Step 10: Lasting Impression - The last 4 minutes can make or break your success

5 minutes
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So you've reached the end of the interview. And hopefully if you've taken on board all that you have learned from the previous lectures, you would have been sailing through with flying colors. But it's not over yet. a salesman may have given a perfect pitch picked up and responded appropriately to all the buying signals from his customer. However, this can all go horribly wrong if he or she didn't get it right at the end. Making a lasting impression is just as important, if not more important than making a great first impression, especially if you're running close to another candidate.

Why is it so important? Well, this is the last thing that interviewers will remember and feel about you as you leave the room. So what will they be saying about you after you've left them room. It is important to recognize when the end of the interview is coming. Firstly, you should be aware of the time allocated for the interview. As the interviewers may have other candidates to interview after you.

I would not suggest that you keep looking at your watch throughout the interview. So what you need to do is pick up on signs that the interview is wrapping up, you may notice the interviewer is looking at each other in ways that say, I don't have any more to ask. They may be looking down at their watches, or perhaps you notice a change of pace or atmosphere in the interview. So why is it so important to recognize the end? Well, this is your opportunity to say any final words before you're asked to leave. The key point here is that you do not want to be rushing at the end and potentially destroying any good impressions that you've created up until this point.

Just like I told you to smash the glass whilst you're in reception. You may find this a useful strategy if you're having any negative thoughts towards the end of the interview. Maybe you're thinking back to a question that you fumbled on, or felt the response from one of the interviews was not very positive. At this point, you need to remove this feeling from your head so you can create a positive, lasting impression. I've seen candidates that start to apologize for their nervousness, or for a mistake they made in their CV or an answer they gave. Unfortunately, all this is doing is highlighting the same negative part of the interview.

And this will be the last thing that interviewers will remember about you. So I'd suggest that you don't do this. So remember this, try to smash the glass and now focus on how you can finish the interview on a positive that will leave the interviewers with a great feeling about you. Once you have left. At the end of the interview, you'll almost certainly be asked if there's any other questions. This is where the questions that you prepared earlier in planning step two of this course can be asked.

If you found the questions that you were going to ask have already been answered. Then rather than just saying no You could say something like, I did have a number of questions. But fortunately, you've covered everything that I was going to ask. At this point, you could make a small closing statement, I would suggest that you start by thanking the interviewers for their time and for the opportunity that you've had to meet them. In this closing statement, you could say things like, it was great to discover more about your company and what the role requires, or I feel this is a great opportunity. And I'd love to work here in your closing statement include one small point that is relevant, such as I would be excited to work with a team that have such incredible technical skills, or some other point that creates the feeling that you would fit in and become a solution to their problem, and a great asset to their company.

If you have not yet been told what happens next, take the opportunity to control the closing moments by asking the interview is what the process is from here, including when will they be announcing the decision This is a benefit for a number of reasons. Firstly, it will give you the information on what happens next. For example, they may say that there will be a second interview with the technical director, or it may be that you need to meet the owner of the company before you are employed. Having this knowledge is crucial to ensure that you can prepare for these next steps. It also gives you the information of when you should expect to be contacted by as there is nothing worse than after a week of not hearing back wondering whether you should call them or not. Plus, this will help you to avoid stressing each day while waiting for that phone call.

So now the interview is over. Smile, maintain eye contact and again, thank them for the opportunity of coming in. Then shake hands if appropriate with each of the interviewers. If they don't stand to shake your hand or say goodbye, simply acknowledge them with a nod whilst maintaining eye contact, pause and then leave. Now when I say pause I mean don't just thank them. Very match and turn away.

Often people will sort of go thank you and just straight away. You don't want to look as though you're rushing to get out of the door. Okay? And just one another one those brain things. So, take your time, shake, smile and leave. So in summary, recognize that the end of the interview is coming.

Don't highlight anything that went wrong in the interview. Have a closing statement prepared yet Remember to add some relevance from anything that was discussed in the interview. Ask what happens next. If they haven't told you this, and stay positive smile, thank them and don't rush to get out of there.

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