a handbasket, or they may say, this country is going downhill or something along those lines, that doesn't guarantee that they're a one but there's a good chance that they are they talk a lot about moral standards, there's a good chance they're a one, one select to be involved in causes that improve the lives of others and improve the world. So if they tend to be involved in causes that help children, the elderly, the poor, the disenfranchised, animals, anything like that there's a good chance they're a one obviously there's a large portion of people that do There's things that are not once, but there's a, there's a good chance they're a one. Also how they look and act once you will rarely find a one that is sloppy, or not well maintained, they tend to have very good hygiene.

They're always clean and well maintained, and they care about proper hygiene and clean fingernails. So that's one thing you can look for. Their expression is usually self composed. So there's a very much a sense of control about how they carry themselves, their eyes are always alert, and sometimes there's a sparkle in their eyes. Sometimes they have a rigid expression, voice and stance, but that's just in some cases, more evolved or laid back ones may not carry themselves that way, but some of the more tightly controlled ones may carry themselves in that way. They're usually thin, seldom overweight, because they're very concerned about health, about taking care of themselves about doing what is right.

And so part of that would be exercise, eating healthy and habits like that. The good part How do you influence one's Please keep in mind that this isn't to control anyone or manipulate anyone. The purpose of this is to increase your impact to help these people, and to be able to improve your relationships with people in the workplace, in life, in your family, with your friends, and so on. Please keep in mind that most people see through empty flattery, any persuasive action or word should be sincere and real. So just keep that in mind with any personality type. You don't want to just falsely flatter these people, any people with particular actions just to get a reaction or just to charm them.

Try to be sincere in anything that you do. And that's how you'll get a response. For example, think about what motivates ones and see if you can help or compliment them based on their values. If you can compliment them on their values and it's a sincere compliment. That's a good thing. For instance, compliment them on their strengths, integrity or question.

Quality, or that of their work may be something about how they take care of themselves something about how they take care of others something about their morals, something about their integrity in terms of being an honest and upright person, maybe about being a hard worker, or about being a dedicated employee or a dedicated person to a particular cause. If they're a particular faith, you might even mention that they're very dedicated Buddhist or Muslim, or Christian, or whatever the case may be. So listen also, and be supportive when they express concerns with World conditions and problems. Talk about those with them. Talk about what you're involved in and really show support for their causes. That's another way that you can help influence ones and empower them.

So other things you can do to influence ones, ask them questions and respond with respect. If you show interest in what they're interested in, you're likely to get along well with one, respect ones for who they are their ideals and their actions. Accept them for who they are. Don't try To tell them to lighten up or to be laid back. You know, try to be supportive of who they are and their ideals if they do tend to get too uptight, there are more subtle ways that you can help them to relax. But it might be through something fun that still involved in one of their causes.

Also, let them teach you they have a lot that they can teach you in terms of ethics, moral spirituality, love, they love to instruct others. So there's a lot you can learn from a one. And so if you can let them be your teacher, they will definitely get on well with you discuss and build a common moral, ethical and personal standard or set of principles with one's usually even if you're very different in your beliefs. There's something you have a common belief in, and it might be your belief in a particular type of morality. It might be a certain social issue it might be in wanting to help animals it might be wanting to help children in Europe or in Africa or in Asia or something. America, whatever the case may be, if you can find the common moral cause or principle that will help you get a good relationship started with a one and these can be a great springboard for meaningful conversation connection and common action.

So I just wanted to show that there was credit for the pictures down at the bottom of the screen. That is it for the first slideshow, that's how to influence ones and that's the characteristics and traits you need to know about them. So we're moving on to personality type two

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