Introduction--Increase Your Influence: Decode Human Personality

Increase your Influence: Decode Human Personality Introduction--Increase Your Influence: Decode Human Personality
7 minutes
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The introduction includes the following: Information about the teacher, the course, and who the course is for Course goals What the course covers What the course does and doesn't do


Hello, welcome to increase your influence decode human personality. I'm Rachel Roy. And I'll be your instructor for the course. And I wanted to give you a little bit of information about the course as we go through so you can know what to expect, what are the best practices for the course and strategies for succeeding in the course as you go through it, to get the most out of it and to be able to increase your influence in the best ways possible in the most ethical ways possible as well. So in the introduction, we'll cover several areas. We'll talk about the instructor, the course and who the courses for.

So just diving right in about me, I'm University Writing professor and human personality expert, and I've studied human personality for 20 years, I've studied the enneagram and I've also studied the Myers Briggs personality test in detail, and I would consider myself an expert on both of those because I've studied both for 20 years. I have a background in academics, and with that background, I know how to present courses, I know how to present ideas, and I know how to promote critical thinking, ethical thinking and good processes of applying strategies in courses. And so this course covers the nine personality types. So the enneagram, how to identify them and how to influence different types. We'll discuss what the enneagram is, how it functions, and what the nine personality types do in terms of functioning in relation to one another with the enneagram. Basically, the inia gram is a personality type scale.

That's a nine pointed star. And each point represents a different personality on the personality scale. Each personality is unique, has different desires, thoughts and characteristics. And so that's just a little bit about what the course covers. This course is for anyone who wants to increase their impact improve their relationships and deepen their understanding of human nature. And so this course helps you to understand the different nine types, how to identify people that are those nine types in which type they are, and how to use the characteristics of each type, to be able to build better relationships by using gentle and kind persuasive techniques to build stronger relationships with people in a personal nature and in a workplace nature.

What are the goals of the course, the course goals will help you to decode human personality through the inia Graham system, increase your influence on others in the workplace and in personal relationships, and know your own personality type and how to utilize that to your advantage. So those are three actionable outcomes that you can expect once you take this course and you will be able to apply those once you've studied the course and the information in it and you'll be able to apply that from actionable steps that will help you to be able to build relationships and to To create stronger influence in different areas of your life. What the course covers, the course intentionally breaks down each of the nine personality types in detail, so you understand the various aspects of each personality type. For example, specific detail and examples are necessary to help you grasp each type in order to decode human personality effectively, which is the root of your impact on other people.

So, each personality type is broken down into a lecture that can vary anywhere from six to 10 minutes. And it's broken down in this detail so that you can understand the nature of each personality type based on different characteristics, such as overview, traits, strengths and weaknesses, what makes each type tick and how they function and how to identify each type. And lastly, and most importantly, how to influence each type. So knowing this kind of detail will help you to get deeper into the characteristics of human nature, understanding what each type is about, and how to influence each type in ethical ways. So this will increase your ability to influence other people by understanding each type in a little more detail. So that's why each lecture goes into a little more depth.

When we talk about the course, and what the purpose of the courses, the outcomes were listed above that I do like to be a straight shooter. And so I like to talk about not only what the course does, but also what it does not do, because I think it's important to present the information in a way that's ethical in a way that promotes building human relationships, not tearing them down, and in a way where not only are you helping yourself, but you're also helping others because I believe that when people's motives are pure, and ethical, people get the best results compared to if they're trying to manipulate, control, or degrade a person or a situation. And so let me explain a little bit about what the course does and what it does not do this. explains what the inia gram is how it can be used to decode human personality, and how your increased understanding of personality and reading people can increase your impact in the workplace, in society and in relationships.

But the course also isn't meant to teach manipulation or control of other individuals. So when we use the words, increase your influence or increase your impact, it means to influence people in positive ways, not just to get them to do what you want, but to build strong rapport, strong relationships, and in that way, increase your connection with other individuals and your understanding of their needs, their fears and their deepest human desires. When you build genuine relationships like that, and when you're genuine about your motives in doing so, the outcome is automatically influence and impact that's an automatic side effect of understanding someone and speaking their language, so to speak. Another thing this course does not do is it doesn't pigeonhole complex human beings. And pigeonhole simply means putting people into a category. Now somebody might say, But isn't that exactly what the enneagram is?

Isn't it categorizing people? Yes and No, the categories are meant to teach you about human nature and to teach you about different people's motives, different people's personality characteristics, but even within a personality type, there can be wide variations of motivations, experiences, actions, choices and characteristics. And so keep in mind that everybody is unique, and not everybody in a certain category is going to have all the characteristics just like not everybody in a certain personality type is going to not have the characteristics. And so some people that are eights for example, may be more confrontational than other eights or some people that are twos may have more ulterior motives. In their relationships with others than other people, and it also may depend on the circumstances too. So just keep in mind that pigeon holing is something that we're not trying to do here is just to increase your understanding of human nature.

Since even within a type all humans are unique. This course is meant as a general guide to human personality.

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