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Interviewing is not something you were taught at school, so let's look at how this course is going to greatly assist you at getting selected over someone else.


Interviewing is not something you do every day. And when you do, you're up against candidates who have all passed the same criteria. So what will make you stand out above the rest? Are you looking for a course that will make you the successful candidate in your next interview? Would you like a course that covers more than just informational standard questions on what to wear, but looks into the psychology of how interviewers select the candidates? And would you like to do a course that is run by a professional trainer that regularly sits on interview panels and works with one of the world's largest recruitment companies and advises business on who they should employ?

If so, then this is the right course to help step you through the process to your interview success. Whether you're a student looking for your first job, Or an experienced professional wanting to make that company or career change. Perhaps you're currently out of work or you're looking for that internal promotion. If so, then this course has been developed to give you all the knowledge, skills and psychological edge to greatly improve your interview success rate. Hello, my name is Phil Cronin and I'm a communication skills expert and the founder of Cronin communication, an organization that is focused on the research and development of how we communicate and connect with others. Due to my skills in reading, body language and my ability to profile people's communication styles, I'm regularly invited to sit on interview panels to assess the candidates.

It has been through this experience as well as working with one of the world's leading recruitment companies that has helped us to develop this powerful and proven program that will give you the edge in any interview scenario. By the end of this course, the 12 steps to interview success, you will be better prepared more confident you'll have the ability to sell yourself and you'll have a changed mindset about the whole interview process. And you will now feel ready to go for that next interview. And your investment of time should only be a few hours. Thanks for watching this video and I hope this course will assist you in being successful in your next interview. If you would like to know more about the course, then please review the course outline below and feel free to watch the preview videos.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

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