Step 12: What can trip you up

5 minutes
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Well, they have it over the last 11 steps, we've covered almost everything that you need to do to prepare yourself for your next interview. in putting together this course, I consulted with a number of people that have experienced interviews, as well as a number of recruitment specialists on the topic of what were the biggest reasons that candidates failed so badly in their interviews. This is the list we came up with. No nerves. Nerves can be your worst enemy as they will drain your resources to effectively communicate your story and be able to portray the true you across to the interviewers. You have to believe that if you carry out all the preparation that has been covered in this course so far, this will help you to greatly calm your nerves, knowing and believing that you're right This role.

So again, I remind you that you need to smash that glass, smile and be the real you. being late. being late is just a no no. And unfortunately, even if you did have a really good excuse for it, you may have potentially created a negative feeling about your punctuality, which can give the interviewers an excuse not to select you. bad first impression. A bad first impression can come across from anything that can cause a clash with the values of the interviewers.

A value is just like a view or an opinion. So if for example, they would never wear body piercing to an interview, and you arrived wearing visible body piercing, then this can create a negative reaction. If someone had the opinion that you don't chew gum, you should not interrupt or you should always wear a tie to an interview, and so on. This can start to create negative points on the mind of the interviewers. Understand the company values, your view on life be different to someone else's eye. Your Facebook page may be covered with opinions on a controversial subject that may not be shared by others.

So maybe do a search on the web for yourself and see what information comes up. You may wish to change some of the access security or remove the old comment that might be seen out of context. Over familiar, one of the topics that came up from the research was that some candidates can be a little over familiar in the interview. For example, they come across as overconfident or too friendly. You know, calling someone mate or yet sort of being a bit chummy with their attitudes. And again, this can create a negative feeling for some of the interviewers.

Not prepared. Not being prepared is always a big turn off to the interviewers. As let's be honest, they've taken the time to review your CV, take the time out, spend an hour with you interviewing you yet don't feel that you've made any real and you know effort to it. understand their business. So as mentioned in the previous lecture, when I'm on an interview panel, the first question I tell the interviewers to ask is, what do you know about our company, and from this response, we generally will gain a better insight into how keen the candidate really is to work for the company. Another potential cause for you to be unsuccessful in interview is due to simple mistakes or possible exaggerations in your CV.

As discussed, there will be the standard questions that you'll be asked during the interview. But there will also be specific questions related directly to your CV. For example, in one interview that I was involved in a candidate had included a proficiency in a certain software package that the company used, and when asked about it, it was clear they had no experience at all, which in a sense means they lied on their CV. Not a good look. The rest of the interview had gone really quite well. However, this one question was enough to leave a negative feeling about the candidate.

With the interviews, and this is all the difference between a yes and a no when it comes to hiring. Finally, another common mistake that I've seen in candidates applications is in their cover letter. Either they have not included a cover letter at all, despite being clearly stated in the requirements of the job advert, or the cover letter is completely irrelevant to the job that they're applying for. When the interview is receive a cover letter that looks generic, with a date prior to the advert, this information can be seen with online employment sites such as seek, you're not really doing yourself any justice to entice the interviewers to even take a look at your CV. So get on top of the nerves remain positive, do all the preparation that has been outlined in this course. Be as professional as you can in the interview and check the your CV and cover letter is up to date and relevant to the role that you're applying for.

Don't allow those simple mistakes to be the reason for your unsuccessful Interview

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