Step 2 Pt 1: Planning - What are they asking for?

6 minutes
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Before you even apply for a role, it's really important to make sure that you cover the main requirements that the employer is looking for. In doing so, you can make sure that your cover letter and CV is written so that it addresses the full criteria or as much as possible, so that you can be seen as the candidate with the most relevance for the role. So let's go back to the job advert and spend some time to break it down and see exactly what they're asking and looking for. To give you a better idea of what I mean by this, I've gone on to an employment website and randomly chosen a business development role so that we can extract the exact requirements and information that employers are looking for. So let's go through this example. Here.

I've taken one from a job website, and it's a random one for a business development. But I want you to look at how you can take a look at this advert and break it down so that you can be very specific to the client when replying to them. So here's the role. It says ABC company is looking for a sales focused business development manager who can form effective professional relationships in order to promote ABC company as the peak professional body for engineers and Australia. based at our Norwood St. Brisbane office, the successful applicant will be an important member of a National Business Development team, and will be responsible for using their BD as business development and sales skills to increase membership, sell ABC companies products and services and form new partnerships with organizations who employ engineers with this within the Sydney region. So what most people do is they read that they think big picture and just a response saying hey, yeah, I'd be great for this and all the rest of it.

But what I actually want you to do is get a highlighter pen out and start Read it and break things down. I'm gonna just show you an example. So how many key points here are they looking for? And how can you respond to those appropriately? So let's read this again, the ABC Company is seeking a sales focused business development manager. So there's the first point that we can discuss.

All right, a sales focused business development job. Is this in your CV? Do you have experience as a sales focused business development manager, if you have no management skills, then you may be struggling a little bit. But if you do have any management skills, even if it's not in business development, you may be able to sort of tell people what you've done that's relevant, but we'll carry on. So who can form effective professional relationships in order to promote so are you able to form effective professional relationships? Now you need to again show this in your CV or an example in a cover letter in order to promote ABC Company Okay, next we've got basted on Norwood St. Brisbane office.

Well, what they're looking for here is saying, Well, are you in Brisbane? How close are you? So again, this might be something that you could say that I it's only a 10 minute drive or it's easy access on public transport to get to your office. The successful applicant will be an important member of a National Business Development team. So an important member, can you show that you have got skills as a member in a team and also here it's saying a national team, which saying that's working with other people, not in the same city. For example, in Australia, it might be Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, etc.

And we'll be responsible for using their BD and sales skills. So now we need to show that we do have business development and sales skills. So this is something again, highlighting your cover letter. To increase membership and sell ABC company's products. So if you haven't maybe increased a membership, is this something else that you've done within your sales role to increase maybe the number of customers, the number of clients, etc. Sell ABC company's products and services.

So again, highlight what you've done to sell these products and services, and form new partnerships with organizations, as you can see here, highlighting each one of these tools and we're now up to eight points. Okay. And the final point here, the same engineers within the Sydney region. Well, in this example, it's saying you're in the Brisbane office, but it's sort of saying hey, do you have any experience in this other area? The point I want to make here is go back, break down the advert and see if you can pick out each of the areas that these this as we talked about the problem, what is the problem the people Have the problem is they need a business development manager. The problem is they need someone who can form effective professional, professional relationships and promote the company.

They need. Someone who works out of Brisbane, someone who's worked in a team, especially in business development has got experience in business development and sales, any opportunity to show where they've increased membership. But if again, if you didn't have that particular skill, you might want to be selling something else that you've managed to increase, that you're able to sell products and services. So any examples that you can do for that form new partnerships with organizations, again, tell a story about something you've done within the organization that has made better relationships with someone else. And also when it hears saying engineers within Sydney region, you might want to say I'm happy to travel or I've also got connections in another city, or in my previous role I worked nationally and was flown all over the country. Anyway, I just wanted to break this down because this is really going to help you when you do the rest of your planning.

For the interview, I hope that helped

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