Personality Type Nine: The Peacemaker--Overview and Influence

Increase your Influence: Decode Human Personality The Nine Personality Types: How to Decode, Persuade, and Influence Each One
12 minutes
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Welcome to personality type nine, the last personality type on the inia gram scale. And the last personality type in the course, decode human personality, increase your influence decode human personality. So, the nine is the peacemaker of the group nine tend to be the most laid back and the most relaxed of all the personality types of the nine. So we will go through like with the others, the personality traits, strengths and weaknesses of the nine, their values and secret fears. In other words, what makes a nine tick, identifying them in other words, how they interact with others, what they look like how they speak, and how to influence them. nons tend to be easygoing, calm, gentle individuals who are easy to be around.

So nines tend to be the most relaxed and they tend to have a very soothing presence to those that they're around for people that tend to be fiery and passive. At high strung and anxious, a nine is a great friend to have. They are agreeable and capable of seeing multiple sides of the situation. So they're also diplomatic. And they tend to be able to see all sides of the situation. They tend to be content with the way things are and enjoy leisurely activities.

So ambition is probably not their strong suit, but they tend to be content with the way things are. So they don't tend to be restless or unhappy with their current circumstances. In most cases, they tend to be content with the way things are and can have motivation issues at times. So what does a really well evolved and well adjusted nine look like? It would be someone who's self possessed, receptive and supportive, they do tend to be a peacemaker. And so that's a strength of the nine.

The most low situation for a nine or the nines that are not evolved might tend to be neglectful. disassociating In other words, detached instead Self abandoning, so they may not take care of themselves they may not be in touch with their emotions or with other people. And at their worst, they can even tend to become lazy and basically not action oriented in any way. So what are the traits of an unhealthy nine at their weakest moments nines may avoid conflict and problems at all cost even when dealing with issues that are important. So, nines can hate conflict, and they will do anything to avoid it. Even though sometimes conflict may be necessary to make progress in a relationship to stand up to injustice or to accomplish certain things.

Conflict can actually be useful in some situations if it's constructive and conducted in the right manner in a non violent way. But nines will seek to avoid conflict at all costs. nines can also become detached and negligent and in some ways very passive. They can be negligent of responsibilities when they get stressed and they may disappear. And take naps or play video games or watch a lot of television or do something that doesn't require a lot of engagement in physical activity. nons can be stubborn in some situations and unwilling to self reflect on their own weaknesses.

Self reflection isn't something that a less lesser evolved nun does a lot of more of often on may actually be very good at self reflection. They may become lazy in some situations when they're non responsive to a particular situation. So what are the traits of a healthy non what are their strengths? at their best nines are receptive, stable, open minded individuals who are easy to get along with? Have all the personality traits they're the most relaxed, the most open minded in terms of looking at all sides of the situation? The downside is that they could be indecisive The upside is that they make great people for resolving conflicts.

They can be good peacemakers, good diplomats, and good people that help them make decisions happen. nines are willing to help out without wanting anything in return. They're really good peacemakers and can make a fair call on any situation. So they can look at a situation in an objective way to make that decision. So they make great people that help to resolve conflicts. They seek to create harmony in their environments, and are good peacemakers.

So what makes a non take what are their deepest fears and desires, not it's want to live in harmony and peace above all other things. And so if you can give them a harmonious relationship and a harmonious environment, don't try to pick a lot of fights with nuns because that's not the way to communicate with them. They want to live in harmony and peace, they tend to be very light back. They don't like people pressuring them to change. And so if you can be more subtle with a nun, that's a better way to influence them than to directly pressure them. nons want to contribute without ulterior motives.

So, the two sometimes wants recognition and they're sincere, but sometimes they do. Got that desire to have recognition as well and to be treated with affection and appreciation. nines can contribute without any desire for anything in return. So they can be very generous and very kind in that way and very giving. They want plenty of time for leisure activities, however, so they enjoy things that are leisurely relaxed, laid back, they may enjoy laying by the pool or playing games or watching television going to the movies. And so they tend to be content with the status quo.

In most cases, they like things the way they are. They don't need things to be any different. They don't need a big house, they don't need a lot of money if they don't have those things. They're still content with their life the way it is. And so they do well with routine jobs where other people may not because they can be very content in those situations. So how do Nan's interact with others?

How do you identify and not others usually feel very comfortable around nones. All personality types, like they're laid back easygoing. qualities. They're very accepting of different types of people. And they're good listeners. So they tend to be very diplomatic.

And they can make good counselors in the sense that they're good listeners and they're good at resolving conflicts. nines are also good at acting as peacemakers and can solve conflicts between sides in an effective manner. So whether it's between countries or between individuals, they're the person that can sit to people down, get them to talk about an issue, come up with some kind of compromise or agreement and work it out. So they may be good in the government, they may be good in counseling work, they may be good as a referee, they may be good as a mediator or something along those lines, not as may go out of their way to avoid conflict As stated before, and they may not like it when you try to get them to change or look inside themselves. And so that's something you have to be very careful about how you do that with a non or they'll resist you.

So how do you identify a nine based on how they look and act? They Have the most mellow and laid back personality and presence among all the types. And so they're very relaxed, very easygoing, and they give off that calm vibe that can be very soothing to people. So they make good friends and good partners with people that tend to have tempers and have passionate personality types, there are a good complement to some of those types of individuals like a four or an eight that may tend to have a more fiery disposition. So nines rarely get openly angry and usually have a calm energy about them. They carry a little extra weight at times, but they can also be thin.

So that's not always a way to tell that there's also a certain slowness to their movements or mannerisms, like life can get too demanding or too heavy at times. There may be a little bit of a slouch, though not always in their posture. They like to wear comfortable clothing that is often looser worn, you won't very often see them wearing tight, latest fashion type clothing, they rarely Dress up and can sometimes be messy. So if they have a messy house and they're really calm and mellow and laid back, there's a good chance they're not enjoying Darren's company and accept them as they are. Don't try to change them. If you want to influence a nine if you want to have a good relationship with a colleague, friend, an acquaintance a family member, that's a nun, accept them as they are, and allow them to be who they are, and don't try to change them.

They can have a lot of great characteristics. So that's usually not hard to do with a nun unless they get really really unresponsive or towards being lazy in some situations. So try to create a peaceful environment for nines and between you and the non and don't intentionally stir up conflict or start an argument. If you have an issue with a nun. Try to bring it up in a subtle and calm way. They also enjoy simplicity, conversation and listening.

So include them in your activities, and don't be afraid to ask non questions. Not are good listeners. So if you have a problem and you come to them, they are great friends to have. Don't exploit that or take advantage of it. But it is great to have a friend like that. And they don't mind helping you if you ask, they don't expect anything in return.

Other ways to influence nines and build relationships with them. They like to listen to what's going on in other's lives. They're not self centered, not self absorbed. So consider conversations about what mutual friends and acquaintances are up to. They like to hear about how people are doing since they enjoy leisurely activities. Find mutual hobbies that allow you both to relax together.

While some Nan's may enjoy a loud football game or to go skydiving most of them are more likely to enjoy things like a leisurely vacation or what going to the movies or something like that playing a video game, or maybe a book club or something like that. If you're a close to a nine help them to see it is safe to look within and resolve conflicts under the right circumstances. If they trust you They're more likely to listen to you just don't do it in a way that is conflicting and high strung, do it in a calm way. Let them know that you're there for them just as they are there for you. Because nine are the ones that can get overlooked sometimes because they are quiet and they are laid back and they don't seem to have a lot of needs. But make sure that you're there for them just as they're there for you.

They do have needs even though they don't always show that. And so that wraps up the last personality type, how to influence nones increase your influence decode human personality. And thank you so much for listening to all these lectures. And I hope it's helped you to understand how to identify how to influence and how to build relationships with these different personality types in your life. I also encourage you to find out what kind of personality type you are and to take a test and just remember that that doesn't pigeonhole you just as much as it doesn't pigeonhole someone else into a category your complex Individual, you have unique traits, if you're a three or a nine, or a six, or a two or whatever, there are other three, six nines and twos that are very different than you even though you will have a lot of common motivations, interests, and characteristics.

So just keep that in mind. And let this be an opportunity not only to get to know other people, to increase your influence, and to build better relationships, but also to learn to do the same for yourself. Learn to get to know yourself better. And if you know who you are, the place you come from in terms of your strengths and weaknesses. You can express your strengths, to build connections with other people just as you help them to express their strengths. So if you can let those two come together your strengths and their strengths in a situation, let them shine in their area, appreciate them in their area, you shine in your area, and let them appreciate you in your area.

That's how you'll build great symbiotic and helpful relationships with other people. And that's how you'll increase your interest. limits with other people by understanding yourself understanding others accepting yourself as you are accepting others as they are and building strong relationships based on human nature.

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