Bring it All Together and Ace the Job Interview

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You've written a great resume and Linkedin profile, perfected your elevator pitch, and researched companies and positions that would capitalize on your skills and experience. Most importantly you've done a good job selling your fit for a job (in your cover letter or during a networking conversation), and you've landed an interview. Now it's time for the final step in the sales process: close the deal and get the job. In my career coaching, I talk a lot about the power of confidence. I call it "Vitamin C"...and you need the right dose of this essential job search vitamin to nail the interview and get the job. Some people are naturally confident. Others spend too much time questioning their abilities. Just about everyone has apprehension before a job interview. The best way for all job seekers to build confidence before an interview is to prepare, prepare and prepare. Think through questions you'll likely be asked and prepare concise, targeted answers, anticipate objections that may arise about your resume and have convincing answers ready, and select key examples of accomplishments that show you meet the requirements of the job. The objective of the job interview is not to impress the interviewer with general facts about your education, life, and career. Your critical task is to find every way you can to sell your very specific fit for the very specific job.

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