Personality Type Four: The Individualist--Overview and Influence

Increase your Influence: Decode Human Personality The Nine Personality Types: How to Decode, Persuade, and Influence Each One
13 minutes
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Welcome to personality type for the individual list. Like the other personality types, we will go through the personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, values and secret fears, how to identify them based on how they interact with others, and how they act and look and how to influence fours. So fours are the rugged individualist, sometimes they're rebels. Sometimes they're artists, sometimes they're unique. They tend to be Bohemians and individualist in the sense that they do their own thing and they tend to do things with flair. So personality traits, strengths and weaknesses of a floor force tend to be self aware, intuitive, and in search of their authentic selves.

Of all the personality types. They're probably the ones that are the most in touch with their emotional and their spiritual side. They often have a highly developed artistic sense and aesthetic sense And what that means is that they can be talented in different areas of the arts, for example, painting, singing, dancing, acting, and other artistic pursuits. And they also have a strong connection to a sense of beauty and taste. They're also deeply emotional and in touch with the pain and suffering of the life. So they can be emotional and prone to depression.

In some cases, they have been identified as being melancholy. And so that's a trait that is often attributed to force melancholy. fours are very expressive. they pursue a sense of authentic identity, and they tend to be deep thinkers. So in the ancient cultures, fours, could be shamans and they could also be priests and priestesses, and they also tended to be wise men and wise women. They were people that were sought out for their deeper wisdom, so they can also become self destructive at their weakest and so forth.

Have great gifts, but they also have some weaknesses that can be very damaging if not dealt with. So at their weakest moments, they can become alienated from others and even self destructive. So during their different levels of development, from evolving from one's lowest self to one's highest potential, or at their best, they tend to be an inspired creator. And that means that they might be at the top of their field in any artistic pursuit. But it doesn't necessarily have to be artistic. They might be a teacher, they might be a business person, they might be in any kind of field, and they do it with creativity, flair and inspiration.

And they tend to have that characteristic in their work ethic and in their style. at their worst fours can be self destructive, emotionally tormented and alienated. The average four tends to be imaginative, artistic, a bit self absorbed, possibly an introvert, though not all and maybe even self indulgent in some cases. cases. So what are the traits strengths and weaknesses of a four fours tend to exaggerate their pain or experiences to get the attention and sympathy of others that can be a weakness of theirs in terms of trying to get attention, sympathy, if they feel like they're being ignored, D validated or overlooked. They may do that on an unconscious level to try to get other people to understand where they're coming from.

They want to be understood. So force can face challenges in intimate relationships and often isolate themselves from others to feel safe. That's another thing they can tend to do is cut themselves off from other people when they feel vulnerable. They can also retreat into a fantasy world they have a very developed fantasy and imaginary world where they picture imagery and scenarios and things like that. And that's where their very vivid imagination comes from. It makes them great writers, but the downside of that is that they tend to get caught up in that area of Their lives and sometimes will retreat from reality when real life is not working for them.

And that can get very dangerous and unhealthy. If fours take it too far. Sometimes it can be healthy to have a fantasy escape, but it needs to be kept in balance, and in their lowest points force tend to idealize what is unavailable and can become self destructive and even suicidal. So they tend to want what they can't get in many situations. And so that's one thing to guard against if you're a four or he loves someone who's a force to help them to see that they need to look at what's real, what's here, but idealizing unavailable pursuits is not healthy. So what are the strengths of a healthy four?

Healthy fours are highly creative, productive and talented in multiple fields. They tend to be multi talented, particularly in artistic and creative pursuits. They're also good writers. fours have good taste, so to speak people consult them for their finely tuned sense of taste for beauty for aesthetics. They may be personal decorators, interior decorators, architects and so on. They tend to be very attuned to those particular professions as well and be very good at them.

Fours are also sensitive to others moods, super intuitive about other people's motivations, and they have a strong affinity for understanding human nature. So they tend to be the people that are self reflective and very honest about who they are. If you knew anything about Carrie Fisher, the woman that played that played Princess Leia in Star Wars, she was definitely a four. She was very authentic, very intuitive, very creative and very smart in terms of human nature. She could make fun of herself and she was very self aware. She was very honest with herself about who she was, but they're usually talented writers and teachers and so forth, can convey ideas to other people because they're so thoughtful and introspective and intuitive that just means that they are naturally in tune with what's going on around them.

And they're very accurate at being able to read situations and people. They're open, authentic and emotionally honest. And they have a steel core and strong ability to transform themselves. And so they're very much a team to spiritual transformations. And they may be very much people that are in the fields of spirituality or clergy. They're often in those kinds of fields as well because they're very attuned to the inner life and emotional honesty in transformation as well.

So what makes a four tick what are their deepest fears and deepest desires? fours want to build an authentic identity and purpose for life. One of their deepest fears is to live a life without meaning, significance and purpose. They want to express their emotions and artistic talents and connect with other people on that level. fours also feel that they are unique and different and don't fit in with a particular group. So That can be a strength because they tend to be what might one might call the Misfits, the rebels, the Bohemians, the people that Jesus supposedly associated with in the New Testament, the downside is that they may find that they're a square peg in a round hole anywhere they go.

And so that can be a downside as well. Sometimes people may think they're snobs, even if they're not just because they're kind of sometimes they keep to themselves, or they hang out with other people that are kindred spirits that are more like them. For sphere having no identity or personal significance. That's their deepest fear. And they often want or need significant personal space and time to reflect and work through their emotions. So they have a tendency to need to retreat and take time to reflect on things and to have personal time into halftime to steeped in their inner life.

And if they don't do that, that can deplete them and so they have to go away for a while in order to do that. So if you have For who's a friend or family member, give them their time and their space because they really appreciate that and that can make a difference. That's how they thrive. So identifying force how they interact with others. force can be very insightful in their conversations regarding the motives of others, you'll find that they're very intuitive, very in tune with those kinds of things. They also tend to complain at times, at times, they may complain a little too much about their problems in their lives, they tend to be melancholy in that way.

They may also have a well tuned sense of style and may have hobbies or careers in the arts. Not always, not all fours have careers or hobbies in the arts, but the majority of them dabble in something and may even have multiple careers in the arts, and multiple hobbies in the arts. So they may seem shy and introverted, but can often build deep connections with others. They're hard to get to know but once you get to know them, they're a loyal friend for life and they build deep connections with other people. personal relationships are very important to them, just like with tos, but in a second slightly different way. fours are expressive and emotional beings who like to speak with others one on one about deep topics you'll find they don't much like small talk.

So if you interact with someone and you know there are four and you're trying to get to know them, don't talk about the weather or your health, ask them how they're doing. Ask them about their emotional health, ask them what they're finding meaning and significance in in their life, how they look and act. So if you have a family member, a friend, a colleague, or an acquaintance, who's a four, how can you identify them as a four keep in mind that people can have these traits and not be a four, but this is what to look for in order to to identify one force can have a sad look. Sometimes in their eyes, they often dress with flair, good taste and diverse styles. They may have one particular style or they may be one of those people where one day they're wearing bell bottoms and tie dyed shirt in their hairs down and another day they may come in wearing a tight business suit and the cutting edge of business style.

So they can also be very diverse in their tastes within one person. Force also like to talk about emotions, human motivation in psychology, as well as social issues and deeper topics like the meaning of life, birth, death, and so on. They know how to make an entrance or an exit, and will tell you interesting stories about their lives. So if they're really they tell really interesting stories that have a lot of flair and in some cases, drama, that could be a four and drama here doesn't necessarily mean somebody who goes on Jerry Springer and has three lovers and stuff like that. It may just be that they tell it with a sense of flair and a sense of making it more interesting. So how do you influence a four if you want to impact or help this kind of person if you want to build a relationship with this person in the workspace, in the community, in a friendship in a relationship, compliment force on their aesthetic, taste their good tastes for things that are beautiful and that is one thing That will really go far with a four fourths are also very good at seeing through facades.

A facade is a front that covers up something and isn't real. And so being authentic and real with a four is appreciated if you're just honest with a four in a kindly way, they will respect you because fours cannot stand phony people. They appreciate people who are authentic, honest and real. Even if they're not like them. They appreciate that quality and other people. showing empathy and compassion towards a for who might be experiencing emotional pain is another thing that you can do.

Downing them making them feel bad giving them a hard time because they're depressed telling them that they're feeling sorry for themselves telling them to pull themselves up by their bootstraps is not going to help before. show empathy and compassion with them. Validate how they're feeling that doesn't mean you have to enable them feeling sorry for themselves, but be a listening ear and that can really mean a lot. Lot and maybe giving them some kindly advice on how to get back on track without being judgmental could be helpful to a four who trusts you. If a four shows anger towards you, in a moment of emotion continue to show them love and support. Sometimes force can fly off the handle and lose their temper tend to be emotional and temperamental.

But sometimes that's in a heated moment of anger or frustration. And if there's forgiveness and understanding, we've all done that and we're all human, that helps to build a good relationship with the four fours are not big on small talk deep conversations about meaningful topics will connect you with a four. If you don't feel comfortable talking about really personal relationships, you can still talk about things in life that don't necessarily connect with politics, religion or personal relationships, maybe philosophy, or human intuition and emotions and psychology could be good conversation starters with a four that you don't know well show them appreciation and that you notice their strong instincts and intuition. They love being appreciated. For their talents and intuition, also let them know that they are important and significant to you, and that you care about how they feel. Force do not like to be overlooked or ignored.

And so if you can show them that they are important, and they mean something to you and that you care about how they feel that makes a for build a strong trust links trusting relationship with you. Gently steer fours from self pity when they are feeling down, don't chastise judge or dismiss them. That's the last thing you want to do with a four when they're feeling that way. That doesn't mean you need to enable them feeling sorry for themselves, though. Encourage them to steer their focus to more positive things, but do it in a way that's genuinely empathetic towards what they're feeling. their feelings are real to them.

And so treat them as such and then you can also steer them towards a more positive and productive mindset. And so that's the end of the four. We'll be moving on to personality type five next. So I'll see you in the next slide show.

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