Get Linkedin to Find Under-the-Radar Flexible Work

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When it comes to finding flexible work, networking is key. Part-time or flexible positions can often fly under the radar and be scooped up by a hiring manager's friend of a friend of a friend. You want to be in that friend chain, and it takes networking to uncover opportunities that are less traditional. This could change after so many employers have experienced successful remote working, but we don't know to what extent yet. We all have valuable personal networks—often much bigger than we imagine—but the most powerful networking engine today is Linkedin. This networking goldmine has more than 660 million could literally spend weeks on end doing nothing but finding more and more ways to connect to people who could help you find flexible work. Not all CEOs and professionals at the pinnacles of their careers are on Linkedin—but just about everyone else has a profile. You really can't be a serious job seeker without a Linkedin profile, because every new connection, recruiter and potential employer checks you out online first.

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