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Meet Phill Cronin and find out about the science and how the structure of course was put together to help give you the best learning outcome.


Hello, and welcome to the 12 steps to interview success. In this course we will look at what you need to know and what you need to do to be great in your next interview. My name is Phil Cronin and I'm a communication skills expert and the founder of Cronin communication, an organization that's focused on the research and development of how we communicate and connect with others. You may have picked up from my accent that I'm British with a bit of an Australian twin. Now we're living in Perth, Western Australia for the last 15 years. Whilst I've been living here, and in my previous years in the UK, much of my working career has been focused on the issues created from the outcomes of failed communication.

In this course, I will highlight to you how important good community In preparation, both actual and mental will make you shine out above your competition. for over five years now, I've been running training programs in Australia on a wide range of topics that are all connected by the way we communicate from sales and customer service to leadership and management skills. And over this period, I've trained and coached thousands of people in my courses that run from just a few hours, up to a six week course, called the Certified Professional communicator. The core of our training is based around two key areas, neuroscience, which parts of the brain do what why and psychology, why we behave the way we do. Now, many of these concepts in this course relating to neuroscience and psychology, are based on the well documented research of recognized PhD scholars, such as Daniel Goleman, his work on emotional and social intelligence, Daniel Kahneman on decision making, and people like Alan peas and Paul Ekman, who have started Body language and micro expressions.

Now it's through my research of these subjects along with my own research and experiences that had led me to the development of a program I've called the connection code, which is a communication styles profiling tool that looks at how we're able to create another person's confidence in you, and the impact that this has on decision making. In essence, how you communicate during an interview will will seriously affect your success rate. And it's not just about the words and what you say, but more about how you say it. Do you know myself skills in reading body language and my ability to profile people's communication styles, I'm regularly invited to sit on interview panels to assess the candidates. And it's been through these experiences as well as working with one of the world's leading recruitment companies. That has helped us to develop this powerful and proven program that will give you the edge in any interview scenario.

It's these experiences that has led me here today. And this is why I'm so glad to assist you in developing your interview skills with a sole focus of greatly increasing your chances of being a successful candidate in your next job application. If you'd like to know more about me and what I do, then please visit my websites. Cronin communication calm or and Phil Thank you

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