The Powerful Resume Thesaurus

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Stay away from low-voltage words like "coordinated" and "facilitated", and use high-voltage words like these achieve, activated, adapted, addressed, adjusted, administered, advanced, advised, advocated, aligned, alleviated, allocated, altered, amplified, analyzed, anticipated, appraised, arbitrated, assembled, assessed, assigned, assimilated, attained, attributed, augmented, authored, automated, awarded balanced briefed, broadened, budgeted, built calculated, canvassed, cataloged, cemented, chaired, challenged, changed, charged, chose, chronicled, collaborated, communicated, compared, completed, composed, conceived, conceptualized, concluded, conducted, conceived, conceptualized, concluded, conducted, constructed, consulted, contracted, converted, convinced, created, cultivated the design developed, devised, differentiated, directed, discovered, distilled edited, effected, elicited, emphasized, energized, engineered, enlisted, enriched, established, examined, executed, expanded, extended , forged, formed, founded, fulfilled, funded gained, gauged, generated, governed, guided implemented improved, increased, initiated, installed, instigated, integrated, invested, investigated lauhed led managed, mapped, marketed, marshaled, mastered, measured, mediated, modeled, moderated, monitored David negotiated organized, outlined packaged, parlayed, persuaded, piloted, prescribed, presented, prevented, priced, produced, protected, promoted, promoted, proposed, proved, publicized raissed, ran, rated, realized, recaptured, reconciled, reconditioned, recovered, recruited, refined, refreshed, rehabilitated, reinstated, rejuvenated, reoriented, represented, researched, restored, revamped, reversed, revised, revived, revolutionized showcased, sold, spearheaded, standardized, strategized, streamlined, strengthened, structured, studied, supervised, surveyed, synthesized, systemized

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