The Elemental Sensual Dance Program

Explore and deepen your sensuality and confidence related to water, earth, air, and fire.

The Elemental Sensual Dance Program

Explore and deepen your sensuality and confidence related to water, earth, air, and fire.
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About the Class

A six-week program teaching how to incorporate movement, fitness, and more dance in your life.

Based on the four elements of water, earth, air, and fire with in-depth instructional dance videos that will get you to explore your sensuality through the elements.

Who should take this course?

This course is for you if

  • You don’t feel confident with your dancing and you feel awkward in your body
  • You feel insecurity, shame, or fear with your body and its movement and it’s stopping you from dancing uninhibitedly
  • You tend to hesitate and be too much in your head resulting in not being in your body
  • You struggle to find the time to exercise and it's causing you to not feel good about your body
  • You are afraid to dance in front of people and you know you are holding yourself back
  • You’ve lost touch with your body resulting in you neglecting your body
  • You are interested in exploring your sensuality but you don’t have a safe space

Each week you focus on a theme and complete the following:

  • A motivational video with a fitness tip, a fun sensual dance assignment, and explanation of the elemental theme of the week
  • 4 dance videos that are quick and easy to follow including:
    • 10-minute warm-up to wake up the body
    • 15-minute sensual dance exercises on the floor
    • 15-minute elemental themed sequence
    • 10-minute cooldown
  • Very sensual fun content - only the absolute best-selected dance moves


  • Schedule in the sacred, precious, self-care act of your sensual dance practice. Your goal is to commit to four videos a week and do the sensual dance assignment of the week. You are welcome to rewatch videos again if you need more movement and if a particular practice really speaks to you and your body
  • This program is self-paced and it's up to you to schedule your sensual dance sessions


  • Integrate what you learn by journaling. Expand more fully into the experience by reflecting on the shifts and openings that you experience as you move your body in these sensual ways.


Venus DelMar

Sensual Dance Coach & Performance Artist
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Venus DelMar is a performance artist and movement instructor specializing in aerial silks, choreography, and sensual dance. Based in California, this multi-faceted dancer encourages sensuality, self-expression, and creativity, believing deeply in the healing and empowering nature of sensual movement. She offers a variety of dance workshops,...

Class Requirements

  • For each dance class, you should have comfortable clothes, space around you to move in, and water nearby
  • For those with sensitive knees, please use kneepads, cushions, or yoga mats especially for the floor exercises

What's Included

Level: Beginner
Duration: 5 hours 17 minutes
26 Videos
2 Documents
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