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Okay, so here we are at the Kindle Store. It's at slash Kindle dash store. You can come here sign in. Up here at the top, you can basically see all the different categories to check out. Okay, so here you can buy a Kindle. Free reading apps.

She's your abs for your pc or your tablet or your phone. We want to do is we want to go over here to kindle ebooks. So basically what you would do here is just go through and kind of check out the different categories and look at the reviews and see what types of books are out. Okay, so you could come down here a good place to start is the Kindle bestsellers. So let's say you were looking to write kind of love stories, like Nicholas Sparks here the author of the notebook also wrote this book safe a safe haven. Basically what you can do is just click on safe haven.

You can see the price. They've got the hardcover edition, the Kindle edition, paperback. So if you're just doing a Kindle edition, that's all that would show up for you. That's all you really have to worry about. What you can do here is you can actually come and you can read the description. Okay, read how this author has described the book.

You can see customers also bought the other types of books like this. Okay, lots of new Nicholas Sparks in here. But wacky one all these other books that have also been made into movies so that's, that's one reason why this is so popular is a lot of people know about Nicholas Sparks because of the notebook. And then a lot of people know about Nicholas Sparks because they've read his books. Either way, you can come down, you can read the editorial reviews. Okay.

So once your, your book kind of like hits the market and it's it gets huge like this. There's gonna be a lot of editorial reviews, about the You can do an about the author for yourself as well. Here you get the specific details of the product. And then you can come down here and read the customer reviews. Okay? So if this is a book that you're thinking about kind of redoing, and your own, and your own kind of wording and your own format, then you can come down here and see if it's, you know, if it's actually a good book from the customer standpoint, from their viewpoint.

Lots of reviews. Okay, so this was kind of a really like, famous example. It's just the first one I saw. So I wanted to show you, you can also click look inside, I'll actually open up the book and let you get a preview. And then if you decided this is the book that you want to read further, you can buy the book and go all the way through it, okay, you may want to take a couple books like this. If you're, you know, looking to write fiction, then you could come in, take a couple of books like this and kind of synthesize and make your own version.

Okay? That's, if that's what you're looking to do. Now. If you're looking to Write a business book, you would come back to this homepage here where you can look at the Kindle ebooks. And you can use that same process and in more of a business setting. So come down here to more categories, get fiction, nonfiction advice, how to business and investing so you could click on business and investing.

Let's say that you wanted to write a book on how to do dividend stocks, for example. Here's one of the first ones that pops up dividend stocks for dummies. Notice the price is 1337. There's only a Kindle edition or a paperback. Okay, so you could come through here. Read the book description.

Come down here, read the reviews, make sure that it's something you'd actually want to duplicate. And then you could just go through Have a look inside and duplicate. hate these books, this is a great technique to going and doing your research. Okay, you can go and do a lot of research on Google. Okay, that's kind of the, the old fashioned way to do it. When it comes to creating content, you can go do a lot of old fashioned research on Google and kind of put people's articles and stuff together and people's articles typically pointing back to stuff like this.

And that's actually something we encourage you to do is, once you have your book published is to create an article where you can put it submit it to the E zine some of the article directories, and then put a link and send it back to your book. But you know, why not just go straight to the, the source here and do little synoptic reading and just kind of take multiple resources and create your own version? Okay, that's something you can do for yourself or hire a ghostwriter. Either way, it's a great technique, and we'll see you in the next video.

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