Get in the Proverbial Elevator and Write Your Job Search Pitch

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The fact is that you need that elevator pitch to roll off your tongue. It should be ready for any conversation you have with any person at any time—on the phone, in an email or LinkedIn message, or in person. There are obvious professional situations. at industry events, and networking meetings, as you sit next to fellow commuters. But don't discount the very valuable connections you can make in post-pandemic situations that will have nothing to do with the business world: at the bus stop, at the grocery store, on the soccer game sidelines, at a cocktail party, and just about everywhere that you come into contact with humans on any given day. Every person you speak to or meet could have valuable connections for your job search. You don't have to work in advertising, for example, to know someone in advertising, it could be a person's brother, aunt, neighbor, former college roommate, etc. who works in advertising. We all have connections to many people in multiple industries—whether we have high-powered jobs or not. The key is to create a compelling elevator pitch that will motivate people you encounter to say "Hey, you should talk to. All that networking will lead you to flexible jobs that most often are not advertised in any way and require digging to find.

We'll cover the following topics in this section:

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