Your Cover And Formatting

3 minutes
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Okay, welcome back to E publishing Pro. In this video we're going to talk about your cover and formatting and how to actually create that. So the best thing to do for your cover is to make sure that you get an interesting and eye catching cover. Okay, this is going to be a big part of your marketing. People are more likely to buy your book if it gets their attention. We really like for doing stuff like this and we've talked about before, I've shown you a few examples, but Fiverr is great.

You basically just go to and you look for someone to create your cover and then they create you a nice cover for five bucks. So search Kindle cover, and choose from different providers for only $5 you can go and see other work they've done. Make sure you look at their reviews only work and this is for my experience. only work with someone with 100% rating on Fiverr make sure that they have a 100% rating and no bad reviews. Okay, any bad reviews just going to the next person. I mean, it's five bucks, you know.

So really easy $5. So, for one, make sure you keep the font simple, okay, Kindle will automatically change it to its default font. The font size doesn't really matter 11.2 standard. So basically what all you do is on the Kindle site, you just click on Insert, and then picture to add your cover. And then remember not to use a new page for a new chapter. Okay, so you're just going to write chapter two, dash title in bold.

Okay, you don't need a whole new page for a new chapter. You can also use asterisks as an alternative to bullet points. Okay. Don't use page number headers or footers. And then include a table of contents. So go to references table of contents and choose automatic table one or two.

Okay, the links will be clickable when it becomes live on Kindle. Really great way to do that. It's typically in Microsoft Word you can go to, like it says your references table of contents. That's a really cool version. A lot of people don't use this. And it kind of frustrates me when I'm going through a 200 page book.

And I can't go to the table of contents and click on a chapter and go directly there. It's a great feature. It's really easy to do. I don't know why more people don't do it. But the key here is just really simple. Okay, pay someone five bucks for a good cover.

You know, keep everything else simple. Amazon's gonna change the font to the default. You can use asterisk because your bullet points. You don't need the page numbers. You don't need headers. You don't need footers, just really, really quick and dirty.

And then make sure you have that cool title. contents that people can click on. And that's pretty much all you really need to do for your book. I mean the content, you do the research, you write your own content, you hire a ghostwriter. hire somebody to make you a cool cover, and bam ebooks are one of the more simple value creators out there. It's very easy to make an ebook.

We're not necessarily making this ebook, because it's going to be this high value product. We're making it to get it onto Amazon and onto people's Kindles. So they can read it for entertainment purposes, if we're an author, or for a business to get more information to them, so they can come and check out our other services or offers. Okay, so so this is just a great medium to do that. I wouldn't get too hung up on the content. So in the next video, we'll talk about actually submitting your book to Amazon.

So I'll see you in the next video.

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