Step 11: Next Contact - Following up after the interview

5 minutes
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So the interview is over. And just like after exam, you'll be sitting there going over all the questions and second guessing how you did. Maybe you feel 100% confident that things went really well. We were very nervous and filled, you mess the whole thing up, which I truly hope after completing this course, this won't be the case. At this point you have done all you can so go home, relax, and try not to think too much about it. What you can do, which almost no one else does, the next day is send a simple email thanking them for the opportunity for the interview, and also offering them an opportunity to contact you if they have any further questions.

Not only will this make you look professional, but it'll also remind the interviewers of you keeping you from of mind. Although it will be tough and sometimes completely unexpected, you may receive the news that on this occasion, your application was unsuccessful. Nobody ever wants to hear this. And it can be a terrible mental drain on you, and one that makes you start to question yourself and your capabilities. The reality is that unless you ask why you're unsuccessful, you may never discover the true reasons. While sitting on interview panels and seeing things from the other side, you gain a different perspective of what really goes on, in some circumstances where we have just interviewed say, three candidates.

Afterwards when the panel convenes to make a decision. We've all decided that all three in one way or another are right for the job, meaning that they had the right experience and qualifications. So then it comes down to a has the candidate come across stronger in how they could perform the role be. Did they get did we get the feeling that the candidate really wanted the role? See, will the candidate fit in with the company and the people working there. And finally, D did we actually feel confident that this was the right person for the role.

And this is where I press the point of how you need to focus on making sure that the interviewers feel confident in you both as a person and in your skills and capabilities to perform the role. What I'm trying to say is that you may have been so close to being offered the job, but for whichever reason you were just tipped at the mark. On another day, another group of candidates, you may have walked into the position blindfolded. So why am I talking about the importance of being unsuccessful? Well, as I've just covered, you never know how close you were to being selected. And you will never know what the interviewers were saying about you afterwards.

So you should take this opportunity to ask for feedback as to why you're unsuccessful. Now this is useful for two reasons. One, you can discover if there any weakness In your interview techniques, as this feedback was going to be great for hopefully assisting you in planning for your next interview. And the second reason is that it's going to give you the opportunity to make the following statement. At this point, you can make a statement such as I really appreciate your time and giving me this feedback. It was great to meet you all and discover a little bit more about your company and the position.

And now you can add this final closing comment that if in the future, this or another role becomes available, that you feel would be a good fit for me, then please keep my CV on your files, and feel free to contact me at any time. Now, the reason that you make this final comment is that sometimes the candidate who was offered the role does not always work out. They might not like the job or they might not make it through their probation period. At which point if you left on a cheerful and polite note, even being told that you're unsuccessful, there is always a chance that you may be offered the role further down the line or If another position became available shortly afterwards, you would still be front of mine. So in essence, don't give up and don't feel too bad as the next interview that you're successful in, consider that someone else had to take this call instead of you.

It's okay to sound pleased that you were successful. In fact, it could be received well, how did they respond to getting the role? They were so pleased rather than actually, they didn't seem that excited. Just make sure you listen to what's being said. And at this point, congratulations for me. If you're asked back for a second interview, it could be for a number of reasons.

Number one, the interview panel what happened with you but the decision maker maybe a senior manager or the owner of the company would like to meet you before offering the position number two, you have been shortlisted with people have similar skills and experience, but they want to ask some final questions that will help them to make that decision, or three, they want to press you further on your decision. And skill levels through tests or scenario playing. Well, they may want you to attend profiling or personality type testing. If you're not told the purpose in the next interview, make sure that you clarify the purpose so that you can again, prepare yourself adequately

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